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  1. Looking over the 10 steps its takes to do the transfer, all I see is BTC to US dollar. Nothing about any of the other currency around the world or other crypto solutions.
  2. Looking over the team the first thing that came to me was casting for wolf of wallstreet part 2. But the site looks nice.
  3. I fully agree and believe regulation will help the crypto space shake out all the shady players.
  4. https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-techcrunch-founders-crypto-fund-becomes-yet-another-target-of-sec-crypto-probe Origional Story from CNBC https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/02/sec-subpoenas-techcrunch-founders-cryptofund-amid-broader-investigation-into-digital-coins.html
  5. Dudez So I can gets me that PACcoin..... that shizzy is gonna moon so good I can get that
  6. Wow you all just blew my mind. In a happy sort of way.
  7. Then they sell the nano on ebay when they empty it with a scratch and sniff key and secret.
  8. WOW you just gave me a flashback to me as a kid in the 80s having to give up the TV to my mom so she could watch Entertainment Tonight
  9. The best is when I set up the account I asked how much to send a wire they told me roughly $40, and the fees for a CC never hit that much. So I use the card and get it right away not wait days.
  10. Its a debit card from an account I set up just for ripple but with bitstamp it goes in as a credit.
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