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  1. And DogeSHITcoin is goin up against market. What a shitshow it is...
  2. Coinmarketcap is a joke. As soon as XRP took Cardanos place they deleted South Korean exchanges volumes making Cardano retake position.
  3. https://coinmarketcap.com/ We took Cardanos place, Polkadot next.
  4. Not used to xrp mooning? haha. After all this time everybody thinks it will always dump. Maybe this time it will surprise us.
  5. Nice xrp dump happening right now. We can keep on dreaming about moon, boys..
  6. Hopium was our guy. He made us laugh when we needed it the most. Unban him please. Soon he will be called "sir parabolic" as he wanted to.
  7. How about a petition where we demand that we want hopium back? [ x ] Yes [ ] No
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