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  1. If you search XRPChat enough..you'll find a poll we once had like a year ago.
  2. I'm sure in a few days we'll be seeing -20%
  3. Is it just me wondering what's causing this bull run? Anyone has any ideas?
  4. The question I often ask myself is, if it wasn't for btc's surge last year and all it's pairs, would xrp ever reach that ATH?
  5. Common man..obviously people are not ok with it. Just change it... And by the way..there are very few teenagers here.
  6. Welcome ! Volume determines the price and unfortunately btc..for now
  7. They had me with..."Ripple technology in a ways"...
  8. I don't know about that..everyone I've talked to since I first got into this, seemed to know bitcoin
  9. I don't think it would help to announce anything right now..I saw this today: https://qz.com/1474124/the-people-of-ohio-can-now-pay-taxes-in-bitcoin/ which I thought was big and still BTC is going down...
  10. There are also the ones that bought in @ .15 or way back in 2014 when it was just a fraction of a penny. I am too an "A"
  11. The CEO made grammar mistakes? I doubt it...
  12. The author is biased towards SWIFT...it's apparent from the beginning.
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