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  1. One could say "ditto XRP", but I won't 'coz that'll get me fudded!
  2. And we've got the Jed accelerator (50% increase) next March over-hanging the market.
  3. That's a gem - where did you get that from? I'm seeing sub .10 sooner rather than later.
  4. Forget TA, we'll definitely see single figures, maybe even by year end.
  5. I would give it away as per a right issue. Every XRP holder gets free XRP pro rata.
  6. Perfect summation and what I've been saying for ages. Hodlers are just naive mugs, unfortunately.
  7. Can't argue with you on the first point. Nice call selling at $2.2 - I dumped my stash at 1.38 - waiting for $0.20 before I dip my toe back in and single digits (maybe later in 2019 or more probably 2020) before I load up big time.
  8. The bull case isn't convincing - companies cut output because the demand isn't there (and they don't see it in the future). As for not missing it - it's hardly a new thing like Crypto was or Pot.
  9. I am quite optimistic for steady even rapid growth once we reach the bottom. Just that I think the bottom is at least 18 months out and probably in single figures
  10. Thanks for the link. Nice that there is no fee to buy but what exchange rate do they offer?
  11. Yes, almost all the hodlers in here. But they are wrong - wait for sub 0.20 and if you have the patience, single digits.
  12. Easy to answer. 1. No 2. Lower 3. look for the bottom sometime in 2020 - likely to be low single figures
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