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  1. Huxly

    Sold out from XRP

    anyway. 5 months later; do you see my point now?
  2. Huxly

    Sold out from XRP

    being honest here. I dont want to trash ripple or anything. I've been following it for some time, saying my goodbyes. I agree, I could be wrong. And Ripple ends up in 10$+; it would be interesting seeing that coming out. I dont want to list cons of Ripple; or pure even ideological points centralized controlled vs. decentralized blockchains; everybody believes what he decides to believe. and really I wish you all guys good luck!
  3. Huxly

    Sold out from XRP

    yeah, I just said that - I don't believe it the Ripple company anymore - and sold out. I'm being honest in my decisions. Where's the FUD in that?
  4. Hi fellows, just wanted to share my story in short. I've been in Ripple from 2013.; been working on WCG and aquired good amount of zerps. Sold everything in last peak, and bought ethereum now in this correction. Thing is I don't beleive in XRP anymore. Ripple as platform has potential, but I don't see XRP going higher much more. I don't like Ripple management, their PR, marketing tricks for short-term gains, etc. Going on different ride now, Ethereum on other hand is completly different story. I look at it as Android on blockchain. Good luck!
  5. I think it will be OK. You can check trade interface here: https://trade.kraken.com/kraken/xrpusd/1h
  6. cool but again , they should release this info week ago - to justify price increase and calm down haters. Better explain xrapid etc etc. Although momentum is lost, at least price is kind of stabilising around 2$ and stopped staggering downfall.
  7. There is a war between decentralized crew vs. fintech companies that are building over existing infrastructure. And alot of trilions in the game
  8. Thank's for helping out. btw which exchanges you guys find the best to trade on?
  9. So most of you would somewhat store the fiat on exchange; but would recommend to transfer it on bank account. Are there any cloud wallets where you can store both crypto and fiat?
  10. I have some stash in XRP, I'm talking about fiat storage
  11. why? So you wouldn't suggest by any chance to store $ on any wallet? I don't want to transfer them to my bank account then again on wallet when I need it.
  12. Thank's Marousi, I would agree that a real bank would be safest. But I want to store for short time, not cash out. Is gatehub safe?
  13. Hello guys! I have some $ dollars hanging on my exchange. Where's the best way to store your fiat $ if you don't want to cash out currently? Tnx
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