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  1. The way i see it is everything is linked to the price of BTC at the minute, if BTC drops everything else does, if BTC rises everything else does The drop in BTC has just provided a great XRP buying opportunity for newcomers like myself, the hope is that XRP somehow becomes unlinked to BTC and takes over as market leader But when or how that happens im unsure
  2. The lull has lasted a while now, it keeps on surprising me everytime i see XRP drop another 10cents Bought a load at .80 thinking it couldn't possibly get any lower, but to my shock it has almost halved I've been buying every .10 drop (70, 60, 50 etc) and was interested on everyones opinions on how low you think it will go?
  3. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  4. I'm new to investing in crypto, reading about ripple was what made me take an interest in the crypto market. The price has near doubled since i first started researching it last week, and i read its grown 40000%+ in 2017. I'm currently sitting on some newly invest bitcoin, aelf and iota (just playing about on binance, learning how it all works) but ripple is the one that truly interests me for the long term. As someone looking to invest long term (5 year+) , do you think i've missed the boat on this?
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