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  1. I had decided to end this giveaway after some 6-months of running. There's only ~2000xrp given away during this period, and there's still plenty of xrp left in the account. Hence I decided to send back all the donations to their original accounts. The following table show the full list of the refunds..... do let me know if anybody was missed.
  2. some sources where you can find the answers: https://ripple.com/build/transaction-cost/#transaction-cost https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/release/src/ripple/app/misc/FeeEscalation.md
  3. The first offer of each owner from book_offers contains the owner balance, hence there's no need to make separated account-lines requests to know the holdings of an account. After combining three pairs of books, simply scan through the entire combined-arrays again to recalculating funded-amount for each offer. here's some related codes in old ripple-lib: https://github.com/ripplerm/ripplelib/blob/master/src/orderbook.js#L1154-L1185 https://github.com/ripplerm/ripplelib/blob/master/src/orderbook.js#L693-L721
  4. the phrase you quoted from Joelkatz... he was talking about the way a server applying transactions to its local open ledger - - where transactions are execute in the same order as they arrive. But this execution upon an open ledger is just preliminary... in a distributed system, each server might had receive transactions in different orders (in Joelkatz sentence "transactions can execute in any number of orders"), so we must have a rule for determining the txn-ordering when a ledger is closed and reached consensus... The so called "deterministically randomized ordering", or "
  5. okay, short answers to your three questions: YES, NO, NO.
  6. XRP should be specified as string (number of drops) instead of json object. reference: https://ripple.com/build/rippled-apis/#specifying-currency-amounts
  7. @mrbooly, sorry for late response... I just came back from a long vacation. thanks for bringing up this issue. I had just fix the issue today, and now it should be able to sign off-line transactions with private-keys. Yes, this is normal behaviour. There's a step in the signing algorithm which involve random number generation, hence resulting different signature each time you sign().
  8. What are STM and SBD? these are IOU symbols representing STEEM and STEEM-backed-dollar. They are tokens on Steem blockchain. For more info, visit: steem.io or steemit.com How deposit/withdrawal are automated if 3 accounts need to sign? All signers will be constantly monitoring both RCL and Steem blockchain, and publish their signature on RCL network (via txn memo). technical detail: https://github.com/ripplerm/steemiex-node/blob/master/docs/workflow.md Who is/are the owner(s) of the 5 accounts? Currently all the five validators are owned and ope
  9. I haven't been following their development recently... but according to some earlier discussion in their slack room: 1. the currencies on Trustlines Network is designed to be fungible. i.e. all USD (from different issuers) will be valued the same (at face value). 2. ETH will be the medium of exchange between currencies, and also means of tx fee. 3. the mobile apps will be designed in a way such that users do not need to know/understand anything about Ethereum.
  10. After several weeks of waiting, it seems that no other party is seriously interested to join the project. So I had decided to launch the gateway anyway, with only five validators, all owned/operated by me. I'm still in wish that the gateway will become decentralized, i.e. co-managed by different parties from different background and geographical regions. I'm looking forward to add new parties into the signer-list of the gateway. Anybody who's interested, please leave a message here or PM me.
  11. Trading STM or SBD on Ripple-network To trade STM or SBD, you must add the trade-pair (market) into your wallet apps. For users of Gatehub wallet, you can add STM or SBD by following this guide: [Steemiex Guide] Adding New Currency-Pair (Market) in Gatehub-wallet For those using ripplerm-wallet, a general trading guide is available at: [Ripple-Wallet Guide] Trading / Exchange
  12. [Update (15-Dec-2017)] The gateway had discontinued its operation. RCL Issuing Address: rKYyUDK7N4Wd685xjfMeXM9G8xEe5ciVkC RCL Operating Address: r3dpA9FBczceWTWh4FRquuSvEVaQyU3GNg Steem Account: steemiex Currencies: STM, SBD. Steemiex is the first gateway on Ripple-network that's fully operating with M-of-N multi-sig accounts. All deposits and withdrawals are fully-automated, co-managed by five signer-nodes (on 3-of-5 multi-signature setting) deployed at five different location across US, Europe, and Asia. ==============================
  13. setting the account as m-of-n multi-sig can greatly improve the security of an account. for e.g, you could set your account as a 2-of-3 multi-sig (and disable its masterkey), then store the 3-signers' secret separately on three different places. 1. anybody who wanted to hack your account must know at least two of your secrets, 2. if you lost any one secret, you still can recover your fund with the other two.
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