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  1. Why would you use US Binance if you live in Spain? Are you USA citizen?
  2. Guys,guys they called me from Vanuatu to tell me they won't stop pumping until we surpass 10x the ath!!
  3. Yeah and all those who say $10 is imposible will be surprised. We are in bull market and as we have seen in early 2018 XRP can fly quick and high.
  4. We are close to 666 pages on this thread so maybe itis the sign we all waited for? Satanic insane pump to $589?? LETSGOOOO 😂😂
  5. It can also never happen at this point. Maybe we saw $0.19 for the last time? Maybe not 😂 XRP loves to surprise. When going down it jumps out of the window, when going up it sits on top of the space rocket. Timing and knowing what this coin will do is pure insanity.
  6. Yeah because central banks absolutely don't print money out of thin air.
  7. Let all USA folks sell and then up we go. When SEC case will be over they will be fomoing buying at high prices making it skyrocket. Go go c:
  8. Not true. It will increase in price but not the way we wanted it to. But yeah, it will probably stay the worst performing top coin as it has been past 2.5 years. I wish for another pump so I can dump it for btc and see some gains finally.
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