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  1. Lamberth

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Don’t want to look like Mr. Smart-pants but I believe there were a number of posts about those “whale accounts” which can be used to predict dumps. Not sure whether it works all the time but it did work today - https://bithomp.com/explorer/rQJteJeKc3v7Vf3JZyYMaS9KMSAhmRzxDD
  2. I must admit I am not into American politics and this might be a stupid question but what does this Group can do exactly? Surely they can’t pass a legislation, it is just a working group. Issuing statment, well, who cares? Sounded like an educational activity to me. Or am I wrong and this hearing is a big deal?
  3. Dr. Michel and Mr. Pollock were cool. It was disappointing to see that nobody could tell what problem digital assets are trying to solve though. I wish Dr. Kevin Werbach was there.
  4. Incentivizing partners is not FUD, quite opposite all partner programs come with strings attached, they can’t just sell to make profits.
  5. You will not find any official statements, @midair77. Unofficially you can read between the lines that this is what is happening. I agree with Joe Kendzicky when he says: You can read more here - https://medium.com/@jkendzicky16/ripple-xrp-analysis-cc4f440d0604
  6. You are right, xCurrent is neither a blockchain nor a distributed ledger. In ILP terms, RippleNet is a connector, not a ledger.
  7. Lamberth

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Don’t know about lambo, but I can post some rockets just to keep the morale high..
  8. @Ripple-Stiltskin, very true. I find it hard to assess this percentage given the fact we are still active on the Forum day in and day out. I started questioning myself some time ago whether being active on the Forum is a good thing “healthier percentage”-wise. Can’t help but stay simply because XRP Community consists of a lot of smart people and it is a great fun to interact with all of you, boys and girls. Well, maybe not all, I do have few people in my Ignore list, lol
  9. I agree. This is a very important point which we can read between the lines in many Ripple’s presentation when presenters are talking about problems their clients (or potential clients) experience and would like to mitigate. One question, why are you talking about Apple’s liquidity? A player like Apple could provide a free payment service using their profitable side but how is this statement connected to liquidity? Did you mean capital?
  10. 1) I personally don’t see how xRapid could directly depend on SEC’s decision. Indirectly it is probable that the strategy was to roll out xRapid together with some major exchange pertnership which would boost the liquidity in a certain corridor. This exchange could be waiting for the SEC’s decision just to play it safe. There is no way to know, we simply don’t know important facts and can only speculate. 2) It would make things harder for Ripple in the short/mid term probably - directly, lowering the liquidity on the US-regulated exchanges and indirectly, e.g. probably affecting the price of XRP in a negative way just because it is “big news”. Good news, SEC does not control the world despite what Americans think, there are other players.
  11. I think you are right about this. For me the reassuring part is a lack of major development of XRP Ledger. I hope it is because it simply works (and 40m closed ledgers is a good proof of it). Or just maybe it is because the team is focused on Cobalt? (Which is also potentially great news) Anyway, I am now certain of one thing, xRapid has a long way to go.
  12. It seems many people are missing an important point (mainly the ones not interested in technical aspects of Ripple products). XRP Ledger is open source - you can see the progress on GitHub and you can build on this foundation yourself. xRapid is a proprietary software which focuses on some very concrete customers and their feedbacks. It is amazing that we get any info about its progress at all. If you think otherwise - try googling e.g. NEX Infinity. I very much agree with @XRPisVELOCITY and @vsyc, some should wake up and stop dreaming about making millions tomorrow. There is no magic in the world, only hard work.
  13. It is concerning and relieving at the same time. Concerning because you can’t track the progress. Relieving because knowing that XRP Ledger is mainly done, there should be something important in xRapid (proprietary, none-OS project) which adds value to the customers and needs additional development. Having that said, Ripple is extremely transparent about their progress (and we always want more obviously). If anybody thinks otherwise, try googling other proprietary blockchain solutions by major players and see for yourself.
  14. Whether big players want anything to do with xRapid is not that important, it is more important to announce that the product is ready to be used. IF it is ready, of course.
  15. My personal take: come on, Asheesh, you should have let David to address the xRapid question. We know you are good in avoiding questions but when Prod?