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  1. CarloPonzi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Has there been any talk at all about manually burning more xrp (apart from the existing burning rate) to make it gain in value?
  2. What about price movements in both situation? Can we expect a larger pump from standard Coinbase "listing" based on previous cases?
  3. welcome to the family a$$holes.
  4. Main problem with leveraging is that you have to make a limit order to avoid fees (bitmex) or lower them (bitfinex). On Binance, fees are low whether you do a market or limit order so it's quite easy to daytrade and take instant trade with market orders.
  5. If you thing TA is about predicting the futur you're wrong. It's about making scenarios to optimize entry/exit positions. In the mean time I took advantage of that inverted h&s and profit.
  6. Business is business this is good. BG recently stated that what was missing for more institutional adoption were regulation and custody.
  7. This. Looking forward the end of the year to see the 589$ BS end as well
  8. Thx. Looking forward to hearing from Bittrex at Swell. Also curious how they will solve the liquidity issue as it seems they haven't much volume yet.
  9. Also this shows Xrapid later in the video. One thing I still don't get about the speed. Sure converting usd to pesos via xrp is fast but you still need to wait for the exchange to wire the amount to your bank account which take 1 entire day, at least in Europe. What am I missing?
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