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    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Hello Dave...
  2. mandelbaum

    Risk Analysis of XRP: The Four Horsemen

    We have to take the Triffin dilemma into consideration. We know the Federal reserve and central banks around the world have been thinking about this conundrum since the 60s. In reality it has been sort of commented on for milllenias by people like Machiavelli and Roman historians and emperors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triffin_dilemma Some sort of liquid digital asset could possibly solve this if the cards are played right. It will have to start as a small thing that gains trust over time in many markets and usecases. Projects like USC (started by UBS and Clearmatics in 2015) are doing something very different from this. The XRP-ledger can be developed on by anyone for anything they want.
  3. What I find very interesting is their retweeting of Brexit related news throughout 2017. I think this is their official feed: https://twitter.com/euro_eximbank https://www.fintech.finance/fintech-tv/graham-bright-euro-exim-bank-on-predictions-of-financial-industry/ Something happened with their business profile in april/may 2017. Swell was an event in october 2017 and 2018. Graham Bright, who worked for SWIFT for 20 years must have picked up on what was going on with Ripple back in 2017. They are clearly getting ready for the calamity that Brexit will be for the existing trade network of Europe. A campaign targeting British companies promising 3 second settlement at European and international harbors and airports over the next months will be a great advantage for these companies. March 30 2019 could be the day of complete standstill if Britain leaves the EU, which is scheduled on that date if a different agreement is not reached. Remember that a lot of the money moving between these corporations and governments are based on credit and trust. Brexit throws a monkey wrench into the cogwheels running these networks of trust.
  4. JP Morgan left the R3 consortium back in april 2017. I believe Quorum is more of a competitor to Corda and Hyperledger fabric. They simply want a piece of the pie that other banks will pay to use these enterprise networks.
  5. mandelbaum

    Two xrp ledgers

    I dont know, but there were lots of hints floating around of R3s plans for XRP before the Corda Settler was launched. They might have been simple guesses based on SBIs investments in R3 though.
  6. mandelbaum

    Two xrp ledgers

    Someone seems to be confusing the XRP-ledger testnet with a secret ledger run by banks and FIs. https://developers.ripple.com/connect-your-rippled-to-the-xrp-test-net.html Now, anyone can develop tools for the XRP-ledger, Ripple is one of the companies developing on top of it. There are theories of someone outside of Ripple planning a large scale use of XRP for something, running a sandbox test environment.
  7. mandelbaum

    Price manipulation

    Well yes, thats true. The volumes seem to be coming from Bitmex.
  8. mandelbaum

    Price manipulation

    Rumors of a new delay for Fidelity or BAKKT to go live. Quite the dump. XRP is number two on CMC again though (well, for a few minutes at least) . Yeeeeeyh.
  9. Yepp, great start for POW in 2019.
  10. Most exchanges have frozen the trading. The dump will probably come when they go live again. From Coinbase status blog: Due to unstable network conditions on the Ethereum Classic network, we have temporarily disabled all sends and receives for ETC. Buy and sell is not impacted. All other systems are operating normally. https://status.coinbase.com/
  11. Want to get really frightened? Look at the theoretical small cost of renting hashing power for a 51% attack on some of the most well known POW projects. https://www.crypto51.app/ 8 years ago, the people behind the XRP-ledger knew this was coming.
  12. You should probably ask the person in charge of selling SWIFT GPI that question: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-hires-former-business-director-swift-gpi-marjan-delatinne/ "Delatinne joins us from SWIFT where she worked for ten years, most recently in charge of selling their Global Payments Innovation (gpi) offering." And Marcus Treacher, who chaired SWIFT’s global advisory body for corporates from 2010 to 2016. https://ripple.com/insights/hsbc-executive-swift-board-member-joins-ripple/
  13. The rumors of XRP being a "world currency" comes from the Federal reserve, the IMF and probably European and Chinese governments working on solving The Triffin Dilemma. The XRP-ledger is a perfect fit for an alternative or addition to the SDR, but I have serious doubts about this hypothesis. A currency made by a central-bank or nation will not solve the Triffin dilemma. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triffin_dilemma On the other hand, it is quite weird to see Brad Garlinghouse share the stage with Ross Leckow, the deputy General counsel of the IMF in a one-on-one talk. What other project working in the cryptospace is even close to sharing a stage with someone like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-BPbhQWlpw