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  1. Of course it would go on. It would be pretty worthless but it would still exist and be traded.
  2. I think it's part of the overall market falling. DOW, S&P, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Hang Seng, FTSE and oil are all down.
  3. I have to say how happy I have been with XRP holding it's ground and only taking minor losses while the rest of the market is bathing in blood.
  4. Well thought out and compelling arguments. He has convinced me...
  5. Looking at their site, they have several articles that are pro XRP and Ripple. Maybe it's just the author?
  6. I wish people would take 2 min before they yell that the sky is falling and take a look at sites like coinmarketcap or coingecko and look at the overall picture. The whole market is down. It's not just XRP, its everything. All the graphs look basically the same since Friday. Like it or not, all crypto basically moves with BTC. There are some spikes and dips that don't run with it, but for the most part the trends follow the same pattern.
  7. Back down to $0.50. Hope for a settling down here shortly, tho the sell off does seem to be market wide.
  8. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had sold in Jan so I could come back in now at this point. I bought with the plan that this was a long term investment (5 years). If I had sold then and the price had continued to grow or stayed the same, while it would have been a great return since I bought in May during that boom, it would not have made a huge difference to me and would have been eaten up by taxes.
  9. They quoted tweets from Nathaniel Popper.That tells you all you need to know about this article.
  10. This is great news, but not the reason for the rally. The entire space is up and all the graphs are pretty much the same. I don't want to be a downer, since good news is good news, but the entire space is reliant on BTC, Until that changes, these peaks and dips have little to do with any news about XRP and Ripple specifically.
  11. This isn't one or 2 days. This is a steady decline for 8 months, despite positive news and growth for the company. And the worst part of all this is, the entire market is tied to what people think about Bitcoin. Until there is independent movement from it, we will continue this pattern.
  12. Ripple is not a publicly traded company, so it doesn't have share holders. They do have investors whom I would assume would like to see the company continue to grow so they can see a return on their investment. XRP is NOT a share of Ripple. It's a currency that Ripple owns a lot of, plans on utilizing more and would benefit greatly if it rose in price, but they have no obligation to make it do so.
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