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  1. This is how the TransferWise model works for “international transfers” they don’t actually move any assets physically across borders at all. @BobWay was anyone from Ripple involved in the inception of TransferWise and took that initial thinking with them?
  2. All you ‘Muricans will no doubt find this a bit cheesy, but having only just stumbled across FB he has me in fits every time. Few of these on YouTube...
  3. "I'm still here since 6/24/2018" been here since mid 2017 actually. By the time I got around to posting on the last countdown - thread had been closed the day before! XRP and Ripple - compelling to watch, absolute privilege to take part.
  4. June 11th, June 14th - is this part of the picture? Breaking news as of 15 minutes ago here in the UK... http://news.sky.com/story/new-york-sues-donald-trump-foundation-for-persistent-illegal-conduct-11404832 sorry if this is old news - just saw it and thought i’d post it whilst it was hot. Didn’t check back in this thread as I usually do.
  5. I’ve never really believed in this stuff - but then look at Bitstamp for today - nice green candle around that time. OK, so, she was an hour out..... Where’s Mulder and Scully when we need them?
  6. This is so true. I do a lot of work in India and they are leaving the world behind with regards to digitisation in the Payments space. There was over circa 120 different digital wallet players in India - I believe there will be something of a rout now that the government has changed the rules and all wallets need to be fully KYC’d, only the big boys will remain. By PayTM for instance now has over 400m registered users and you can use it to pay pretty much anywhere. for those folks who’s world view is primarily the US, UK or EU (I’m UK based) it’s truly another world out there in developing markets. Some of these places can barely build a road, protect their citizens from each other or provide clean drinking water for half the population. But the stuff that’s going on in the digital payments space is unreal. The opportunities for crypto - and in particular XRP with its speed and low cost - haven’t even begun to reveal themselves ..... yet!
  7. It’s about time we saw this info graphic again. Where you been at, DD? Good to see you.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/revenue-and-customs-brief-9-2014-bitcoin-and-other-cryptocurrencies This, to my knowledge, is the “latest” official guidance from HMRC on cryptocurrencies. For the moment the government are still of the opinion that existing laws/regulation can be applied. I for one have included a 20% CGT provision in all of my “Jesus, if XRP gets to $X then i’ll walk away with £Y” scenarios (don’t laugh, you all do it too ?). However I have NOT included any trading activity, selling high and buying low, as my losses were greater Than my gains he four times I tried to do it, plus I’m not sure we’ll get there here in the U.K. (and how is that even possible without the exchanges all handing over data). I fully expect to pay any and all taxes when I do cashout.
  9. Elbow said it best - “The leaders of the free world are just little boys throwing stones”
  10. Otis has the right idea! Methinks I spy a Christopher Ward Malvern C3 Chrono, unless i’m very much mistaken?
  11. Seriously, the OP of this comment will become legend in the months to come. It’s just the best. I’m desperate to use it in a work context with some of my colleagues - just haven’t had the right opportunity to drop it yet.....
  12. This. I couldn’t agree with you more. I despair. Will make it all the more sweet when the vast majority of folks wake up to what’s been going on, what’s been achieved and what the future could look like. The question in my mind, as in yours too I guess - is what’s it going to take? Personally I’m beginning to wonder whether nothing short of Apple, Google or Amazon will move the dial. And that is utterly ridiculous.
  13. I work in the prepaid space and work with a lot of these guys (Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber etc). I’ve written about about this as a use case before - I know that the potential is huge, given that most of these guys route payments globally back to one or two hubs (Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands) dependent on their tax structures. In some cases, there’s currency/exchange controls meaning they have to leave piles of money in country or incur withholding a taxes. XRP isn’t going to solve for that, and would have to work within exchange control regulations per country etc - BT the sheer volume of payments for these guys from all over the world flowing back to the center is mind boggling. One of the most obvious ones to me - and I barely darent mention it - is Uber drivers paying Uber their 20% cut or whatever it is. There’s a whole load of logistics in that process that must involve drivers receiving payment, then paying local Uber entities and Uber entities then paying HQ. The possibilities for XRP to be involved and revolutionise - expedite - lower costs of that process are mind boggling, whichever way you look at it. It’s the same for Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook - all these Bay Area companies who are operating globally. i don’t have any inside information, just awareness of these challenges that they have. But I would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED if some of these big guys aren’t already looking very closely at Ripple solutions and eying up eventual XRP adoption in their international remittance/settlement space - and latterly in their payments space - at some point in the future. I’d be almost willing to bet that one or two of them may be trialling already. Why wouldn’t they? EDIT: Plus, if they DID accept XRP as payment, they bypass the 2-3% merchant services charges that the card companies sting them with, they get settled immediately and the money can immediately land where they need it to land. I mean it’s a no brainer.....:
  14. This could be huge..........more pressure on the incumbents. These guys could be the one stop shop for retail as well as institutional investors.
  15. Now then Regal - am I being stupid because I can’t figure out what your post means? Berkshire Hathaway?
  16. Wait a minute? Sheikh Mansour? Isn’t he a majority investor in Mclaren? And don’t we have a user amongst us called “I Just Want A Mclaren”? Thats it! The circle is complete. “I Just Want A McLaren” is BG123! (apart from the days when he’s “I Just Also Might Want A Maserati Granturismo” - and who can blame him ha ha ?)
  17. I feel the same JT - but maybe this time around luck is on our side? I mean jeeesus - just look at the progress the Ripple guys are making. I’ve never observed a company before that seems to know exactly how the pieces need to be fitted together. I wish that we could build partner networks as quickly as these guys seem to be doing it at my company - regardless of the xCurrent or xRapid argument. For me it’s like they’ve seen a future that none of the rest of us have - and now they’re building it as quickly as possible . So - spend a bit more time coming to terms with the fact that you’re going to be wealthy - because chances are you are ?
  18. Buckor, I just read also after seeing a link elsewhere. Great read. More in the same vein, please!
  19. I’m in the prepaid space and have been working with the big Bay Area based brands for the last 10 years, first across Europe and now in emerging markets. The amount of payments that these guys have to handle between countries all over the world is phenomenal. Just the companies that I’ve worked for have been involved in remittances of 10’s/100s of millions of dollar weekly, funnelling from many different countries all back to either Ireland or Luxemburg or The Netherlands, to name but a few. Other such companies, some of whom have been forced to accept cash in emerging markets because of customer demand, are building huge cash mountains in these countries that ultimately are going to cost them an absolute fortune to pull back into a regional or head office country where the funds are supposed to go. The prepaid space is dominated by a few key players, global players, and the ability to move money around the globe instantly and for next to no cost is a true game changer. I don’t see how the likes of Google and our friends in Cupertino, Seattle etc are not already involved under the covers because it’s just a no brainer. And this is just for the one, small aspect of their operations - prepaid - that I am familiar with, really a pimple on their *** in terms of the rest of their business. Think of the payments and remittances involved in being a global supplier of goods and services as many of these guys are - it’s mind boggling the possibilities, even with the likes of XRP just being used as a digital asset for settlement behind the scenes. Then fast forward (as I believe XRP will) to the point where it’s used by consumers in some of these companies - XRP used to pay your UBER driver; your UBER driver using XRP to pay UBER their fees (a huge issue in emerging markets), XRP used to pay for your AirBnB, XRP on Google Play store, ITunes Store, XRP as in-app currency. The possibilities are endless. At the same time, all of this could come to nought obviously (though that’s not my view, everyone needs to make their own judgement). But........what a time to be alive, and to be involved. EdIT: and don’t forget, every card payment these guys take on an online store, or for a ride or whatever - MC or VISA are typically taking an MSC (merchant services fee) of between 2% and 3% - so again, huge savings to be made.
  20. Regal is right - and take a look at this clip from a Miguel Vias, head of XRP Markets at Ripple - which supports this position that institutional interest is really starting to pick up. It’s shaping up to be a big year (apologies if this has already been shared)
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