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  1. I'd like to know what the effect on the price has been.
  2. Cryptsycrackers


    My hands are feeling extra strong today.
  3. I'll say 39 dollars. I just want to pick a number in case it happens to be that so I can make some crazy ass riddles referencing this post.
  4. Thailand is basically one of the easiest places in the world to rent cheaply too. He ****** up big time.
  5. Not sure, which wrong videos have you seen?
  6. Cryptsycrackers

    This is what happens by EOY...

    You need to work on your grip strength.
  7. If you think Bakkt and Nasdaq and all the rest won't have a bigger effect on the price than the average Joe, I'll just leave it at that.
  8. So that 100-300% was meaningless. If they can ramp the price up and make 10 million percent, they will.
  9. Institutions don't have any limit to how much money they want to make.
  10. Institutions are buying to sell to the lemmings they are already selling other things to. They have every intention of making money and because these guys are the ones at the helm of billion dollar companies, I am not worried that they will find a way to sell at an increased price.
  11. I was thinking the same thing, at this point in the convo one of us is simply wrong. And with dozens of banks set to use XRP in 2019 among other financial institutions, I'm betting it's you.
  12. It's obvious especially with dozens of banks in the works to go live by next year. Billions isn't a lot in the remittance game. It might not be obvious to you, but that's your shortcoming I guess?
  13. Looks like he's picking his nose.
  14. The entire goal of investing is to get your money in before the obvious happens. You're shouting show me this and that, when everyone knows ******* well that what we're waiting for is still in the works. You aren't illuminating anyone with your bs.
  15. If the US wants to be left behind, that's fine. There's an entire world out there.