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  1. Χριστός Ανέστη αδέρφια!
  2. XRPHdlr

    Hi All!

    but..I don't like Star Wars, although Vader is amazing..I'm a sci fi guy though
  3. https://www.xrpchat.com/links/category/6-wallets-and-storage/
  4. αντε να δουμε..δεν παει αλλο αυτη η κατασταση..παλι καλα που αρχιζω δουλεια σε λιγο καιρο και δεν θα τα σκεφτομαι τοσο..
  5. The way that dude yesterday said "and let me be clear, I don't mean assets" or something like that, made me not like him. It's like he was referring to us zerpers.
  6. I can't believe I have to explain this to advanced members but, in times like these, where the market is down, some of us in here like to speculate. That's why we're so interested in bearableguy and his puzzles, that's why Alex comes out with an hour and a half video talking about CB. It's fun to pass the time. There is no need to talk in such a way. Yea, I know, we all hate CB in here..
  7. I don't appreciate that language
  8. just ignore, no need to get upset
  9. Up until now they were all like: We are not adding any assets soon... and now this: Which makes me think...
  10. XRPHdlr

    Why are you here

    @Trickery said if we made fun enough we'd break the forum oh..lambos and girls too..
  11. you never say "this" when referring to people. People is plural. THESE people
  12. I understand the frustration. We're all friends here! Common Goal people
  13. Don't get disheartened @BruceWhale We like your posts! I for one read them every week. We're trying to perfect you! Your English is 99% ok! I'll be correcting you whenever I have the time Nobody's perfect! We're just ripple-heads in here and we don't like imperfections! I love, for example, to tell off when a website publishes something in poor English. But not forum members. Keep up the good work! I'm from Greece by the way, where are you from?
  14. I can only find https://www.theworldexchange.net/ and I'm not even sure it's interledger.
  15. Thanx man! It sucks that it's over...I really enjoyed it. I won the title under my name! Love it
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