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  1. If usd crashes... Define the "crash". 50,75,100,500% devaluation? If you borrowed in usd - you might be lucky (unless your loan has a stipulation for accounting during hyperinflation). If you lent usd -.... You just lost significant portion of your assets, if not all. If you gave your asset for USD - you are in the same boat as lenders. Wiping out assets at first would create a massive turbulence, while the wealth is redistributed. Then you will see a massive hunt for who owns real-world assets. If governments cooperate, within 6 months to a year there will be a new currency used for cross-border trade. You might see an emergence of isolated forms of money used to transact. Crypto would be an interesting choice. See Venezuela for a "soft-run" of such hyperinflation. But in this world of representing wealth as 101010 on some server in Switzerland, substituting one world currency for another is as trivial as to type some numbers on a keyboard.
  2. Quick question for the og zerpers

    I have stumbled upon some remaining IOUs from ZipZap recently. Got excited, then googled the company and stopped.
  3. I meant the escrow transactions that happen on mainnet RCL. Data api v2 transactions endpoint does not return them. But it doesn't matter now. I had queried all the ledgers for half a year and found no surprise (i.e. no significant volume being bridged).
  4. Has Ripple reached out to you offering XRP to increase liquidity? That was supposed to be their MM incentives...
  5. XRP Rings - Coming soon!

    Since you are printing it, can you make changes to the design (i.e. patterns, engraving)?
  6. Postings from Ripple ‘DEEP DIVE’ Workshop

    That would be swell, if true.
  7. Topics for Master thesis

    There was a topic on xrptalk about a master thesis from a guy on Ripple integration with banks (using Rabobank as an example). So you could take something like "Dualistic nature of applying distributed ledger technology to legacy business processes". An internship with an FI would be very beneficial for the "in practice" part of your thesis. But even without an internship, there is enough information out in the open to warrant ~50 pages of A4, 1.5 spaces Times New Roman 16 (or whatever your university requires).
  8. Wow, guys. Thanks! I've been thinking to run another round for current ledger and compare the rank changes in balances. Perhaps, I'll post something soon.
  9. Prism has a whole bunch of fees with it. It's like margin trading (you incurr open position fees), but with 1:1 leverage. However, it was warmly received by finance crowd.
  10. Desktop Wallet 1.4.1

    https://ripple.com/build/ripple-info-tool/ Entery your wallet address here and look for recent transactions or opened orders. If there are no open orders, than tx should show why it failed.
  11. Higher Transaction Costs

    You will see an EscrowCreate transaction with specified amount (billions xrp*1000000 as the amount is in drops), with a destination account (might be the same as the originating wallet). The transaction will not have a condition specified, only the time (year from now in ripple format), after which you may cancel the escrow (money returns to origin wallet) or finish escrow (money moves to destination wallet). Now, if only they fixed data 2 api so that it could reliably show them.
  12. 1) do you accept crypto traders to your platform 2) do you issue unique IBAN per client or per currency of the client account 3) do you support instance transfer between partnered banks?
  13. Desktop Wallet 1.4.1

    RCL is currently having unusually high fees. Good thing you had a max_fee specified. Or could've end up spending 75k XRP in fees like that poor MM.
  14. 397 times return? Ahah. All btc needs right now is a smart contracts on top of it. Like they don't already have enough backlog.
  15. Кошелек

    Джед уже миллиардер, благодаря XRP, которые ему и другим двум со-учредителям полагаются как вознаграждение. Переход из нон-профита в фор-провит только подтверждает ваш тезис. Наверное, много денег не бывает.