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  1. Lamberth

    XRPcalling - One post per month until 12/2018

    Exactly right, make it 1 post a year. Current price: .263 11.09.2017 price: .217 (annual chart) Steady progress, everybody, time for champagne! We made 21%, many hedge fund managers would have killed for this!
  2. This is called unrealistic expectations. Somebody is going to get burned.. hear-hear!
  3. This is indeed a great report, so many insights. I imagined the world in 7 years where AIs analyze financial flows and re-distribute liquidity instantly via different channels (xRapid / XRP Ledger included). Offtopic: never realized that Splunk had such a great strategy.
  4. Lamberth

    Ripples 5yr plan

    Nice avatar @iLeeT. Again
  5. This is a brilliant report, big thank you @BANKXRP, @Tehol_Beddict. I now know how I am going to spend tomorrow and a half of Monday (who works on Mondays anyway).
  6. Why picking on XRP? No investment is bullet-proof. Can you eat hopes of e.g. Tesla delivering on Musk’s promises? This is not the point of the thread. Agree with the rest, @Moonraker is right that we should not see conspiracies/NDAs everywhere.
  7. Every time I work with an IBM product, I wish I didn’t. Statistically speaking, it is possible that this time they did something differently and it’ll be an innovative product. Well, let’s see, I guess..
  8. CLS does not eliminate counterparty risk, they eliminate settlement risk (simply because all transactions are Payment vs Payment). Counterparty risk is still there. The model you described is even worse in practice for most of FIs. You send 1 apple to a bigger bank you work with and it settles with another bank (which received 1 beer from their client) using cls. There is a limited number of banks who can settle directly - https://www.cls-group.com/communities/settlement-community/settlement-members/ Long story short, xVia would be competing with CLS, not xRapid / XRP.
  9. On top of that every cls member charges their clients a small fortune (mainly for settlement). The only reason cls manages to be cheaper for sme than the original model is essentially cls natively netting transactions for larger banks. Cost per transaction is higher for cme and the settlement is still the most expensive part.
  10. Simple. Selling point is that “you know where your cash is”. Basically this is SWIFT GPI with some limitations which makes it slightly cheaper than SWIFT.
  11. You know the pricing model of CLS, right? Still cheaper than SWIFT but come on, paying X USD per trade is still ridiculous. More importantly, you need to be a member and the funds have to be moved to settle trades.
  12. @BANKXRP, thank you, I did not know that Temenos was exploring Ripple already 2 years ago. I am thrilled to see how many vendors are integrating with RippleNet. Seen a number of presentations recently, the biggest was FIS (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIS_(company)) for their Treasury solution, it’ll be live Q1 2019. The fact that major banking providers are integrating with Ripple Net does not mean “Moon” by default, it simply says that xCurrent is already percieved as a real alternative to SWIFT by many. Next step of the gameplan - xRapid in Production by the end of the year.
  13. Lamberth

    Are you thinking what I am thinking?

    This is a great property indeed.. I’ll take 2, please!
  14. https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-offers-smes-a-competitive-advantage-in-global-payments/
  15. Sorry for the confusion, I did not mean centralization of the Ledger, we were talking about the supply. And yes, obviously the supply of XRP is extremely centralized for now.