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  1. xrapid is only live in very few corridors.
  2. I'd rather they have a ******* lot of cash to help make me make cash.
  3. Oh I thought you had given up after some other posts I read. Good to see your hands didn't turn to jelly.
  4. Wait are you now saying XRP isn't ****** or what?
  5. I must be born for crypto because I don't care what anyone says or does. I make my own valuation on if whatever crypto is underpriced or not and buy it. Don't give two ***** about all this daily bs. Hands stronger than hell.
  6. My personal valuation of XRP. If you think XRP is at its highest and you're investing, then I'm not sure why you're here and have not sold already.
  7. Seems like it's better they dump when it's low than wait until it got very high. They were always going to dump what they had, that's the point of having it.
  8. Whenever someone does something so incredibly idiotic I think there couldn't possibly be someone so stupid, I'll remember this thread.
  9. I think it will be a slow road ahead myself, but 50k is nothing. If xrapid does get widespread use and billions of dollars worth are needed and xrapid is automatic, then at the very least every exchange that's xrapid enabled will have their orders bought up really quickly. If xrapid isn't capable of easily overcoming speculative demand then I don't have much hope for it.
  10. They're building up the network first and banks have to be sure there is zero legal or regulatory uncertainty like people keep talking about. The entire point of investing is getting your money in early. If you have to wait until banks have the aforementioned certainty and then you wait until they are certainly going to be using XRP on a large scale, well then you are late yourself.
  11. Well if it wasn't a three year problem why didn't you offer to fix it and get paid?
  12. Once an absolutely massive company says they're using XRP exclusively and at full-scale, and not as some sort of option they can pick or not pick, or when a government completely adopts it.
  13. I always invest in things I'm not bullish on. Buy high, sell low, that's my motto.
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