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  1. I don't know about that..everyone I've talked to since I first got into this, seemed to know bitcoin
  2. I don't think it would help to announce anything right now..I saw this today: https://qz.com/1474124/the-people-of-ohio-can-now-pay-taxes-in-bitcoin/ which I thought was big and still BTC is going down...
  3. There are also the ones that bought in @ .15 or way back in 2014 when it was just a fraction of a penny. I am too an "A"
  4. XRPHdlr

    This from Western Union CEO

    The CEO made grammar mistakes? I doubt it...
  5. The author is biased towards SWIFT...it's apparent from the beginning.
  6. could be some island nation in the middle of the Pacific which some rich dude just bought up and is trying to boost his investment Interesting to see...
  7. XRPHdlr

    Γενική συζήτηση CryptoCoins

    δεν πιστευω στα ματια μου... αγορασατε αλλα coins? ?
  8. XRPHdlr


    Starta? This is an XRP forum dog... Why would anyone buy anything other than xrp...??? ?
  9. Coinbase people are major BTC and ETH investors. They can't risk it.
  10. her disclosure says it all! It's like listening to an assessment of a Trump rally, and having written: I voted for Hilary. Her journalistic integrity is washed away the minute she declares her choice for anything.
  11. he's just jelly he didn't get in sooner.
  12. if you had got in in 2015-16-17, you would already be very successful! We're just late in the game.
  13. that XRP. ? .always stating ****..