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  1. So basically we have to wait another 4 to 12 years so XRP could actually hit ath.
  2. Damn I wish I have never bought this shitcoin xrp. What a waste of 4 years.
  3. Or maybe they wanted it to be "hidden" so somebody could access it hah
  4. So basically JP Morgan begins to push XRP fomo because they know btc and eth ath's are close so they will recilculate their gains to XRP and multiple their $$$. Easy money.
  5. When did xrp go 100's percent in a day? Last time in 2017? Or 100's percent downfall you mean? 😂
  6. As always lol every time they say pump is around the corner it's not true.
  7. Next bullrun we will have new shitcoins that will move this way.
  8. Shiba inu shitcoin just did 74% gain and we are below it. I hate crypto so much 😡🤬
  9. True. If I put the same money into this shitcoin dogecoin instead XRP I would already be a multi milionaire... Pretty depressing owning XRP for over 4 years already, seeing all these retards making money on pure scam coins...
  10. Bots, they were trying to pump and dump the news but it didn't work that well.
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