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  1. They might be restructuring their whole infrastructure, which might take long. They better not loose my zerps https://status.kraken.com/incidents/nswthr1lyx72
  2. In Greece there's a saying: "From your mouth, to God's ear"! Let's hope it does! It seems rather unlikely though. It didn't jump that high yesterday with MG news. What makes you think it will today?
  3. "XRP is actually being used in the real world, has several use cases, fast network speeds and low fees. XRP actually has a future." You said it all! HODL!
  4. And another thing, a bit off topic, but something always happens around this time, and the price starts going up. At the beginning I though it was the Asian exchanges opening up around this time, till I read that bitcoin exchanges work around the clock. Anyone knows what happens around 01:00 (+2GMT)??
  5. Wow SanAlex..we're gonna run out of bananas!!! Great news if true!!!
  6. Buckle up hodlers! It's banana time!
  7. From what I hear, if you wait a while, they might lower the fee's after the price skyrocketed. The 20 xrp minimum waw put in place when xrp was lower than a cent.
  8. I don't know if anyone noticed, but the circulation number changed over night of total XRPs. Is this what drove the price down??
  9. After all this press cryptos have been getting, and even my mom asking me how to buy some ether, I doubt anyone's going to the moon All I'm hoping for now is somewhere between 5-10$, at least for the first half of the year, I mean in order to keep all this investing and hodlin interesting.
  10. I lost it after the second sentence... Too technical for newbs like me.. I'm hoping to just..happen on it's own
  11. Great! That's what I needed! Thanx BlackBox88!
  12. Me too! I aint selling even if it hits 0.50. Bitcoin has no future the way I see it!
  13. I bought in at 0.17$ and I'm HODLIN!!! Have faith...in banks!
  14. When you say that the 20 xrp are mine, will I be able to transfer them, and at the same time deactivating the address, or will it stop transferring XRP when it hits the 20 limit? For example, let's say I have 100 xrp in my local wallet, and I choose to transfer all 100, will it let me, or it will just transfer the 80-79 (plus transfer fees)? ps. Sorry for being such a pain, but I still haven't found a decent answer
  15. I will, when they change the limit Thanx HodlOn!
  16. I didn't realise it's that slow, 80K seemed like a big figure for just a couple of months, even if it's just the beginning. HODL those ripplez y' all!
  17. Hello eveyone, I have some xrp on Kraken, but I've read not to use exchanges as wallets. Does anyone have a better solution for me other than wasting 20 xrp to activate a new address? I understand that this limit (20) will eventually change to compensate for the price fluctuation, but until it does, I feel kinda insecure. Should I just not panic and leave them where they are? Thanks!
  18. Thanks guys, but what happens after a couple of years using xrp for global transactions, billion of xrps will get lost? I mean, it doesn't sound like a very good idea if your goal is to make this a standard. Flooding circulation just to make up for lost currency, won't that cause inflation in the long run?
  19. 11/22/17: 99,993,173,757 Today: 99,993,093,880 = 79,877 XRP Destroyed How does the system compensate for this loss? Are they replenished by the XRP which is being held, which we are told will be released slowly into circulation? Can anyone please help me understand?
  20. "As each transaction happens XRP is slowly destroyed. Nov 22nd '17: 99,993,173,757 - Today: 99,993,093,880 = 79,877 XRP Destroyed" Whats gonna happen when money transfers start using XRP, will they be destroyed at a faster pace?
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