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  1. They could gain my trust again of they were open about that point. Just admit you did not do your Due-diligence on a proper base, and make excuses about that..... It's always the same with companies and almost like that Chicago song: "Hard to say i'm sorry"
  2. DutchPanda

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    Let me guess brother: Do you work for C..b.ase of for Sw.ft? Hope everything turns out good for you though.
  3. For us it's London or France, but for you i canimagine you're doing both with that great head volume
  4. DutchPanda

    XRP Phishing Scam Uncovered By South Korean Authorities, FBI

    I wouldn't give a sh!te about that if i was frauding with XRP. Once the money is gone, it's gone. It's like a junk stealing your 100K$ car, selling it for meth, and get caught by the police afterwards. He goes to jail, and the judge in court sentences him to pay you back 100K$ to you. You and I know that will never happen. That will be a pretty lousy IOU.
  5. DutchPanda

    XRP Phishing Scam Uncovered By South Korean Authorities, FBI

    Please elaborate on this? When the xrps's are sold into won, and he cashes out, how to revert this transaction? The crime has already happened then...
  6. DutchPanda

    XRP - The Standard (Big read)

    What a great read! After finishing I can see how freaking brilliant the boys from Ripple-labs are. I already knew they were, but this article puts everything in the right perspective. There's simply no- chance XRP and Ripple will fail. Thankx!
  7. Next Poll: Did Jesus actually live about 2000 years ago? 1 yes 2 no 3 Who's Jesus? I'm an Atheist
  8. Thankx for the insight, your point of view plus the quality of your posting(s)!
  9. DutchPanda

    Is XRP a threat to the United States?

    better ask @dbcooper
  10. DutchPanda

    Status on SBI VC?

    YNW has to be over before we will see some significant numbers
  11. If it goes down to 15 cents, i'll buy another 100,000 of them Zerps..
  12. DutchPanda

    XRP being moved

    Nah.. big? 200,000,000 XRP is about 66 million dollars at market price atm. That's petty-cash for FI's, and i'm sure they'll get a special bonus-price from Ripple, like 20 cents a coin or so...
  13. In the meantime Mr. Kitao is still flipping The Xrapid switch as a madman. Maybe it's not connected yet...
  14. The only thing we need now, is waking up tommorow with XRP at $3,39. Bingo! case dismissed, bye bye Bitcoin dominance* * disclaimer: the chance this will actually happen is very unlikely. Invest at your own will. Past performance is no guarantee....