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  1. Where should I go to listen in, anyone has any links to share please?
  2. I haven't heard of the reserve price lowering any time soon. The reserve is for your account ON the ledger, not on the wallet. The wallet is just a tool to interact with the ledger. Accounts are deletable for all I know. Some wallets even have the option in the UI. And...that's where my knowledge runs out..I'll let someone more knowledgeable than me answer this.
  3. there's a 20 xrp reserve for all account activations. It's...the "fee"
  4. Thank you @brianwalden! I've already setup XUMM and seems really nice! I'll take a look at the guide if it mentions removing toast. I appreciate it!
  5. Hey guys, maybe you can help. I was looking for this.."wallet delete transaction" option in TOAST but can't seem to find it. Would be nice to get rid of the app since it's not being supported..you never know. I'm confused though..XUMM also reserves the same amount when showing my balance..it seems like the activation reserve sits on the ledger...I'm sorry I'm so tech illiterate..it's been a while since 2017. PS. HODL!!!
  6. Thanx so much guys! I figured it out on XUMM (i guess) and got a full access account. The thing is that TOAST has stopped being supported by it's developers so I guess I should get rid of it. XUMM has a sharper UI too. The clarification though about the master key starting with sXXXXX really helps out!
  7. Thanx alot! I followed XUMM instructions Migrating from Toast to XUMM and it worked fine! What I don't get is the "Don't delete toast without first backing up your secret key(s)" part. By backing up, do you mean just write it down somewhere? It's a simple string of characters that Toast reveals to you once you insert your (toast) passphrase. Again, thank you for taking the time to help out! john
  8. Hello, I'm having a little trouble setting my xumm up. Please bare with me cause my knowledge of the XRPL is limited. I had a toast client linked to my xrps, and i wanted to start using Xumm. So I set up an account on Xumm (iOS), following the whole A-H security method since it's required for a full access account. Then when I wanted to "transfer" my funds, I scanned a QR code that Toast had, in Xumm and everything seemed to work fine but it asked me to setup a new account for my funds. The puzzling thing is that it started going through the whole process of creating another A-H security, but it had the option to configure it later after the account setup, so I chose it. When looking at my Accounts section in Xumm, there appeared two accounts, the first one I created with full access but not connected anywhere, and another account with read only access to my zerps. Seemed all good up until now, so I figured I should just erase the first account. But when trying to grand full access privilege and I go on to start creating a A-H style code, I keep getting back a message that, that code is being used by another /r address, or something similar to that, I've tried a bunch of times, so I guess I've messed up somewhere. Should I just delete everything and start over again creating a new account on Xumm? And just scan the QR code in toast to get the funds? Will deleting the read only access Xumm account..."consume" my 20 reserved xrps? And also, should I just delete my Toast app from my mac and I'm done with toast? (after I secure Xumm works full access I would appreciate any help!
  9. Yup! That's all I got! seems everyone likes xumm.
  10. Thanx guys! I'll check XUMM out! Seems good!
  11. Hello, since I've been away from xrpchat for a while, could anyone please point me to a thread or have any good suggestion for an alternative to TOAST since it has stopped being supported a while now. I'm looking for a free secure software wallet for my precious zerps!
  12. If you search XRPChat enough..you'll find a poll we once had like a year ago.
  13. I'm sure in a few days we'll be seeing -20%
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