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  1. DutchPanda

    are we going up

    That's what we are saying since Eerly Spring
  2. Had something similar today. Some strange fellow called me, but i rejected the call:
  3. DutchPanda

    XRP & New Bull Run

    Your dca ain't bad though. If XRP doesn't hit this number in a year from now, we all have sort of a problem..
  4. DutchPanda

    XRP & New Bull Run

    at $589+ you can buy the Rolex company
  5. DutchPanda

    XRP & New Bull Run

    Same here brother. DCA in januari: 2,67. Buying the dips and enlarging my stack since then. Still I need .58 to be in green. I was in green for about 10 seconds during the september spike though
  6. DutchPanda

    XRP & New Bull Run

    Sell your watch before selling your stack is my advise. A Rolex Oyster Perpetual still does some decent figures on Ebay
  7. Hodling at least 25% of my stack for 5-10 years is a no-brainer for me. The other 75% will be sold at pre-defined exit-points: 10% at $5,- (my Fiat investment in XRP) 10% at $20,- 10% at $50,- 10% at 95,- 10% at $150, and so on. It all depends on what timeframe the above will happen of course. IMHO It's pretty stupid to wait for astronomic figures before selling some of your stack. In my above scheme, I will make nice moderate 6 figures gains, and still have left 25% of my stack for insane prices. Greed kills peoples positions. Remember: Your final coat won't have pockets
  8. DutchPanda

    XRParrot is live

    Yes, he lives Malmö, Botswana😂
  9. DutchPanda

    XRParrot is live

    I don't get your point Bull: the IBAN number is on every bankcard in the Netherlands. It's your bank-account number with the corresponding bank in front of it. example: If you use Rabobank it's like: NL64 RABO 0123456789. It won''t get much easier... By the way: we defeated Worldchampion France with 2-1 last night on soccer (Nations League)
  10. DutchPanda

    XRParrot is live

    This could be huge if the average person with very little knowledge about crypto automaticly could create a xrp-wallet on the same page. Imho getting started with crypto is still to complicated for newbees. But this is another great channel to get moderate numbers of xrp without the hassle of using your bank-app or debet card to buy XRP!
  11. Another great read my friend!
  12. DutchPanda

    BCH hash war

    Short term yes. But it'll probably weed out bitcoin forks. If bch now loses a lot of value it'll "prove " that the forking was a bad idea and that the same will likely happen with future forks. But indeed the community is pretty childish. Then again this is valid for the whole crypto community. I would be perfectly o.k. if BCH is getting burned down because of the Fork. The bad side is that al coins tank on this occasion.
  13. Yellow Moon often comes with yellow snow