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  1. Many of us are 2017/2018 bag holders and soon we will be veterans who held through two bullruns and never sold lol this is painful :c
  2. And here we are going lower and lower. At this pace soon we will be back at 2017 price levels...
  3. It was @Hopium becoming our sir parabolic god.
  4. Can you @Eric123comment on this if it is possible that we might see lower bottoms soon?
  5. If it is the end od bullmarket for us we can say that XRP was the worst performer for sure..
  6. Imagine if only Ripple settled with SEC and then Elon tweets Tesla starts to support XRP. That would be insane!
  7. Look at BTC, we are tanking because it is dragging us.
  8. 70 cents would be game over for this year xrp bullrun...
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