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  1. Depends on the trees really. In crypto-land bull runs have thus far outpaced bearish times, easily. Bottom line is if you are invested in XRP I would have to imagine you are waiting for xRapid usage. The key to XRP's success is massive volume that has nothing to do with crypto sentiment. If you trust in the tech, bear markets shouldn't mean much, except discounts.
  2. Ever heard of wildfires? Massive amounts of forest actually burn to the ground, fertilizing the soil and letting new **** grow. It's a thing.
  3. Cryptsycrackers

    Jackson Palmer's statement

    I don't take him seriously, he abandoned dogecoin. The weakest of weak hands.
  4. I'm talking about the quicker dip the last two days. Also 8 months is nothing for an investment, especially when what you're investing in isn't in use yet. Hell in the US you have to hold for a year minimum just to avoid taxes. A year is nothing. You know XRP is mostly following bitcoin. You know that XRP should have at least one bank using it at the end of the year if you believe Garlinghouse. You have the 'inside' info that the volume from that should increase the price regardless of crypto sentiment. Sounds like time to buy to my ears.
  5. Cryptsycrackers

    Weiss Ratings tweet - Coinbase must be sweating 😂

    I wish people wouldn't humor Weiss' click bait ********. They are terrible.
  6. These sorts of things are why more people haven't made crazy bank in crypto. People are too easily swayed. If one or two days worth of movement is enough to put you off of your position, then well, you have weak hands son.
  7. The secret is that you should be buying all the time, at as good of opportunities that you can find. It's impossible to predict the absolute low drop, so buy the dips when you can. If you have a job then I imagine you get paid fairly regularly, pick up more.
  8. Cryptsycrackers

    Does it feel to good to be true.

    I've worked various customer-facing jobs overs the years and now I do IT support for a company with almost 100k users. If the past and present are anything to go off of, you and I are not the idiots here.
  9. Cryptsycrackers

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Unsure what securities issues you are talking about. It isn't a security after all.
  10. Cryptsycrackers

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Did you learn about this while watching ancient aliens? If not it will probably be on a future episode.
  11. Cryptsycrackers

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    All the people holding XRP right now are insignificant compared to the money Ripple is chasing. As they have said before they don't cater to the individual buyer and I am sure as hell glad they don't.
  12. Cryptsycrackers

    Ran NeuNeuer finally comes round to XRP

    If it took him that long to figure out XRP's use case, which everyone with half a brain could figure out after looking into XRP for a few minutes, then what he thinks doesn't mean **** to me.
  13. Cryptsycrackers

    Get Ready: Hodor's Incomplete XRP Newsletter

    He has a lot of awful opinions, I had to block him long, long ago because they were largely nonsense.
  14. Zero because it isn't one.
  15. Cryptsycrackers

    Ran NeuNeuer finally comes round to XRP

    Yeah I couldn't care less what that idiot thinks lol.