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  1. Thanks. Could there be an easier option but going through each day volume number since the 1st of January and read them day after day? Also POC is aroud $0.315 according to my volume profile indicator.
  2. Good day y'all. With Q1 2019 report out I've been asking myself if it's possible to calculate what would theoretically be the percentage of each Quarter Ripple sales compared to the total volume of real exchanges? Anyone good at math and knows where to get these numbers to be as close as possible? All I know is Ripple has sold about 4 billions or so (according to circulating supply) the past 24 months but getting a hand on the right volume number is quite difficult. I know it's impossible to calculate the right number cuz we have no idea what price Ripple sells but let's assume that they sell of a regular basis at market price and we make an average for each quarter.
  3. Do you thing Binance pair still leads the price of xrp or which chart do you use for daytrading? I'm leveraging on Bitfinex but monitoring price moves on tradingview. It used to be easier when Binance was n°1 volume for XRP now with all these unknown exchanges leading Idk
  4. CarloPonzi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Has there been any talk at all about manually burning more xrp (apart from the existing burning rate) to make it gain in value?
  5. What about price movements in both situation? Can we expect a larger pump from standard Coinbase "listing" based on previous cases?
  6. welcome to the family a$$holes.
  7. Main problem with leveraging is that you have to make a limit order to avoid fees (bitmex) or lower them (bitfinex). On Binance, fees are low whether you do a market or limit order so it's quite easy to daytrade and take instant trade with market orders.
  8. If you thing TA is about predicting the futur you're wrong. It's about making scenarios to optimize entry/exit positions. In the mean time I took advantage of that inverted h&s and profit.
  9. Business is business this is good. BG recently stated that what was missing for more institutional adoption were regulation and custody.
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