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    Xrp headed down

    Exactly, with xrapid there isn't any downard pressure. It isn't like FIs are going to be buying low and selling at every decent spike. Completely different game once utility drives more volume than speculation.
  2. I'd like to see your math on that.
  3. Cryptsycrackers

    Uphold to make big announcement on Oct 9th

    Are you from the future?
  4. Cryptsycrackers

    Money Tap now live!

    Where the SBI post that?
  5. Cryptsycrackers

    What could be the next FUD ?

    That I'm not rich. Let's make it happen.
  6. Cryptsycrackers

    Call Your Shot: SWELL

    Hmm, not sure if today's news makes me retarded or not. Guess I'll wait and see what happens tomorrow.
  7. Cryptsycrackers

    What Next for XRP?

    I wonder what the cutoff date is for high price predictions. Are we still going to see 10 plus predictions EOY and it's 57 cents on December 20th. btw I'm predicting 4 bucks EOY.
  8. Cryptsycrackers

    Call Your Shot: SWELL

    Since we know more than everyone except people working at Ripple, we're probably going to see things mentioned that we've heard about a million times over the last several years. This will cause dumb people to sell for some reason and the price is going to go down. Hopefully Ripple does something cool and proves that I'm an idiot though.
  9. Cryptsycrackers

    Is 100,000,000,000 XRP enough?

    Burn rate is 100%, completely, inconsequential.
  10. Cryptsycrackers


    Yeah I should have mentioned bankers as well. I know they had plenty at the last swell.
  11. Cryptsycrackers


    My bet is that Swell is a place for VIPs in crypto to network with each other and that's about it. I don't expect any actual 'new' news to come out of that. I hope I'm full of **** though.
  12. I don't trust any news source to actually know what they're even talking about. So I'll believe it when I see it. Considering various sites getting **** completely wrong, facts that I know to be true, I just can't take their word for something I have no clue about.
  13. The thing about the immediate sell-offs is that if banks are buying XRP regardless of price, there is no way in hell people will sell XRP for so little. That's my hope. Currently there is no reason to buy any crypto regardless of the price. Remittance use changes that. Hell if one bank needs to send a million dollars to another country, it wouldn't even matter if 1 xrp cost a million dollars, they're spending the same amount. This is the thought that has me having even less of a clue as to how much XRP will really be worth once used for remittances. On one end you have a party that does not care how much the price of XRP is because they just need to transfer a value amount and get out of XRP(probably) instantly. On the other end you have people who will want to sell surely before each XRP hits crazy numbers. The obvious missing element is the speculative buyers. Am I right in thinking that if you have the fortitude to hold longer than even people will fairly strong hands that you will be able to sell at a way ******* higher price.