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  1. I must definitely be missing something here (and I'll happily confess to having zero pertinent legal knowledge in this matter). BUT, if this patent was filed on Sept 10, 2013 -- at least a year AFTER the XRPL was developed by David Schwartz et.al. doesn't that constitute a clear case of prior art? Good luck convincing a judge that Ripple Labs' use of the already-invented (not to mention open-source and in no way Ripple Labs-owned) XRPL constitutes infringement of something that was patented a year later...
  2. Published today on Ripple's official site: https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-surpasses-200-customers-worldwide/ Go ahead, I'll wait -- read that whole post including the part where several new FIs (among them bona fide actual banks!) are now using XRP. P.S. in case my Snark-Fu is too subtle: I completely disagree with the OP's original sentiment -- Ripple owes us exactly NOTHING, unless what you own is actual Ripple company stock and not XRP like the rest of us. Either that or get in on the "XRP is a security, so Ripple owes me money!" class-action suit before it's too lat
  3. Data sharding is not a new concept and in fact predates blockchain as a practical technology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shard_(database_architecture) The fact that the XRP Ledger is using sharding is great news for the Ledger, but that doesn't mean any part of the XRP ecosystem has any particularly beneficial application in the larger database management world just because it now uses sharding to help manage its historic data.
  4. After all the work and effort to scale back their presence in the UNL, now that they can finally legitimately claim that they no longer hold a majority of validators, it would be a tremendous step backward for Ripple to start remunerating server owners. It would open the door to renewed criticism (justified or not) about Ripple's control of the network -- the last thing they need right now.
  5. Banks (and other intermediaries) will always shave an arbitrary cut off the top -- for one thing, they have to (otherwise, why even bother offering the service?), and for another, they're banks, and that's what banks do. However, I think two dynamics will serve to gradually minimize (though never eliminate, of course) this FeePalooza: 1- XRP and the various Ripple mechanisms surrounding it makes it possible to cut out some of those intermediaries, and fewer players means fewer (though not necessarily lower) fees 2- And as more institutions get into the game, there will be competitive
  6. Get used to news like this folks; they're not the first exchange to consider this move and you can bet your bottom zerp that they won't be the last!
  7. While most of your post is factually correct, the above quote is completely wrong -- and since several people on XRPChat have been propagating the same mistaken concept of "Internet Of Things" of late I feel the need to rectify this here: The phrase "The Internet Of Things" does NOT mean "The Internet At Large As We've Known It Since 1990". The latter is simply "The Internet", while the former is a completely different beast designating a network of physical devices containing sensors -- so-called "smart" appliances and the like. While it's true that the IoT principally makes use of the I
  8. While it's true that leaving any crypto assets on an exchange is exposing yourself to theft by hacking, keeping them in a cold wallet (be it simple paper or Ledger Nano S-type hardware wallet) is perfectly safe and a definitive solution to that potential problem. And yes, were you to die without passing on your keys to your estate your assets would surely be irretrievably lost. But that potential problem also has an obvious solution: make sure your keys are passed on with your estate, either via your will or via a "care package" (complete with full instructions on how to access your assets) st
  9. Technically speaking, TWO more validators were added (bithomp.com and coil.com), and as a result Ripple retired one of theirs, for a final tally of 48% UNL Rippleness. I suppose one could argue that the Coil.com one still hovers pretty close to the mothership, but hey, not-Ripple is not-Ripple In any case... this makes, what, the 3rd week in a row that new validators are added to the list? This is definitely great work by the team, and great news for the community!
  10. This is nothing short of tremendous. All those XRP pairs...! We all know this, but let's take a moment to savor it: Since the dawn of altcoins, on most exchanges if you wanted to buy a coin, you had to buy BTC with fiat first and then buy your alt coin with that BTC -- incurring additional delays and high fees in the process. Flash forward to today on DCEX: Buy zerp with fiat to buy your other coins (including, deliciously enough, BTC!!!), for next to no fees and in mere seconds. One day, much sooner than we think, all exchanges will work this way.
  11. Thanks -- I never pass up a chance to refer to the Greatest Spy In History
  12. Not to be glib, but to all those inclined to think that this market (up or down!) has anything to do with bulls, bears, TA, breaking news items (good or bad!) or the Chinese Lunar Year: I respectfully refer you to this, one excellent blog post among several, explaining how the crypto space is willfully manipulated from top to bottom at all times: (And none of this is groundbreaking news or particularly innovative of course; the exact same thing was happening in the cowboy days of Wall Street until the US government stepped in.) So are we all doomed? Hardly. For one thing, sooner or
  13. in the US, you'd get taxed twice doing this ? Technically yes, but keep in mind you only get taxed on the profits of any sale, so this isn't the end of the world. Consider this example: Sell $100K XRP into BTC -- Let's say you're making a $90K profit there. The whole $90K will get taxed at the %20 long-term capital gain rate (assuming you've held that XRP for more than a year) Transfer your BTC to Coinbase, sell for USD Now, if you've done 1 and 2 within hours of each other BTC is unlikely to have moved much, but let's say you got really unlucky and it did go up 10% b
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