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  1. Εσυ λες το Nano Ledger. To Τoast ειναι λογισμικο!
  2. Δεν εχω ψαξει καθολου για escrow τι παιζει..εγω τα εχω σε Toast.
  3. Και μπορεί να γίνει και αποψε..περιμένουμε να ξυπνήσει η Ασία αντε να χαρουμε λίγο
  4. Ηθελα να ρωτήσω εδω μέσα αν ξερει κανεις τι έγινε χθες το βράδυ..
  5. Αντε να δουμε..γιατι εχω αρχισει και βαριεμαιιιιιι
  6. το ιδιο εκανε και χθες το βραδυ..και μετα απλα τιποτα
  7. I see you got one! Awesome! We have everyday scammers come in here. Please excuse my questions! Great to have you on board!
  8. Join the good-manners-club and say hello before you start promoting your stuff...
  9. Does this hold true for crypto as well?
  10. Whatever.. centralized bankers' mined scamcoin..
  11. Alex made a nice video discussing this article! It's the second part of the video:
  12. yea, since the day before yesterday...can't get it to load
  13. YES!!! Finally..something worth reading! Thanx H! 1000 free XRP??? Boy.. the you-should-have-gotten-in-this-game-earlier hits just keep on coming...
  14. don't worry, many others have had similar issues after rippex decided to shut down. Search a bit in here, and you'll find many ways to get your XRP back and safe in another wallet. @ToastWallet is kinda cool! They even help out in here!
  15. 13. Is your girlfriend constantly making fun that you invested so much money in a scam and you are waiting for the moment to prove her wrong.
  16. they're probably jelly of our MVP!
  17. Exactly! If they're fighting us..we're def doing it right! It's the same with politics
  18. I tried telling some friends, but the responses back were far from being interested. But it's the same with BTC, that most already know. I think it takes being a techy to involved. My mom wanted to get some Etherium for example at one point, but when I started explaining to her what it would take for her to get some, she got..distracted real easily....so I just stopped trying.
  19. I don't know, but I like it..things are getting boring around here..
  20. There's something up with XRP Charts today, I can't get the Ledger volumes to show up
  21. enough, so I don't miss it in the next 5 years... HODL!
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