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  1. Bigger QE or a delayed QE would have been better IMO. This package is like throwing gasoline on a fire. But you might be right, “they didn't want to be perceived as doing nothing“. This is going to be a crazy week for sure. Good luck everyone!
  2. What is the logic of this stimulus? For sure they didn’t think it’ll support the market long-term, did they? Scary times..
  3. The rest I can recognize but who is the guy who looks like Dexter? Somebody should write a book (or at least a decent article) about this phenomenon. And don’t forget The tinfoil castle! That one is my personal favorite.
  4. There are other asset classes with great potential for a massive appreciation, e.g. private equity, intellectual rights, art, collectable items. Just to illustrate the idea - read about David Choe. Many of these asset classes have high barriers of entry though (and not necessarily financial) which makes them less attractive to the general public. Various financial products with a high potential return (penny stocks or options) drew a lot of attention exactly because one did not need to know anything to buy them. So did casinos and lotteries. They say there is a fine line between investment and gambling, and you can find many opinion articles about how those are different. One aspect is hard to argue, gambling is easier because of its short(er) timeframe. Casinos have to keep players glued to the process. From that perspective JP Koning has a point when he says that bitcoin is a digital financial game. People (myself included) love two-dimensional graphs, it truly resonates with us to see our investment’s evolution over time. We love re-replaying endless what-if scenarios in our heads. You can find heated discussions on this forum and elsewhere about probabilities and mathematical expectations. There is information inequality and don’t get me started on insider trading. The harsh truth is that in the end there is an aspect of luck in everything and it would also be stupid to ignore black swans and force majeures. With all that complexity in mind the best an individual investor can do is to distribute their risks based on their risk appetite and stick to the plan. You had a reason to invest in crypto. Whatever it was, ask yourself if the promise still holds and whether its probability has changed. If you feel FOMO just remind yourself that investment is rarely binary and derisking does not necessarily mean selling it all. If you feel uneasy about your investment’s performance, set a target date, e.g. “I’ll sell 20% in 6 months” and you’ll feel better I think. Goes without saying you need to stick to that selling plan as well. And for sure crypto in general is not “once in a multi generation, new asset class”. There will be winners and losers, both among crypto projects and among investors. Money will be made and money will be lost.
  5. Did I miss something? What are you talking about? DM me too, more info is better than no info I guess.
  6. @Addictedxrp, sorry to hear you did not sell, mate. I did sell some and as many I wish I sold more. In the hindsight we should have sold everything and waited for a couple of years. I can only speak for myself but I know for a fact I would have not been able to do that - there were too many “fake runs” over this period and they would have forced me to buy-in again anyway. Nobody can change the past and nobody knows the future (duh) so at this point there is only one thing you can do - consider if you want to rebalance your portfolio using information you received since 2017. I wrote a post in May 2018 (long time ago when XRP price was around staggering $0.6) trying to give people another perspective about their investments. It’s never too late to rebalance.
  7. I agree with @iLeeT, everything is algo these days. As my neighbor Head of Sales said the other day, “My clients don’t want to talk to me anymore, all they want is an API and I don’t understand what has changed, I have been working with them for 30+ years”. Point being, don’t be surprised the market is irrational because it’s a dumb algorithm.
  8. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/c671d553-3b71-4878-b72c-022b3362bcb0
  9. There is an interesting analogy - oil consumption subsidies in OPEC countries. Nothing new in this world.. https://www.peio.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Conf5_Hochman-01.10.11.pdf
  10. Some sad people just want the world to burn. And I thought I have an age crisis..
  11. I spent quite some time decommissioning IBM mainframe applications. Decommissioning those lovely IBM solutions is both cumbersome and costly thanks to IBM’s cost model and their outrageous contract structure. Those 97% and 90% are just waiting for an alternative, almost everybody who worked with IBM truly hates their software by now.
  12. If it’s not a significant amount, the easiest way would be to create an XRP denominated vault in Revolut app and enable a recurring funding for it. Revolut does not allow you to withdraw crypto though, therefore it is not suitable for substantial crypto investments. Besides, you can automatically send spare change to the Revolut vault with each transaction.
  13. Which in turn might lead to a Capital add-on, not specified by the regulation. @KevClem, you are right though, it’s more “perception of risk” than “risk”.
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