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  1. True but how do you know your zerps are not on the test ledger? What if the production ledger is the one not accessible to us?
  2. Here some context I didn't know about before: https://www.coindesk.com/bets-against-bitcoins-price-near-record-highs/ (in short: if price is kept above ~6000 for long enough, a "short squeeze" will bring a decent pump of BTC). I feel like this fact supports the theory that most of the USDT supply is fake, simply because it's so easy and brings sure profit. BTW another 100m TetherUSD arrived just hours ago.
  3. I don't know how legit this is, I guess to some extent it is. What I do know is that virtually every time this happens, BTC goes up.
  4. All of a sudden, some 250m USDT just appeared on the markets. You know what it means.
  5. Nobody is at the moment. Their AI bots caused losses last trading period (2nd after launch if I'm correct). They sent this e-mail to investors: Oddly enough, this didn't seem to have any affect on the price of XRL. I guess people are waiting for next results.
  6. They run some arbitrage/market-making bots on multiple exchanges. If I remember well, they promised to use some of their profits to buy back their own token (XRL). They used to say most of their trading is on Ripple ledger but I don't see this information on their pages anymore. Although after logging in I see lot of XRP pairs. https://rialto.ai/platform/
  7. Yes, seen, discussed here (long story short - somebody just testing the ledger with IOUs)
  8. Thanks @Tonnie. I'd had asked myself but wanted to know first if I'm the only one. From their platform announcement it's not clear that it's not finished yet. Or when it should be fully available (Q1 is wide and it's almost over). I believe they're legit, just pretty lame in communication.
  9. So my ETH address and papers got verified, I hold some XRL on the verified address. Yet when I try to navigate the platform, it doesn't let me with message "To access this page, please verify your personal information, ETH address and documents." And my general status is "Not Approved". Am I missing something? @Tonnie can you access your Personal Wallet there?
  10. I am interested, I hold few XRL. I've registered in their platform just while ago, the links to Algorithms and Data Dashboard are unavailable before they verify my identity. That's a bit rough requirement without giving at least an estimation of what the dividends could be (at least I didn't notice, I don't follow Reddit). I'll give it a try though.
  11. So far so good. I manage few ripple accounts with them, did the verification, some crypto deposits/withdrawal and SEPA withdrawal, all went fine. The page had some performance issues during the crypto craze but that's understandable. I guess people barely come to praise but are loud when they have problems.
  12. Hmm, who are these? Their list of features looks impressive but I don't see any connection to Ripple.
  13. I'm sorry for your loss :-( Thanks for warning us and (real) ShapeShift. Hope they can do something to eliminate the scammers soon...
  14. Visa cut off WaveCrest that provided their cards to many more exchanges, not just BitPay. https://cointelegraph.com/news/visa-suspends-wavecrest-status-stopping-some-crypto-credit-cards I was using CoinsBank's debit card that got hit too. I'm currently looking for replacement. I've read some good feedback about Centra.tech but only got a message from them when I tried to sign up, telling they'll contact me. Will see.
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