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  1. No kato perkele! Onhan näitä. And same in english:XRP Moon lambo etc
  2. Yes there are, lot more people putting their money to this game to loose. I really hope it is not what I think, but I am starting to think my money is gone (and NO It is not gone until I sell I know...)
  3. Yes they were, but not as much as now. Knowledge of this whole **** has grown and number of whales and programming of bots have developed too
  4. I think that cryptocoin hype is over. People tried to get easy money at late 2017, but now whales have taken over markets. As I thought before, they do not need high prices to accumulate money, if you have bots selling and buying 1 million worth XRP:s it is even better that price is low!
  5. If the market is controlled by whales, is there any sense to Hodl ? Whales do not need high prices, just a little bit of movement in price. Please someone explain, how would it even possible to get rid of this situation ?
  6. There is still some coupling between BTC and XRP; When BTC rises, there is no coupling, but when BTC goes down, so does XRP
  7. I am so happy that is seems that XRP is no longer coupled with BTC BTC keeps going up and XRP is like asystole in EKG monitor
  8. Whilst I am somekind of Hodler, sometimes it is fun to cash out some money. So sweet feeling when sold quite big portion of XRP:s which I bought at 0,5€ and then went up to one euro. This is so fun hobby!
  9. Bettter to have 70% XRP, and rest of course what I have: Etheruem, stellar, cardano. That is based on Teapot analysis combined with TA-analyst from the pictures my children have drawn.
  10. Hehe, if I were sure XRP will hit 2 usd , of course I would get a loan and buy as much the bank would grant me. This talk that "I have enough to buy house and some leftover" is not true.
  11. Downhill will begin!! It is written in my windows paint made charts! BTC down to 5000usd at real world time (Finland Timezone)
  12. I can not leave, may I stay? I only bought 2pcs of ETH, Can you forgive me ?
  13. Charts have nothing to do today! BTC drop will drag XRP to 0.5
  14. Now I am gonna buy ETH, and change my religion status from Ripple to ETH! Come on with me, follow the true path that goes to to saturnus (way beyond moon)
  15. Ethreum , stellar, cardano.. This was fun until it lasted. No reason to sell anyhow, because I have spent over 10K€ in this hobby and i took that risk. Better hobby choice next time
  16. No risk at all, everything will go down now. Of course after that 5x buy there is risk when price continues go down. We have lost this battle...
  17. I was just about to buy more, but then I cancelled it, and bought brand new ARRMA kraton Rc-car. It is not a lambo, but it will keep my thoughts away from theese ******* coins...
  18. Thank you. But in my opinion ETH is also still in BTC leach, looking just now at bitstamp, its going down also
  19. This same phrase is at every alt coin discussion.. True believers, and 100% sure that their own particular alt will beat all the ohers
  20. Can you explain how this getting rid of Bitcoin could happen ?
  21. In this fist picture, (0,20), dude is cleaning ETH holders home
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