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  1. The meeting was today, and no media channel seems to have caught it yet. Hmm, loks like it was on the 14th of may. Weird that no one caught it.
  2. Heads of central banks (like Oystein Olsen of the Norwegian central bank), the head of Bank of International Settlements (Agustin Carstens) (!) in the audience. Brad is the only Fintech representative on the panel. This is interesting.
  3. ZB.com went offline 25 hours ago with its BTC/XRP pairing showing zero traffic on CMC, and suddenly the price of XRP went up 20% What in the muffins? BTW: Binance seems to be leading the pump now with USDT, soon it will be back accepting USD.
  4. Very interesting. I looked at the FAQ page at Bitgo, and they say XRP is only available for business customers. They also encourage customers to use pooled accounts with destination tag instead of activating many wallets, because it is expensive. So 12702 activated wallets so far. That is a lot of wallets and could give us some idea of what is going on. Every activation is an expense for one of BitGo's customers. https://bitgo.freshdesk.com/support/search/solutions?term=xrp
  5. Keep it up Hodor. I have been looking at movements on the ledger over the weekend, and one of the things that strikes me is the amount of multisig wallets that Bitgo has been setting up. More than 240 wallets created just today. Remember; every wallet needs 20 xrp, so they must be expecting something. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rD4G6gtD2KwHqsRf7pcyA8r1neUzXT61ix
  6. Someone just told me it was this clip from Twitter. Don't really know.
  7. Guessing they are talking about this roundtable from september 2018? The part about XRP, starts at around 13:00 minutes. Douglas Borthwick seems bullish. https://youtu.be/2j747MrQN0U
  8. Corda settler uses so-called "Oracles". These are network services that give exchange rates in real-time and provide options for settlement. The users of Corda will be able to choose their preferred method of settling obligations made between two parties. The XRP-ledger Oracle was the only settlement oracle available at the time of launch in december last year. Why? Well, we can only speculate, but it looks like SWIFT was in a bit of panick when they suddenly suprisingly announced a partnership with R3 in late january 2019 by Gottfred Liebbrandt who will leave his position as CEO of SWIFT this summer. If both parties who need to conduct a transaction choose the XRP-ledger oracle to settle, they will do so on the XRP-ledger. Ripple have simply been positioning themselves for the DLT revolution to take place. This is Brad Garlinghouses marathon. Ripple are ahead, Yoshitaka Kitao will bring momentum. If you are given two options using Corda, one settles in 2 hours at 4 dollars, the other in 2 seconds at 0.50 dollars, which do you choose? Could there be a solution (an oracle) that combines SWIFT and XRPs ledger directly? To early to say. To spark some curiosity, this photo is from an IBM Blockchain presentation in late april (Blockchain Revolution Global 2019):
  9. Another update: No investigation was necessary, and the acquisition went through. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33787/visa-seals-earthport-acquisition
  10. It would be very intersting to get some input from @BobWay on something like this, a brilliant usecase.
  11. If I am not mistaken, Polysign was formed in 2017. David Schwartz might have cashed out some XRP in relations with investments there. Pure speculation, but it would make sense.
  12. @Mcripple made the community aware of the article written by a confused or mislead reporter. This is a good thing, World War 3 will have to wait for another day. Back to the foxholes troops.
  13. The interesting thing here is Quorum (a closed Etherum forked centralized network) interfacing with R3 Corda (Project Jasper), where SBI Holdings (Yoshitaka Kitao, also member board of directors at Ripple) own large shares.
  14. I love how Marjan sort of underplays the role of XRP and her own former job (busines director SWIFT GPI) making the audience curious, then she pulls up the holy grail of instant on demand liquidity globally. Priceless.
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