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  1. If 3 tests in September could move xrp price $0.5... Imagine price in a few years when whole world will use it. $50 could be not enough.
  2. Yeah I bought about a week ago and price is stable for now
  3. I have a weird feeling this is just pop before another price drop 🤔
  4. Agree, XRP is way overbought. RSI above 70% for 11 days and still going. Whales know what they are doing, making a lot of money now selling to fomoers. I think we will see $0.35-XRP range very soon.
  5. Recent ''bull run'' was whales getting bigger stack to dump during swell so people will think Ripple and XRP are useless. Mind game, just hodl.
  6. Fake pump, people jumped into crypto at highs and probably are selling now at lows. Whales are brilliant.
  7. Whales are selling now like crazy to fomo'ers. My prediction is people will be disappointed about Swell. Basically xRapid when starts it won't make huge price actions and this is why people will panic sell.
  8. People fomo so hard right now. It means big whales will take profits soon
  9. Pump and dump. Whales playing on good news, people fomo. Beautifull scheme. Other coins are stable, clear manipulation.
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