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  1. I have been (previous to reading this) under the assumption that Stellar is NOT a fork of the XRPL. Please explain....
  2. jmrichky

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay, I'm sure I speak for all of us in thanking you for coming out and answering so many questions as openly as you have. I must say that this thread is the best thing that has come about for this community since I have been part of it and I think we all owe you a huge "thanks"! With that being said, I do have another question..... (if you have any knowledge of) What is the relationship between 402 Tech S.A. with Ripple and/or Ripple Luxembourg S.A?
  3. jmrichky

    Hi! I'm Bob

    You surely know which patents that are published that have your name on them. I only ask about about patents because Craig Wright has recently claimed that he has patented every tech, use case, and beyond. What is your say in that?
  4. jmrichky

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Can you tell us anything about the Ripple patents that have designated you as "inventor"? Are those more related to the underlying tech of the protocol or the enterprise products that Ripple has developed?
  5. In the U.S. bank to bank transfers are done in a matter of minutes
  6. His name is on the patent, that is pretty clear.
  7. Has anybody seen or have thoughts about these patents? https://patents.justia.com/patent/10021040 https://patents.justia.com/patent/9904544 Does anybody know who Robert Way is?
  8. Its only my opinion, thats all. I may very well be wrong. Im not looking to be held to the fire if I am.
  9. We are still not back on the subject of the thread. I will help with my honest opinion.... 1) Bearableguy123 says he only posts on Reddit and Twitter (Twitter is a recent addition) 2) Bearableguy123 may only post on Reddit and Twitter as Bearableguy123, that doesnt mean that the person(s) behind the profile doesnt post to other mediums under a different name. 3) Its pretty easy to connect Bearableguy123 to a couple of other accounts online using a different means of communication. I might be completely wrong but I feel strongly that BG123 is also the same person behind at least two other accounts online. Flame me all you want, its still my opinion.
  10. Haters will hate. Great insight! Very impressive.
  11. Dont forget Tron https://ambcrypto.com/tron-trx-founder-justin-sun-supports-maltas-prime-minister-to-build-a-blockchain-island/ I would only expect many more to come.
  12. Just curious... What, if anything in particular, led you to that assumption?
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