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  1. DutchPanda

    When rich ?

    About 8 months ago mr. Kitao said XRP would be $10,00 in the blink of an eye. I'm afraid he's gone blind...
  2. DutchPanda

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Your sell order will be cancelled because of insufficient funds... (1 euro costs about 1.14 dollar)
  3. DutchPanda

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Glad to see some sign of life from you, dear Bull. Stay put, they won't get you in here.
  4. Obvious CNBC article. Of course they had to end the write in a bearish way. But... i must give them credits for the write in general: it's not totally Crap from a to z.... I wonder what they would write after the moment XRP takes over the no.1 spot...
  5. Dunno, but in your case: only when the Dingo has dumped something on the grass, and you'll be able to stir in it and find back your Zerps..
  6. Quote from the article: In contrast, in an interview on Jan. 4, he noted that his bank had sent a payment instruction to another bank on Dec. 29 across the Swift network and still didn’t know where it was. “It was lost somewhere in the quagmire of a central organization and we have no visibility on where it is,” said Bright, who worked at Swift for 20 years. “All [the counterparty says] is, 'We’ve not received your message.'” Our train is gaining momentum by the day dear Zerpeners. "Though shall not fear, our time will come soon"
  7. Xrp will be 10 dollars a piece "within the blink of an eye", SBI's mr. Yoshi Kitaosaid last summer. Those Japanese guys do have a weird sense of humor
  8. DutchPanda

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    Like your metaphore.
  9. Thankx Yoda. That's why we're here. To make fun in general and learn from another regarding crypto. Enjoy your weekend!
  10. I thought i read somewhere that Jed has about 5 billion xrp. Man..... selling .75% of it every day at .35 brings him 37,500,000 XRP x .36 = $ 13,500,000 dollars per day! At this rate he will be out of xrp in 133 days, cashing $ 1,795,500,000 at 36 cents. That's what i call a whale....... If Jed could waitselling his stack untill xrp is at 20 dollars, he's the richest living man on earth (worth about 100 billion dollars..) This is almost incomprensicable for us little fish...