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  1. I will do just that tomorrow as it's midnight this end.. Thanks again have liked it 😊👍🏽
  2. I don't but the co owner of the XRP might.... thanks for your efforts.. very much appreciated....
  3. Sorry yes... and i see where you are going with this (quite possible it was installed on a previous version of windows) So.. RippleAdminConsole-1.4.1 and currently Windows 10
  4. See attached.... It was the original wallet that Ripple endorsed... which I gather was subsequently shut down as so was the rippex wallet that followed it... I got it from the site in 2018 when XRP (and other crypto) had a pump n dump... Well, it might not be unusual as quite a few others claim they have had the same issue - i'm hoping that it is due to the fact that the wallet was closed down perhaps!? Yes, I am certain the wallet and password are correct...
  5. Hi there, So as above I have the wallet txt file, password and r number... (no secret key) I have the original ripple wallet desktop wallet installed but it is saying file or password are wrong (I see many others have had this problem too) PLEASE tell me there is something I can do to access my XRP guys :-) ps (I can enter the cold and read only section with the r number and see my significant amount of XRP but obviously can't do anything with it) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help anyone... i'd genuinely gladly send a donation as thanks at this stage.. I might be going insane
  6. I have the .exe file and have the wallet installed but it does not run the .txt (600 odd word code) but does show me the summaryn via the r.... code.... Just to clarify... Thanks
  7. Hi Both and all Me again... I iusing the public key I have managed to open up a 1 page screen that informs me of the quantity of XRP I hold.... but not a lot else... the .txt file did not open the account..... Sorry, any suggestions from here? for the life of me can't find anything beginning with an s Cheers
  8. Ooh I will try that.... I have also just located what I think you were referring to earlier that begins with the letter r ... typically.... Is the method above still my best option or? Thanks again
  9. Hi there.. No it's a P.... i'm thinking unrelated... I have a file that fits the description that having renamed .txt has a very very long code (636 to be precise... beginning with a vowel) - could this be what you are referring to? I will remember the password i'm sure... ... I am such a doughnut... Thanks again
  10. Thanks for your feedback :-) I'm afraid not... It starts with a completely different letter.... So, presumably this is not the secret key then and might even be related to something else? Basically, I need to find the secret key? that always starts with an S? Is there any other way if say this has been misplaced? (I doubt i thas will just require lots of difgging).... Again thanks in advance.. and for the advice once found :-)
  11. Hi All So I am slightly nervous and veryn out of touch - I really want to be able to gain access to my XRP for obvious reasons.... it is certainly not 20 we are talking about.... The vast majority of my XRP has never left my original Ripple Wallet endorsed by the company - I still have the .exe file (ripple-wallet-win64-1.4.1.exe) so can install the wallet if needs be... however, I gather recently it was discontinued and then the next wallet was also discontinued!? - we are talking years since I gained access but I never seemed to have an issue then... (perhaps not relevant now)
  12. Hi All, I am in my wallet and it still says I am offline (I have ticked the online box under network settings) If anyone knows what I must do then please let me know, Many thanks Paul
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