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  1. Thank you. Yes, it would be interesting to know what would cause something like this in the metrics. Some sort of data must have been fed into the charts to give this result. The absence of data would be expected to cause a flatline right? These charts are made by Ripple the company, and I would like to think they use reliable models to read and interpret data when they make it public like that. Also that they would take it offline with a message before maintenance/tests. They have done that before.
  2. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics Anyne have any idea of what i going on with the Metrics today? The number of of payments went through the roof, the ledger closing interval time went down to 1,16 seconds and the number of ledgers also went through the roof. Just a bug/maintenance?
  3. Link to the Twitter thread. Leonidas is asking wether they are actually talking about xCurrent for messaging or somehow use the digital asset XRP. Awaiting answer. Remember, this is a customer help twitter account.
  4. Brad Garlinghouse said in the latest AMA from december 2018 that one should watch the volumes on the exchanges that are xRapid certified partners. (10 minutes in)
  5. If the comma is used in the correct british way, that is 15 thousand USD. If you work for a british corporation doing business with the Philipines or Mexico, your boss will probably give you a raise if you bring this up to him/her.
  6. Did Jed stop selling his XRP in january? The Tacostand has been silent for quite some time now.
  7. Very interesting to note that Marjan Delatinne - who used to be the business director of SWIFT GPI, was hired by Ripple back in 2017. https://www.americanbanker.com/news/swift-exec-marjan-delatinne-defects-to-ripple
  8. Just another part of the global micropayments/streaming settlements ecosystem. XRP fits like a glove for that.
  9. mandelbaum

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Proof of work used to excite me, now I find it to be extremely scary. A 51% attack is expensive for a small group of "investors", but for a nation it is far cheaper than a nuclear weapons program. The ramification if another nation has adopted a POW project as a basis for their central bank, or a large corporation would be devastating for that nation or company. The ETH Classic attack must have changed things for both companies and nations looking at crypto. It surely scared Vitalik and the ETH team. To think that Opencoin and the team saw this coming 8 years ago.
  10. How weird, I could have sworn I saw Mizuhos logo somewhere:
  11. Wow, if this is really Santander, it is insanely bullish on both Ripple and XRP. There is even a cracker guy with a hoodie in the video, scary stuff.
  12. Some interesting upates regarding Transfast: https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33508/mastercard-drops-earthport-bid-turns-attentions-to-transfast
  13. mandelbaum

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Man, this thread is going to be an epic journey. Absolute Gold. - We do not seem to see other figures in the blockchain/crypto world on stage with figures like Ross Leckow, Deputy General Counsel of the IMF. - We see some board members of Ripple who have connections to some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet. - We see former higher ups in the SWIFT ecosystem on stage and on conferences now representing Ripple the company. No need to answer anything in detail on this topic, but there is something really special going on here, right? Thanks again.
  14. mandelbaum

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hello sir, hope things are going well with the health related issues. Any insight into why exactly 100 Billion, and 1 million Drops pr. XRP? BTW: Thanks for your work.
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