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  1. LOL jpmorgan are partnered with ibm on the hyperleger and Stellar lumens are their currency,
  2. cryptomediaxrp

    IBM has Visa as a partner not a pilot !

    Blockchain technology is moving into the financial mainstream with IBM and seven European banks IBM is building blockchain technology that will be used by seven of Europe's largest banks, including HSBC and Rabobank, to facilitate international trade for small and medium-size enterprises, the company said on Tuesday. The project will mark one of the first real-world use cases of blockchain technology in financial institutions. The potential of blockchain has been praised by the banking industry over the past couple of years, but the first real applications are beginning. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/26/ibm-building-blockchain-for-seven-major-banks-trade-finance.html
  3. cryptomediaxrp

    IBM has Visa as a partner not a pilot !

    A little more info for you https://beta.techcrunch.com/2018/01/28/bank-based-blockchain-projects-are-going-to-transform-the-financial-services-industry/
  4. cryptomediaxrp

    IBM has Visa as a partner not a pilot !

    I think you need to do maybe just a little yourself. https://www.hyperledger.org/industries/finance
  5. cryptomediaxrp

    IBM has Visa as a partner not a pilot !

    They actually have most the biggest banks on the hyper ledger. All the banks ripple was going for
  6. Yes he said it was xrp that they invest, watch the video!
  7. His words are "were invested in venture funds, were invested in hedge funds, were invested in companies" So yea im 100% sure thats what he said.
  8. Brad is the source, in the OP video.
  9. Brad said it, not me! you will have to ask him what hes invested our investment in. But im guessing he dosnt see holding xrp as an investment like a stock or bond so he dosnt see us as investors.
  10. One reason they would invest in stocks and bonds is because they are profit driven/centralized The purpose again will be profit All investments are at risk. Money has been printed out of thin air to keep the stock market alive. the biggest crash the world has ever seen is coming due to qe1 2 3 and soon to be 4. Unless they are invested in gold and silver. thats a different story.
  11. Yes i believe that a stock market crash will increase the crypto market cap, especially for some coins. But not if your coin is invested in the stock market. Any coin that is, will like all stock/bond holders, loose a lot of money.
  12. Not unless i interview the man myself!
  13. when XRP is put on the microchip at the end of the year for human implants then this might help the price go up if people adopt to it. I wont be having one though.
  14. Coinbase will not be around for too long IMO. Not when there are now loads of other ways to get in to the market with fiat that are 100s of times cheaper