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  1. So we've just passed the 45B cap. It would be interesting to have a time chart.
  2. I've managed to gtfo of work in order to buy back if breakout happens. I personally could see a stagnation in dollar but a rise in /btc pair due to BTC.D looking weak. That would a bit far-fetched as it doesn't happen very often. (september 2018).
  3. Good God I'm about to go to work now after taking profit this weekend and both xrp/usd and xrp/btc on the verge of breaking out. I don't know what to do
  4. Bought some MGI in April. I am new to stock investment. I was kinda hoping MGI could hit $10 back one day but if the company merge I'd end up with WU shares right? Not quite sure how should I deal with that.
  5. This is a BTC Dominance move not much about XRP itself
  6. That's pretty much the main issue I've been thinking about from the beggining. Ripple targets currency markets where friction is high but are in parallel the same markets that have low liquidity.
  7. So will Ripple have to invest in every currency based country where they open a new corridor in order to get liquidity? Wasn't BG making a point about how amazed he was they do not actually need to give an incentive to boost ODL locally because independent marketmakers are already out there doing their job?
  8. So... shouldn't we be talking about that Golden Cross we just got on xrpbtc? As far as I'm concerned, I won't be talking about bull market until we break 4000sat
  9. I know it's just funny that general news channels like CNN are more prepared to go into details (I.e Ripple's propgramatic sales questions) than money oriented ones like CNBC and Bloomberg.
  10. Usually BG interviews are boring because the journalist doesn't do their homeworks and ask basic questions. Last CNN interview was a bit better and we got some nice insights about Ripple's Xrp sales.
  11. The neckline is the most important I guess but yeah take it with a grain of salt
  12. Also may have an inverted H&S forming up on xrpbtc Daily
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