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  1. Yes, good advice. Quadriga was my entry point. I had a balance in cash there. Coincidentally, I bought some ether and withdrew to Kraken just a couple weeks ago. I definitely had a false sense of security by just leaving cash on their platform. When I heard the news, I transferred all the coins I had to my Nano. I feel terrible for those who lost so much. If you have a balance of coins anywhere, don't even think about it - transfer out now.
  2. Probably in the 20 cent range.
  3. Just goes to show you that things don't move like it seems. Still number 2.
  4. And there are no analysts out there that predicted last nights 20% surge. So unfortunately it holds true that the future still can't be predicted.
  5. You could go further and look at XRP since 2013 and say what an amazing bull market the entire time then. But then everything is always a bull market. The definition of a bear market is sustained downward price momentum. 2018 = bear market.
  6. The risk in buying in one shot outweighs the benefit. Yes, theoretically the price could shoot to $1 within a few days and you’d be kicking yourself for not going all in. But that’s a much better feeling than going all in and watching it plummet 50% or more within a few days. I wish I was patient when I entered the market in December. I lost a lot from that first investment. But I started DCAing back in March and it’s limited my losses even though it’s been a bear market.
  7. Ya cool. I’m gonna go grab another 500k after I finish my coffee. 😳
  8. If XRP has gone up in price by March then every other coin likely has. If XRP is at .05 then you will need serious balls to jump in because that would be a disaster for many and could spell the end. DCA as everyone mentions.
  9. lucid99

    Stay strong!

    True! In fact, it will probably do both. If I had $100k, I would have spread that sh!t out over many months. Just when we think it's super low, it goes lower. There's honestly no bottom to this sh!t.
  10. lucid99

    Stay strong!

    You realize that if it hits $100 then there are people on this forum that will make half a billion dollars and countless others who would make over $100M. Does that sound likely to you?
  11. There are some on this board that always brag about how they timed the market perfectly. The reality is that you could've picked a coin at random and made a killing in 2017. But luck is luck and those who are truly smart know when to keep their mouth shut.
  12. lucid99

    As predicted

    The market will reverse when there's blood in the streets and everyone thinks it's over. For that to happen, i think we need to dip far below 20 cents. But none of this matters. All XRP holders will end up in the same place. It will either crash to nothing or it will shoot a lot higher.
  13. lucid99

    Buying the Dip

    It doesn't matter. Sometimes I just call it out cause it's so transparent.
  14. lucid99

    Buying the Dip

    Why would you make public this type of information?