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  1. Here we go, Woori Bank has decided to extend the overseas remittance test using the block chain technology of Ripple, an American start-up company, to the 14th of this month. One Bank of Japan has asked us to proceed with further testing. ▲ Head office of Woori Bank in Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. / Shipbuilding DB A Woori Bank official said, "We were planning to complete the overseas remittance test using ripple technology on the 31st of last month through two tests. One bank in Japan offered to further test the remittance abroad, I will extend the project to the next, "he said. The overseas remittance technology that Woori Bank is testing is applying Ripple's block-chain-based technology, and the virtual currency 'ripple' is not used for overseas remittances. Overseas remittances using Ripple's block chain technology are more cost and time efficient than existing international remittances using the SWIFT network. Woori Bank has been working with SBI Ripple Asia of Japan SBI Holdings since December last year to test Ripple's block chain technology. Woori Bank plans to conduct overseas remittance tests with the Bank of Japan this month. If Woori Bank transfers money in Korean Won using block-chain technology, it will check if the Japanese bank has the money in the Japanese yen and the Bank of Japan sends the yen in block-chain technology to the Woori Bank. In the test, it will be confirmed that overseas remittances will be smoothly carried out under various conditions that were not checked in the previous two tests. In addition, it plans to discuss with the Bank of Japan on whether it will commercialize overseas remittance using ripple block chain technology. "The last two test results were not bad, but we tested the results under limited conditions, so we will check whether the overseas remittances are well under a variety of circumstances," said Woori Bank official. We will also discuss whether we can do business, "he said. 원문보기: http://biz.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/02/01/2018020101187.html#csidx050f040eee30692a47621c9a5f0e576
  2. I have been looking for the news as well. Will post it as soon as it's available.
  3. Do you mean xRapid using XRP will be tested in next 6 months? Thank you,
  4. I thought Creidt Agricole will release xCurrent test result during the Paris Fintech Forum, but don't see any post on this. Has it been released or anyone would know? Cheers,
  5. Can someone confirm if traction cost (burning rate) is adjustable?
  6. My understanding is traction cost (burning rate) is adjustable. Correct? Thank you in advance
  7. As stated, the consortium is for (1) adoption of blockchain (2) other innovative technologies. IMHO, security is one of the key element/requirement in Japan so they throw in it in the agenda to achieve the goal of boosting efficiency and providing more convenient services. Perhaps to kill two birds with one stone. I'd think a key takeaway is "SBI and SBI Ripple will be the lead organizer".
  8. You're so ridiculous and careless. I did replied right after @zenkert asked me to do so. Can't you see my post, 3rd one about 12 hours ago.
  9. Virtual currency will be available at Wimep, a social commerce service. It is the first time for major domestic shopping malls to introduce virtual currency. According to the information technology (IT) industry and the financial sector, WimFeek and Virtual Money Exchange Bitsum are discussing a system development plan that uses virtual currency in conjunction with Wimepey, a simple settlement service of WIMef. The two companies reportedly plan to complete the billing system and make actual services as soon as government policies and regulations on virtual money are confirmed.The partnership is aimed at enabling 12 kinds of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Ripple, to be used as payment means through WonderPay. This payment system is expected to be more efficient because it connects directly BITSUM and WIMEP without going through the network of banks or credit card companies. At present, virtual money has a wide range of real-time price fluctuations, making it difficult to use it as a payment method. For this reason, the two companies are strongly considering the "real-time quotes" function to minimize this uncertainty. When the Bitsum customer decides to make a purchase with the virtual money, the amount is determined based on the price at that time, and the data is received immediately by Wemet WonderPay and the settlement is carried out to eliminate the confusion caused by the fluctuation of the price. The two companies have been told that they will not be able to buy vouchers for Wimp by virtual currency to eliminate illegal concerns. As for the plan, Wimpef officials said, "It is right to review the partnership with Bitsum as one of the ways that customers can purchase Wimpef products more conveniently through WonderPay. He said.
  10. http://news.mk.co.kr/newsRead.php?year=2018&no=64099 Please use google translation. Wemakeprice (one of the biggest social commerce in Korea) and Bithumb are in discussion of accepting BCH, ETH, XRP, and 9 others cryptocurrencies
  11. Hello, Apparently cryptocalendar has more events info. Would it be possible to add all events that are relevant to Ripple/XRP? Thank you, https://cryptocalendar.pro/event/672 Ripple upcoming events: 13 Mar — Money 20/20 Asia Ripple past events: 26 Jan — Quoinex Exchange Listing 26 Jan — Qryptos Exchange Listing 25 Jan — OKEx Exchange Listing 11 Jan — DMM Bitcoin Exchange Listing 9 Jan — The Digital Money Forum 21 Dec — Q&A Livestream 6 Dec — MIT Applied Blockchain in San Francisco 28 Nov — Consensus: Invest 2017 Conference by CoinDesk 23 Nov — Huobi Exchange Listing 20 Nov — Interledger Workshop in Tokyo
  12. Appears that Ripple is going to set up another joint venture, Ripple China soon or it's in progress. Head of China operation and Sr. solution director jobs opening, https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/#head-of-china-operations
  13. "A safe haven” against the South Korean crypto exchange ban". Really? Appears that CoinSpark doesn't know what they are doing or something else. FYI, Foreign currency exchange control law is very strict in Korea.
  14. Are they really big in the money transfer space or the remaining 2 out of 5 that we have been looking for? I was expecting little bigger perhaps WU
  15. I did not noticed any indication of concerted call to bring down the Weiss Rating website from Korea.. Below quote is insane and irresponsible Weiss Ratings staff was up all night last night fending off denial of service attacks from Korea, as evidenced by numerous mentions on Korean social media of a concerted call to bring down the Weiss Ratings website. “Earlier commentary on social media expressed considerable fear we were about to release negative ratings on their preferred currencies,”
  16. IMHO, you're mixing two different matters here. Regarding the article, Korea Financial Service Commissioner released a guideline on cryptocurrency trading today. It's a couple page long doc, but in short, [1] Korea GOV mandates bank/exchanges to follow KYC and AML process [2] Allow new bank account for cryptocurrency trading starting Jan 30th. Although daily limit is around $10K, it should be considered as a positive signal. Because I really hate the fact that XRP is sliding on the back of BTC, I posted "When XRP will be decoupled from BTC", Best,
  17. What is the probability of getting A for XRP? Any idea? EDIT: Just saw your comment Thanks,
  18. FYI, http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=101&oid=001&aid=0009829657 - please use google translation, but not recommended In short, Korea banks will accept new accounts for CC trading starting Jan 30th with KYC verification in person. Best,
  19. Hello experts, When do you guys expect XRP to be decoupled from BTC? If it doesn't happen in near future and if BTC price drops $1,000, XRP price will be somewhere 10 cents. FYI, I only hodl XRP. Best,
  20. Agree and I'm excited more than anyone else FYI, I used sell money orders in 80s and most of my customers are from Latin America... It took a month, got lost, and etc...
  21. Very exciting. Can Ripple make an official PR that Cuallix's Cuallet uses xRapid/XRP?
  22. Hello XRP Hodlers, Let me summarize: First off, the reporter is confusing readers including us. Please do not bother to read the article 1. Current testing of xCurrent is completed 2. xRapid testing is scheduled on 1/31/18 or right after - as scheduled based on previous articles - This is what we all have been looking for! 3. Actual implementation of xRapid will takes 5 ~ 6 months. I.e., Remittance service for customer will be live after 5 ~ 6 months. Best, `
  23. Current testing, phase 1 is for xCurrent meaing without XRP.
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