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  1. Sure, great idea. Also, sell orders so you can lock in profits if theres a run while you sleep. Just keep a portion in a never sell pile and gamble with the rest. Never invest more than you'd be okay with losing.
  2. Okay, I can give you my experience and take what you like: I first invested in XRP in the December 2017 bull run. I only put a little because I was nervous. Within a few weeks though, I had made a lot of money. It really felt good and when XRP crossed $1, people were screaming from the rooftops that it would hit $5, then $10 then ridiculous numbers. It was basically a "guarantee" (note the quotes) to be rich. I bought more and it actually started going parabolic and hitting more than $3 - amazing. I mean, this was serious money now. It didn't last long. There was a big drop. Then, more and more. And well, you get it. Soon, XRP was about 17 cents and it stayed there for years. We're talking a 95% drop or more from its peak. So be careful, tune out the fomo, and if you feel nervous it's because you have too much on the line.
  3. No offence, but it would be ridiculous to make any financial decisions based on the assumption that “all experts in technical analysis predict XRP at $5 soon”. Cryptocurrency markets are unregulated and prone to manipulation. Once you truly believe that, you can fully appreciate how unpredictable the price direction will be.
  4. Are you new to crypto? It would be an anomaly if it didn’t crash at least 80%.
  5. Nothing really to think about here. XRP still far below its highs while many coins are close to their highs or even reaching new heights. The big question is - will XRP be back down to 60 cents in few days or resting well above $1. No clue but remember that XRP pumped big time last spring and eventually ended up back where it started.
  6. No. I was going to crunch the market cap but my calculator just started spewing out letters and strange characters I’ve never seen.
  7. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.
  8. That’s called a lucky coincidence. But good for you that it worked out.
  9. That's like saying anyone who invested in GameStop stock in the past year would be rich. Sure, but that doesn't mean you'll rich by investing now.
  10. Crypto is unquestionably high risk. We're talking in the magnitude of 90%+ losses across the board to those who buy at the wrong time.
  11. You must understand that with that approach you'll either be rich or broke. Just don't do it. If you're young then put your money in riskier stocks but crypto is like the riskiest of all risky investments. No more than a couple percent of your entire portfolio for a sane person.
  12. I like this. However, you’d likely be selling during pumps, or buying during dumps, and that’s a psychologically hard thing to do.
  13. Oh, and if it wasn’t a massive amount of money this will be a great lesson for you. Probably will save you a fortune one day. Stay strong. 💪
  14. Your experience is basically everybody who trades on emotion. The only way to succeed is to plan and don’t be greedy. I bought XRP last night at 48 cents and put my sell in at .69 cents. It only worked out cause I was asleep. I woke up and I had sold for profit. Almost bought back in 75 cents (top) but stopped myself. But let me tell you this. My average cost for XRP was $1.50 before the pump this past spring. I learned The road to hell is paved with buying the dip. I finally sold for a big loss after the SEC news - just fed up being the red for YEARS. I bought Ethereum, XLM, Cardano and I’ve made a lot of my money back. First lesson: do not hold just 1 crypto. Second lesson: block out the noise. Nobody knows where the price is going. NOBODY. Third lesson: don’t be greedy, put it your but/sell orders and close your ******* eyes!
  15. And the genius money sells a couple hours before as it realizes the smart money will leave 30 minutes before. HOWEVER, there's always the possibility this could be different. It's hard to not notice the impact on GME, AMC, BlackBerry, Silver, etc. And the price action on those stocks has sustained to irrational levels. I'm always skeptical of these things but I'm 1% less skeptical on this one.
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