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  1. One Indian Rupee is currently worth 0.014 USD. Could be some confusion with Rupees as WazirX is an Indian exchange? This exchange is also in beta.
  2. I could be wrong, pure speculation, but I think this might be Global headquarters of McDonalds in Oak Brook Illinois. That is the place where the famous Hamburger university is also located.
  3. He is hinting at some kind of Amazon partnership in his latest tweet with the "prime" comment. Who knows, exciting times. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose. The rumour mill can easily end up hitting you in the face.
  4. Wall Street Journal: https://www.wsj.com/articles/ripple-to-invest-up-to-50-million-in-moneygram-11560803556?shareToken=st4835cea121de40bc8252e4954471cd74
  5. We heard Brad Garlinghouse talk about Ant financial and their plans for the US on stage a few weeks ago together with the CEO of Paypal. If this is true it smell of politics, global politics. Tradewar is heating up and competition is trying to push in because the internet is borderless. Ripple suddenly going from being a software company to buying Moneygram - the world second largest remittance provider. That would be crazy. Simply dont believe it until I see it. Goes against their role of delivering the rails and carts, not what is put in the carts.
  6. This is very sad news. Rest in peace.
  7. The exchange called changenow.io should probably be alerted so they can take action if these are stolen funds.
  8. SWIFT does not have the money to buy out Ripple the company. The banks who hold the nostro/vostro relationship all over the world that SWIFT delivers services for are the ones with the money. The valuation of Ripple the company without the XRP it holds is in the Billions of dollars range. SWIFT is valued at a few hundred million Euros.
  9. Very interesting. BIC (Business Identifier Code) is the same as SWIFT codes. Really? Going back to that nightmare? Did someone say; on demand liquidity?
  10. The meeting was today, and no media channel seems to have caught it yet. Hmm, loks like it was on the 14th of may. Weird that no one caught it.
  11. Heads of central banks (like Oystein Olsen of the Norwegian central bank), the head of Bank of International Settlements (Agustin Carstens) (!) in the audience. Brad is the only Fintech representative on the panel. This is interesting.
  12. ZB.com went offline 25 hours ago with its BTC/XRP pairing showing zero traffic on CMC, and suddenly the price of XRP went up 20% What in the muffins? BTW: Binance seems to be leading the pump now with USDT, soon it will be back accepting USD.
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