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  1. What is changelly.com ? Ok, changelly make transfers from one to another wallet. Is Changelly a Ripple Gateway? Can Changelly use the Gateway function "Ripple Freeze"?
  2. Another way to wash currency: – Generate thousands of wallets – The stolen wallets are only active for a few days, then it's Ghost Wallets – Make hundert of thouasends transfers between this criminal wallets – Be careful, make your company and your criminal activities like a spider web or a neural network. Make it big and 100% not transparent – Make a hundred millions dollars profit. Make every day new Wallets, and new and new – Only offline transfering, use hacked computers, vpn or Tor network This is not a guide for dummies, but it is a fact that it happens like that. And take a week to see all the criminal currency transfers. And you'll be surprised that this big thing exists. Who can do this in this way? Governments like North Korea or Mafia?
  3. Any news about this criminal wallet? rwfGzgd4bUStS9gA5xUhCmg1J86TMtmGMo Stollen Ripples and transfered to this account.
  4. Thank you techpeter. I think it will not be easy, because it is a professional organized crime network.
  5. Law enforcement agencies are now working on it.
  6. always and everywhere the same. There are always people who insult others. Too bad.
  7. immer und überall das gleiche. Es gibt immer Leute welche andere beleidigen. Schade.
  8. i speak swiss german......and high german also. Swahili? I think, that is not funny and this kind of comments are not very helpful. I think that nobody really knows a solution for that simple question. Even a helpful contact with Gatehub and Ripple is also hardly possible.
  9. No, techpeter. I only know the criminal wallet number. But that does not help me. Is there a way to find the owner with this wallet number? Wallets are always hosted online? techpeter, you speak german?
  10. but i have the criminal wallet adress. No change to find the criminal person?
  11. 2FA - Unfortunately not. At that time, I was on vacation in China. Problems with internet and firewall. For that reason, safety was low.
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