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  1. I agree. Too much emphasis on the short-term price swings. Buckle up folks, because the overhead of all the people who bought above, say, a $1.50, who are weak hands and looking to get even, is going to create a lot of upward friction for months IMHO. And, unfortunately, all the crypto prices more or less track whatever BTC is doing and that's not good because XRP gets tarred with the same brush to a large extent.
  2. I've traded it, and recently its steadily trading at a 62% premium to the underlying BTC. I've seen it trade as high as 90+% premium however.
  3. Not worried in the least, you have to look at this long-term. Spread out the chart going back to Jan 1 and you'll see the latest up/down is barely a blip.
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/top-korean-banks-work-japan-bank-consortium-modernize-cross-border-payments/ Yes, xCurrent, but the JBC is exploring using a digital currency with XRP obviously in the mix.
  5. Neutral to positive but just too superficial to help people understand where Ripple/XRP is going and its potential. Probably lost some bite going through an editor before publication.
  6. A little more fuel for this smolder --- https://www.tokens24.com/news/starbucks-getting-ready-dip-toe-world-crypto Someone posted it on Twitter with speculation that "proprietary cryptocurrency" meant XRP.
  7. Seen the movie twice and don't remember this painting. Time to watch again!
  8. God help us if Ripple were ever to loosen the escrow requirements or add coins. The price would plummet in that case as even HODLrs would be in doubt. I don't think they would ever do that though as it would be effectively shooting themselves in their own foot.
  9. I also don't understand fully the value of xRapid. I've yet to see a quantitative value proposition for banks for moving from xCurrent to xRapid. Is it a multiplier or just an increment in value to them? As for the price of XRP going up due to increased use of xRapid, I think that is a long-term play since these XRPs are presumably coming from the large stash in escrow, so the new demand is immediately met by increased supply. Please correct me if my assumptions are mistaken.
  10. I'm sure "cobalt" was inserted by a spell "helper." I got my MSCS in '88 and COBOL was considered an "old" language even then amongst current software developers. The spell helper probably doesn't even have it in its dictionary.
  11. Given that there is more BTC volume in Japan than the U.S., this could provide a much-needed boost to XRP
  12. Been perusing this chat board for a few weeks, some excellent info here, easy to sift through the nonsense. I'm a converted ex-BTC owner, though I'm still open to investing in both. Nice article on inverse dot com today comparing both at a high level, should be encouraging for newbies. Putting on my moon suit, ...
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