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  1. The real question is why are most other alts up several hundred percent from recent lows while xrp is up maybe 30 or 40%. It’s annoying being in the red and watching other coins fly. BUT, I remember this same sentiment in December 2017 and then boom. If Bitcoin hits $25k this time around, I’m betting XRP hits $4.50 around the same time. When Bitcoin goes up, XRP will eventually feel the aftershock because Investors start looking for anything that has upside potential and FOMO kicks in hard.
  2. Probably a lot of horror stories out there. At least at this point in time. I remember telling a few friends lastt May (when we were close to breaking $1 for the second time) about XRP and how it was getting ready to explode.
  3. Nice Bryce. But let's be honest, it's at best an educated guess. But if you're confident in your skills, how about you give us a picture of the next month and let's meet back here on June 26 so see how accurate you were.
  4. TA will not predict the occurrence of a major news event any better than a fortune teller. And since we all know that news shakes crypto markets then we all know that TA can't possibly predict many short term movements. That being said, history does tend to repeat itself so there are patterns that can be found but predicting those patterns is really just impossible. I never seen anyone on this forum consistently make accurate predications using TA. Keyword being consistently because anyone can be right some of the time.
  5. I'm not talking about how the creators or the technology. I'm talking about the price movement. Why is it that when XRP moves, so does Stellar?
  6. Would have been the smartest thing you could do. Sometimes you gotta just run with your instincts.
  7. The price was only 30% lower than it is now for most of 2017.
  8. You said "A 20% price increase over the period of a week or two outperforms all the life insurances, bank products, FX... by a large margin. " but you're looking at a very narrow timeline. It was indeed a 20% increase within a couple days but it was preceded by a reeeaallly long down trend. So yes, you are correct that if you happened to jump in the market at the exact point where it started shifting up then the past 2 weeks look great!
  9. XRP is down 90% from it's all time highs so had you invested in life insurance or bank products in the past year, you were better off. 20% is not high in a high risk environment like crypto.
  10. No because you’re just as likely to leave money on the table. Why spend time chasing 13% when you can just wait and (hopefully) get multiples more than that. Also, when add up the fees, accounting and stress then your banking much less than 13%.
  11. Wait! We are the leaders today! We’re leading the decline amongst the top 10. 😳
  12. Since when did $2B in volume hardly move the needle with XRP? We're up maybe 20% since the lows over the past month while Cardona, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance coin are all approaching 100%. Anyone else feeling some serious FOMO as XRP trails?
  13. Yes, good advice. Quadriga was my entry point. I had a balance in cash there. Coincidentally, I bought some ether and withdrew to Kraken just a couple weeks ago. I definitely had a false sense of security by just leaving cash on their platform. When I heard the news, I transferred all the coins I had to my Nano. I feel terrible for those who lost so much. If you have a balance of coins anywhere, don't even think about it - transfer out now.
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