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  1. MieronVR

    XRP price

    Buy now its at a good buy in. Good Luck!
  2. bought at $0.25 and even more tonight. Huge future people just be logical and HODL.
  3. Hello, This is my first post! I bought a Ledger Nano s and I absolutely love it. I tested it first before I sent something larger. I sent $100's worth and it went in pretty quick. I also wanted to test sending it back out of course. I was charged $20 to send it to Binance. I thought that was pretty high! Let me know what you think. This was some time ago so maybe fees for that process have changed. Other than that I love it and if you are scared of breaking it or losing it don't worry just save your 24 word phrase and you can get a new one and be back on track. Overall I
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