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  1. You haven't aged at all.....great job King I can hear the sh!tcoins boys sing about their payments: "Returned to Sender, adress unknown"
  2. You'll regret this once XRP is listed at + 200 dollars a coin and some geek cracks your computer....Those guys will kill for less then 100,000 dollars, and you are a millionaire..........Always be careful of what you say on forums. ONCE YOUR IDENTITY HAS BEEN STOLEN, YOU'RE A S(H)ITTING DUCK FOR THOSE CRIMINALS. Just my kind advise to you..
  3. Investing to heavily in digital assets ins't quite healthy either at the moment
  4. Well to answer that question : somewhere between 1 and 1 million XRP, but hey, there's affordable Pot and cheap Tequila on the market, and Netflix only costs me 12 euro's a month divided by 3 (both neighbours are lifting on my account, the 8 euro's I save are going into XRP every month as a bonus...
  5. I hope I have the guts to wait and see that max $50,00 price happening. Selling 90 % of my stack would make me resign my job and smoke Pot, watch great movies and drink Tequila everyday.
  6. This is a great way to build trust among investors. What a bunch of idiots....
  7. Use waterbased paint spraycans. Almost instantly
  8. Right! DCA down to .50. Costed me a sh!tload of money though, but i''ll never give up on this bearmarket
  9. It's a bit hard to confess after all our CB bashing due to their decision not to list XRP last year, but I must admit: They still have the best interface in the market. Nothing beats CB in that way. The only thing holding me down to make more use of CB is the annoying 5 day delay everytime you want to deposit Fiat money to buy Crypto with. If they could bring this down to hours or seconds (They should use xRapid for that) CB will be the biggest exchange for years to come. Remember the 2017 Bullrun: people like me had to wait for days to get their Fiat transfered to CB (and other exchanges), missing huge upswings during that period. If they fix this: great! Despite all the channels to buy crypto at today, the mass will again use CB because it's so freaking conveniant and simple to use..
  10. It's great for Coinbase in special. We have to keep that in mind too. The just want to make some maor money..
  11. Don't forget we pumped almost 3 whole cents because of CB, and two cents left after an hour. Moon!
  12. Well, i guess that depends on the size of ones XRP stack. The only point I will sell would be if XRP reaches insane prices in let's say 3 months to a year. If this baby goes into the 1,000% of % in a small time, yes, sell all, be stupid rich and retire. This won''t happen in a few months though, and therefore I have an Excel sheet present which helps me to sell some Zerps gradually during the ride. Maybe I won't cash out as much as the rest of you guys, but I'll take a few million above tens of millions First goal: € 5,00. Sell 10% of my stack and my investment is back in the bank. The rest will be much more fun: 90% pullback: who cares? 100% gains, whoohee...
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