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  1. Graine

    Indian govt and Supreme Court - against crypto

    There goes xRapid for INR/XRP
  2. Graine


    Только если вы захотите держать полную историю. Колличество блоков, которые нода может хранить, указывают в конфиге.
  3. I've been thinking they prefund at least USD side in USD/MXN corridor, seeing how little value passes through xRapid. Perhaps, they have some sort of announced ILP partnership/stack to handle the usd side of things? Would be really sad, if you are right.
  4. How peculiar that Ashton said Ripple 'runs' on XRP. Gents at SEC would be delighted to hear his testimony. The app interface is just that, a ui for demonstration purposes. Most likely xCurrent, or even legacy payment rails, since we don't have an xRapid enabled XRP/RWD exchange. The transaction people took from twitter happened after the show was filmed. Usually, the Ellen episodes are filmed earlier than they air.
  5. Graine

    GDPR, transaction memo and a disgruntled ex-employee...

    Storing personal information unhashed on the internet is very unwise. If they did indeed input personal information on a blockchain - then perhaps they deserve to pay the price. As per your other question - the only way to remove those is to purge the ledgers that contain those transactions. You technically could force Ripple to comply. But will have to hunt any other entities with full history on your own.
  6. Graine

    GDPR, transaction memo and a disgruntled ex-employee...

    Unless he can prove that whatever hashed id is connected to his personality, I don't see why any legal repercussions could arise. Also, highly unlikely that a company would use RCL and pay tx fees instead of a simple database.
  7. Argentina is not the only country doing it with btc. Wonder how it will turn out.
  8. Graine

    ?intermediate payment

    It means that your payment has flown through gcb's ious.
  9. Not only they went for proprietary platform, but for the settlement token as well. I wish Ripple's partner agreement had some sort of exclusivity clause.
  10. Should probably stop offering unsolicited financial advice. So, ~1.4M USD transactions daily? For a startup like omni that's a lot.
  11. As per micropayments and Ripple: that lovely tweet seems to target LN and raiden.
  12. What's the difference between 'Forex' and 'Remittance'? Are those digits in USD? What does Omni - an items micro loan company - has to do with derivatives and 2B daily valuation?
  13. Until he posts the tx hashes or official press-release, that is just a musing of an inebriated banker.
  14. Graine

    Handshake & 1st Post ---xRpost--->[]

    Oh, ok. Good luck in your ventures, then.
  15. While moving USD into MXN is offered by several FIs, getting MXN into USD is quite hard. During last autumn's 30% mxn/crypto premium on Bitso, it didn't look like any arbitrage was happening in sufficient quantities to equalize the price. The biggest question here is, what % slippage renders xRapid unfavorable?