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  1. [paid] xrp ledger dev

    Publish a smart-contract. The code will be visible. And it is trust-less, somewhat.
  2. tecPath_Partial

    The only way I encountered Path Partial was when I tried to send a payment down the path without taking quality in/out into account. Setting the partial payments flag on enabled the payment, but I had to pay a very hefty fee to an intermediary account because of Rippling. The only way this could happen on a same IOU trustline is would be if your receiving account limit - current balance > the amount of payment you want to send to it.
  3. [paid] xrp ledger dev

    There's a difference in who handles the interest disbursement. 1) If your idea to have interest-bearing IOUs via additional emission of IOUs on regular intervals to holders, then all you need is a system that tracks wallets with your IOUs and calculates who gets what. As a potential holder, I will always be stressing about the correctness of your calculations, on top of general anxiety about your IOU's solvency and whether or not you'll decide to freeze all issued IOUs one day. 2) If you issue interest-bearing IOUs, then ripple-lib or other software is the one doing the calculations, hence I'm sure I'll get my interest regardless of your math. However, demurrage was discontinued, after XAU. GBI assets failed to get traction. If you want to go with option 1, then it's an easy job you could do yourself for free. Everything is out in the open.
  4. We should go with something posh, like Castle Zerp. Zerpian Estate.
  5. Lowering XRP Min Balance

    Ripple wants only FIs to run validators. So I'd think they can handle upgrading hardware, even if the wallet count crosses millions upwards.
  6. GBP (£) To XRP - The Epic Challenge!

    Then use Revolut.
  7. Lowering XRP Min Balance

    So, like mining pool? Won't it introduce the latencies to consensus process? What would happen to it, once the ledger_close time drops to sub 1 second?
  8. GBP (£) To XRP - The Epic Challenge!

    Yes. As a pleasant bonus, transfers in eug/gbp are not limited in volume
  9. You will be surprised to discover, that major source of XRP for Bitso is not bitstamp. Also, apparently, general premium for crypto on bitso is a result of xRapid as well? xD
  10. Currently, it's way less than bitsane or koreans. Do you really think that the regional premium is high because of xRapid? Try moving money OUT of Mexico.
  11. Private MMs. Easily doable. Walled gardens liquidity scenario we have discussed in depth in the past. Or Ripple becomes such MM (seller) themselves, aka xPool of liquidity.
  12. GBP (£) To XRP - The Epic Challenge!

    GBP - transferwise borderless - EUR - SEPA to any exchange (bitstamp has deepest liquidity)
  13. How many of us are there?

    average balance ~45k xrp. shameless plug
  14. [paid] xrp ledger dev

    Demurrage/interest bearing assets are not supported (?) currently, as per docs. https://ripple.com/build/demurrage/ Also, positive interest rate is a fraction reserve pressure (when your gateway's fiat reserve are inferior to issued IOU volume).
  15. Rippled on NUC: report

    This is very tempting. And will break even in a ~1.5 year or (even less) in comparison to cloud instances.