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  1. hyakutake1349

    SBI CEO new Tweets

    He's fluent
  2. hyakutake1349

    When will XRapid actually go live?

    Ripple hasn't given an exact timeframe and there's no real reason they should. It takes as long as it takes to get everything in place. The pilots were extremely successful, why would there be technical problems? What has WU got to do with anything? I'm confused!
  3. hyakutake1349

    When will XRapid actually go live?

    iirc asheesh birla stated dates would be announced in march, not that xRapid would go into production. There have been a few mishaps from Ripple employees on twitter so I wouldn't read too much into what they say there in terms of announcements (they have got much better though). Brad has said very publicly xRapid will be in production very soon. What more do you need? Let's see, if there is nothing by the end of Q3 or whenever, then we can start to really worry!
  4. hyakutake1349

    When will XRapid actually go live?

    Where have they said it was to be productive in March? I don't remember any dates being given. Why the rush? ?
  5. hyakutake1349

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    XRP now has its own standalone symbol, free from Ripple. That is such an important step. If it only lasts 2 years, who cares? It can be replaced by something better, but what we have now will do the job perfectly well, it's not horrible (did you see some of the other entries? ) not great, it's fine. It might grow on you!
  6. hyakutake1349

    Should You Be Worried About XRP Going Down?

    I remember when Alex was saying $1.2 was a great price, then when it dipped to $0.90, that was a great entry, people who got in there were lucky. Considering btc has just broken a support I think it's irresponsible to go even further like this vid and promote buying with certainty like this.
  7. hyakutake1349

    Why I Think Central Banks Are Testing xRapid

    Yeah people, stop complaining about the long hair, it's an investment ? Also, if/when you shave it @AlexCobb make sure you give it to charity!
  8. hyakutake1349

    Why I Think Central Banks Are Testing xRapid

    He's waiting to shave it at $20 iirc. I think he might end up sitting on it
  9. hyakutake1349


    I agree it will happen, but I think it will take time to phase it out for the majority, too many things are too reliant on physical systems at the moment. I could be completely wrong and it could happen tomorrow though, I wouldn't be surprised Will crypto become a standard any time soon though? Even taking into account modern pace of change, I just can't see it.
  10. hyakutake1349


    Makes me laugh when I see someone saying about a crypto becoming a global currency. Do these people not go outside in the real world? (don't answer that ?). Often people prefer to stay with what they know even if another option could be easier. The chance of a crypto becoming an established means of payment outside of some major cities/tech centres in the near future is tiny imo. In 50-100 years then *maybe*, but the idea of millions (billions?) of people (who currently only know what they need to and maybe aren't all that interested knowing more) learning about, trusting and then using cryptocurrency seems absurd to me. I know the pace of learning will become really quick so the tech side might not be such an issue, but it will take generations to convince people not to use fiat (I look forward to being wrong).
  11. hyakutake1349

    Ripple and Amazon

    In their slides they use Seagate, Amazon and Uber specifically. Would be strange if they used a confirmed investor and customer (seagate) and then picked two random companies out for the other two....
  12. hyakutake1349

    Ripple and Amazon

    I'm torn because I would think if there is anything going on between the two companies there is absolutely no way either would allude to it or use it as an example. However, David Schwartz has made mistakes in the past with NDAs and Cory Johnson made a mistake on a recent live stream so maybe there is something in it. Personally I lean towards the former, if there was anything Ripple would be on complete lockdown I would have thought. Ultimately this sort of thing is so thin it's crazy. Interesting though
  13. They *literally* aren't ?. He uses them quite a lot compared to some other talks I've seen. I couldn't care less though, in terms of actually speaking (not body language) he's clear and confident which is so much more important. Really enjoyed the talk ?.
  14. I for one bow down before you, O great Zerpstradamus. Lets keep this hype train rollin' along