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  1. Ripple Price Prediction: Why Uphold Matters to XRP Over the Long Term https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-uphold-matters-long-term/
  2. I never get tired of watching Kubrick...I'm closing in on 100th for The Shining ...I'm addicted to quality stuff!
  3. Dude!!! I'm watching 2001 as we speak! Today marks the 50th anniversary! Cool pic
  4. Considering the fact that everyone nowadays is speaking in riddles (WU ) ...they might mean the same thing...a pilot phase..is a testing phase..if you're a developer for example..there's no pilot..it's just testing..you see where I'm getting at?
  5. I bet that social media guy/girl from MG was called to the manager's office and he's screaming at him/her! yea..yea..I know..they spend a lot...just kidding..
  6. With this, are they just saying that's it's a back-end feature? Or are they bashing xRapid?
  7. Walmart to launch Walmart2World: Looking good!
  8. don't keep it a secret...
  9. You're better off creating a new post under Problem Solving. Now one is gonna see it here.. Oh...and
  10. Great stuff! Keep it up! You might want to check out our favorite youtuber here @AlexCobb
  11. You too @ZamaX. A worthy opponent! Can't wait for next time! Was this the first XRPChat Contest held @Mercury?
  12. Αντε λιγο να χαρουμε..οχι τιποτα αλλο..να μην ειναι βαρετα
  13. Don't worry, we only have Max here...but we get along Interesting reads though!
  14. There were 4 water ripples images. The first two are static, but the last two aren't genuine ripples, they're CG! `
  15. noooo You can change!
  16. ...There's another @Heisenberg on board. Just sayin...
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