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  1. And after that $0.30? Or bull run will continue? I don't think market is ready to repeat the last bull run.
  2. So If next bull run happens is it safe enough to cash out into Tether so I don't have to pay taxes? I will re buy lower. In my country I pay them only when I cash out into fiat, trading between crypto isn't included. It's the only way to avoid this. Is it safe enough or you think it is no go zone?
  3. They aren't moving bilions and trilions yet. So the price can be easilly supressed by whales.
  4. Remember November 2017 how all coins were mooning and XRP was stagnant? We all know what happened next, $3.6 ATH.
  5. If 3 tests in September could move xrp price $0.5... Imagine price in a few years when whole world will use it. $50 could be not enough.
  6. Yeah I bought about a week ago and price is stable for now
  7. I have a weird feeling this is just pop before another price drop 🤔
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