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  1. I love making fun of speculation, but now that I saw the tweets closely...the only thing that's moving in the videos are the water ripples. I mean, if you wanna advertise Spring, why make only the water move..they could have a bird or something flapping it's wings..or so many other things...interesting
  2. I don't like these articles... Can anyone in here tell me if BTC forums or news articles came out saying stuff like this before BTC mooned? I doubt it..
  3. But... look...it's water! Water ripples! It has to be a sign!!! (I'm sorry... it's real sunny here)
  4. Στις πτωσεις..μια χαρα ακολουθουμε..γιατι δεν γινεται ποτε το ιδιο στις ανοδους..
  5. Me too! That's traders' lingo..I got a couple of friends who keep sayin it to me..and I'm like "I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT"
  6. I'm sure you can, although they do have limits. It would be crazy to have such a high minimum...you can search for it. They have a FAQ section where they set the minimums. but this is an XRP forum oh...and
  7. Actually it's Greek and it means spine! But yea..
  8. Damn..that's a nice first post! Nice to have you on board!
  9. That was a good time to get in!
  10. where you bought them I'd say is the best place.
  11. Our very own NegNancy!!! @MaxEntropy
  12. i really want to answer...but I kinda feel sorry for the dude.. ...
  13. Hey! ....and It's easy...you just type "@" and then start typing the name of the member, a drop down appears and you can choose! It's great to hear about SK!
  14. It's great that crypto has all this detective work associated with it. Makes for a more interesting investment! Can't wait for what @Tehol_Beddict will dig up next!
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