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  1. “The European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks of the euro area are together assessing whether to introduce a digital euro. A digital euro would be an electronic form of central bank money accessible to all citizens and firms – like banknotes, but in a digital form – to make their daily payments in a fast, easy, costless and secure way. A digital euro would be introduced alongside cash; it would not replace it. As part of the ongoing assessment, we want to hear the views of the public and of all interested stakeholders on the benefits and challenges of issuing a dig
  2. In the meantime MGI finally had a profitable quarter: “Net Income was $10.9 million for the quarter representing a return to positive net income for the Company and an increase of $18.6 million”. It starts slowly at first.
  3. I have always got paid on Fridays. I now have some questions to my employers what happens between Wednesday and Friday.
  4. 1. I never compared XRP and Amazon, they are different animals. My point was purely whether one can hold through uncertain times or not, especially if they expected fast gains. I did hold Amazon in 200x even though many told me the company was over-valuated. It’s easy to talk about how brilliant Amazon is in 2020 but I wonder what your opinion would be in 2008 after holding since early 2004 (I am just using your graph as a reference here, it starts from 2004). This is a link to the historical prices for that period just for laughs - https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/AMZN/history?period1=10754208
  5. And on a serious note. I wrote a post about this 2 years ago and nothing has changed since then - “Think about your time horizon. Do you need the money next year? In few years? Can you keep the money in the investment for 10 years if something does not go according to the plan, e.g. the fundamentals are still strong but it simply takes more time than you initially thought (think Amazon in 200x)? If you can’t sit on your investment long enough due to the time constraint - you are about to invest too much.”
  6. Best solution for a good guy from Ripple would be not to waste their time reading this thread (as I just did) and to focus on something positive/meaningful instead.
  7. I get why people buy bitcoin, there is choir of crypto experts who predict crazy valuations like 50k, 200k and 1m. Decentralized casino is in play. What I don’t get is how would anybody take a leverage in a manipulated market like this?
  8. No surprise given the price action in May. Somebody was agressively buying MGI, the volume was through the roof. It’ll be interesting to see the price though.
  9. Depending on a jurisdiction and a use case it could be described either as a barter agreement or a delivery forward. Both a courier who gets a portion of the deliveried goods and a lender who gets a discount for goods in future could be defined via IOUs on a ledger. Additionally, there are some interesting cases of tax benefits which could be collaterized and used via IOUs as well (e.g. in a number of European countries you could deduct a portion of your income before tax to allocate to your future company but it can’t be used until your company is operational).
  10. This is a very interesting concept which I was extensively discussing with my business associates lately. Creating IOU on XRPL is simple and the model would work in principle but only until you add a bad actor into the equation. No matter how we approached the problem, we always ended up hitting counterparty risk and one of its “blockchain flavours” - insufficient oracle capabilities, custody and legal liability of the smart contracts. There are various Xpring projects which could potentially make it simpler and regardless of what one thinks of Xpring, those guys are creating key building
  11. Finally they are saying this out loud! Marketing is everything in this space.
  12. I think it’s pretty funny that one of the most active threads on XRPChat is about BTC. We all know why that is though, BTC is our only hope to drive the market it seems.
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