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  1. ...but I am. Especially when we're not simply following in the shadows of Bitcoin. Anyone know why XRP has some momentum right now? Here's to next stop being 40 cents.
  2. This is the reason many people continue to hold XRP - the assumption that XRP is at a low and BTC is at a high. Let's see if that holds true.
  3. Yeah exactly. 20x returns wasn't good enough? Greed is a motherf*cker.
  4. I totally believed that at $1, $.70, $.50 and even $.40. Someone remind me what the price is now? There is no bottom.
  5. XRP already did what Bitcoin did. It went from sub 1 cent to over $3.
  6. How do you know that? You could argue that price stability would be more better for the company. A higher price might be better for XRP holders personally.
  7. Curious why you think that. Maybe that was the case last time around. But now, it actually does seem like more and more people are looking to Bitcoin as digital gold. https://www.barrons.com/articles/bitcoin-is-rising-as-u-s-stocks-and-the-yuan-fall-51565025393
  8. Good post. I’m watching a few around me parading their Bitcoin fortunes while I’ve been in the red for a looonnng time. Takes patience to not just trade it all to Bitcoin. The difference this time around is that few people were in the red in December 2017. Many XRP investors had already seen massive returns. So it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.
  9. Really? You put your money on something ultra high risk and would be satisfied with marginal gains that beat your chequing account? Thats like betting 10k at the casino and being happy if you get 10.1k in return. You just risked 10k!
  10. When an entire market moves and XRP gets left in the dust, it’s fair to raise some questions. It’s not about volatility but a lack thereof. So here we are. If BTC goes back to $3k, we’d be sitting at sub 10c if it moves proportionately. If BTC hits $20k, we’re probably only around 60 or 70c.
  11. Curious to know how most are feeling. Is this just a pullback or is market sentiment taking a turn.
  12. ...which makes it a complete guess. And sooooo we learned nothing.
  13. XRP up 5% within a couple minutes. Your comment couldn’t have been timed more perfectly.
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