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  1. Not sure if they are ready to fully promote cryptos yet, but they sure do recognize how they can profit off of them. http://fortune.com/2017/10/06/fidelity-bitcoin-ethereum/
  2. I’d like to see a comparison (which I am sure is somewhere on this site already) of the number of traditional investment accounts vs crypto wallets. My guess is at least in the US your looking at 2-3% maybe of all investors holding Crypto? I am just think about where does the other 97% look when the market tanks? Bonds are worthless, so Crypto would look like the only place with promising returns because theyll all be looking at the historical charts and 1000% ROIs. Which brings us back to Coinbase...the only real easy mainstream way to buy crypto. Unless...and this is a big If...financial investment firms like Fidelity and Ameritrade and others start offering their own crypto exchanges for customers.
  3. Great, so now instead of getting robbed for my wallet, they’ll pry the embedded crypto chip out of my body with a dull blade?
  4. I actually just think it’s going to go boom for a really simple reason once it hits Coinbase...it will look like it’s practically free next to the other 4 cryptos they offer. It just can’t possibly sit at less than triple digits when it’s being sold next to LTC, ETH, BTCash, BTC. Everyone will look at its price and say “well I can get in on the ground floor on this one” and that alone will pull the price up somewhere between LTC and ETH because demand will skyrocket within a very short period of time. Once it’s in the mid hundreds I think it will level off until something else happens writ large in crypto...I am guessing it will be another economic downturn that will be the next big bump in crypto as people look to diversify their investments.
  5. Any additional security you’d specifically recommend when using Toast? I am on an older Mac.
  6. Toast Wallet. What are people’s thoughts about it?
  7. Whatever you do, don’t get any escorts off of Craiglist who are into crypto!
  8. The topic is XRP and impacts from the shutdown, not what the blog posters in this thread do for a living and why you don’t approve of their occupation.
  9. What you might actually see (unrelated to the shutdown) but related to Regs will be the introduction of some very obscure rules that were introduced by banking lobbyists that feel threatened by the crypto markets impact on their business model. They may even try and target rules against certain products they feel are particularly threatening to the status quo. The good news is that I am certain most of this stuff will be very short term and will get corrected in the next couple of election cycles. Just like the net neutrality rules...this bus to the future isn’t going to stop for anything.
  10. Really? Is this even related to the topic at hand? This isn’t the comments section on Brietbart. How about we stay in topic and not insult fellow XRPers.
  11. I’d be fine with it. I am not expecting a major bump in value until it’s listed on Coinbase and the stock market makes a correction...I am looking at 12-24 months from now.
  12. Very interested to know what pulled you into XRP as your second investment? I am in a similar boat, 35 and only a retirement savings account (mandatory by my employer) and this.
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