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  1. Hello, I really want to start understanding graphs, candles, volumes etc. I'm looking at www.tradingview.com, but I'm having trouble understanding what I'm seeing. Could anyone please point me to a good newbie video on youtube, describing TA? I'd search for it myself, but if anyone here has come across a really nice beginner explanation (video) of TA, I'd appreciate it if you shared! Thank you!
  2. Am I missing something here..why does their wikipedia article say it's being held in November?
  3. I got that too... What do you guys think it means?
  4. After 40 years, SWIFT suddenly decide to make their network faster? Maybe they feel the heat coming.. Go XRP!
  5. It's not called Ripple Labs!!! You'd think that person paid to write this would at least get the name right...
  6. Thanks @ToastWallet Keep up the great work!
  7. That's what I thought..They probably had their minimums way down back then and people were able to pull their coins.. Now they want you to mine up until a point..scammers.. I'll have to be mining for the next couple of years in order to just be able to withdraw anything... I wish I never gave them anything in the first place. STAY AWAY FROM MINERGATE!
  8. I'm shocked to hear such a pessimistic view from a Hero (especially the one with the cool name) I didn't mean in the next couple of months. I'm happy to wait a couple of years!
  9. Please forgive me for not clarifying what I meant. I meant..adoption of all the services we've been hearing that are testing it out. I meant..adoption in the 2018 time frame. I'm stupid, I rush into things sometimes without thinking about it.. It's real nice though to see that the majority of the voters are optimistic! Let's hope you're right!
  10. I just want to see some optimistic opinions and others who might have some experience with price fluctuations. Thank you
  11. I really need to understand how xRapid works. I read a couple of months back, someone in here said that the transaction could as easily be done with the price not changing one bit. Even high volumes..and it kinda bummed me out. We only have the (market cap / circulating supply) outcome to wish for? Way too new to all this financial stuff to even start thinking about it Thank you though for clearing it up!
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