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  1. IMO, I'd think XRP is more like Gigabit Ethernet whereas Bitcoin and others are like Token Ring, FDDI, or ATM. Perhaps Flare is equivalent to the TCP/IP?
  2. Wondering why do you expect 38K? If it goes south, my guess is 30K... Thank you!
  3. Has anyone seen this? NFT_Heretic@HereticMarco · Mar 16 Elon tweeted “Much Wow” Feb 5 Place Much Wow into http://Gematrix.org 1 result = “buy XRP”
  4. Perhaps not within 20 at the launch. But more likely within few years or less, I'd expect FLR to have bigger MC than XRP
  5. Yes, I'd prefer surprise over disappointment as well. The Metaverse project is a bonus to me and appears that Flare Network team has a bigger picture than others.
  6. Metaverse market is expected to be 1.7 Trillion USD by 2030! Way bigger than I initially thought... https://time.com/5955412/artificial-intelligence-nvidia-jensen-huang/
  7. Metaverse, which is beyond my scope of knowledge (I have no gaming experience), but it seems very interesting.
  8. Yes I definitely don't want to be one of Elon or other's video game character!
  9. Exactly It's been a bloody long and difficult journey though...
  10. https://www.vox.com/2016/6/2/11837608/elon-musk-simulation-argument Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in Crypto and he is the player/manipulator!
  11. 0.54 or 1.58% based on cash and investment position on Jan 1st!. It sounds like a tax free country to me
  12. Interesting. So in Holland, is there no capital gains tax for crypto?
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