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  1. Don't think, it doesn't suit you - suggest you wait another 9-12 months and then consider buying more at around 9 Cents or so.
  2. Not your strongest trait, obviously. or unreasonable. or will be worthless.
  3. Me too, nothing worse than a dim-witted Fanboy that can't see the bigger picture - he's probably still hodling his bag that is a Dollar under it's mean buy price.
  4. It's not an investment for ANYONE, it's a total punt. Ahh David Schwartz, that veritable source of objectivity.
  5. What's DS? Correct because it doesn't follow. Correct: 1. it's not an investment 2. I sold all mine ages ago at 1.35!
  6. How so? You can transfer a million Dollars using 4 million XRP at 25 Cents and the same using 8 million at 12.5 Cents.
  7. They leave the dumping to Jed, thanks to their very sensible dumping settlement. He gets another 50% increase in his allowance next March too! Happy days for hodlers, indeed!
  8. Heard exactly the same when it got "down" to a Dollar, 0.90, 0.5 etc. and still we fall. This WILL trade sub 10 Cents before we find a bottom.
  9. You're probably wrong - it's looking more likely 15-20c to me, then 10-15c most of next year.
  10. "IF" What happens when they sell the XRP for market price (they might be able to sell the whole 30 Billion for around 2 or 3 Cents!)?
  11. Can you run a "when will it trade 0.20 and 0.10" contest? These will be hit a lot sooner than 40+ cents!
  12. The thing is, his selling is limited to a certain amount - thus why there are FOMO periods when the buying way exceeds his selling. But the key is that the price cannot sustain those higher levels - his selling always eventually pushes the market back down.
  13. And thanks to the very clever people at Ripple, he can sell 50% more next March!
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