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  1. Here's the thing - even if SEC positive news comes out and XRP doubles in a day, it would still just be playing catchup. XRP is up 50% since yesterday and the more lucrative move was still to sell a few weeks back. There's just no way to know what happens in the near term but imo XRP has a lot more risk factors right now than other coins.
  2. I did pretty much the same. Except I held my XLM.
  3. Its hard for people to sell for a loss especially when it was down 50% in a day or two. But it’s a mistake for people to hold right now and it would be a mistake to buy in. Just no light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. And then you could watch XRP stay flat but with twice the amount.
  5. It is an XRP forum after all. Not much reason to come here if you’re not an investor.
  6. If you believe in the underlying asset then you shouldn’t worry about how low it goes in the short term. I think the biggest risk for XRP holders right now is missing out on the bull run. Things are setup for huge pumps but XRP is sitting close to its multi year lows. It’s really too bad. i feel for everyone that invested in this coin - most chose it because of the fundamentals but you would’ve have been rewarded better had you just chose any of the other useless top alts.
  7. You're insane. Just because an asset dips, doesn't mean it's a buy.
  8. I sold to Ethereum for now. I also have Lumens - I wonder if Lumens will make up for XRP's lost ground.
  9. Same here. I took a loss but much less of a loss. Sometimes you need to jump ship.
  10. That pretty much sums it up. Does miss the next bull cycle by holding XRP. Sometimes you bet on the wrong horse. Suck it up, lick your wounds and move onto another coin.
  11. No offence but you’re in denial. There’s no question this is catastrophic for XRP from an investment perspective and for Ripple as a company.
  12. I don't think it really matters whether the SEC complaint is true or whether they win in court. The real issue is that (in the meantime) all the exchanges will start delisting XRP to distance themselves. Even if XRP recovers in the near term, there is too much potential bad news in the pipeline. After holding 3 years, I sold my XRP. Just seems like a very unbalanced risk reward right now.
  13. Hit .79 cents about 5 hours ago before diving 20 cents and then regain some ground. The volatility is here big time.
  14. I don't think there's any way to answer this. Safest thing is to choose the coins you believe in and just hold. Trying to swing trade or time the market will most probably result in missed opportunities. BTC is safest in imo. Some alts could give you massive returns but a lot of luck will need to be involved.
  15. I wouldn't laugh at anyone who bought near the top. The difference between having bought at $3 or $.70 was a matter of days and the parabolic momentum at that point made it seem like $10 was moments away. I'm definitely watching the price momentum right now. It feels like XRP is really just making up for lost time. Bitcoin is basically right at its all time high while XRP is still down by what, 75%? The momentum is great but wake me up when we hold past $1.
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