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  1. Good Lord, some day WE HAVE TO MEET IN PERSON.
  2. Your stories kill me. I can't even compare. But one time in college I got wasted. Up to this point in my life I'd only ever drank beer. Then one night at a house party someone had a bottle of Southern Comfort. I was like, well this is tastier than beer, and I can get drunk much quicker, so I proceed to drink half the bottle in a few minutes. I leave the party, walk out onto the street and realize I can go no further. So I make the decision to lay down in the middle of the street - right on the double yellow lines that separate the two lanes - figuring that way I probably wouldn't get run over by a car. Hours later my friends found me and carried me back to my dorm. I was so sick that I missed 3 days of classes. Also, this was the first time I ever experienced sleep paralysis. Like I'd be laying there, and be completely aware of my surroundings, but unable to move. It was frightening.
  3. Okay, so difficult to judge a winner. So many great entries that made me laugh. Thank you EVERYONE for the laughs. Unfortunately, every time when it comes to something funny, @Flintstone always wins. I gotta give this one to him for his story about walking through the woods, losing his shirt, cows, falling down and bleeding, the helicopter, ending up at the police station, $hitting, etc. Had me in stitches. But like I said, I laughed at many other entries. I got bogged down today with the business audit, so was unable to review all entries, make a decision, or make payment like I said I would. I will make it priority number 1 tomorrow morning. Mods: Please lock thread. Thanks.
  4. You completely missed my point. You mentioned Trump, I then mentioned Q because you mentioned Trump. It had nothing to do with his face being printed on money.
  5. 1.) I once got fired from a job because my manager, for whatever reason searched through my desk and found a USB drive with a bunch of pron on it. 2.) Once, and ONLY once, for a two week period I did bath salts. Towards the end of the two weeks, things started to get bad. At the time I wasn't as well off as I am now, I was living in an apartment. One night, there was movement inside the mattress of my bed. I immediately knew it was my ex-girlfriend hiding in there - you know, just a place to chill and stay for free. I contemplate taking a knife and cutting open the mattress, but first I call my landlord. I tell him to either buy me a new mattress or I'm going to take a knife and cut this one open. He buys me a new mattress. Together we carry the old mattress out to the dumpster. The side I was carrying was the heaviest, since that's where my ex was residing. We get outside, she rips herself free from the the mattress and runs away. Later that night, I'm sitting on my couch watching TV. I see a wolf in the corner of the room staring at me. Out of sheer fear, I just sat there for hours, not moving, just staring at the wolf. Then I felt a "kicking" coming from the back of the couch. The back of the couch rips open, and out jumps my ex's current boyfriend, whom apparently also decided to hide out and crash at my place. After tearing out of the couch, he proceeds to steal my TV and leave my apartment. I, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts grab like a 10 inch knife used for slicing meat, etc., and run out onto the street chasing this man (whom of course didn't exist). People were looking at me like I was crazy. After not being able to catch this man, I actually walk to the police station, to report that my TV has been stolen, knife in hand, and for some reason, even though I was wearing nothing but boxer shorts, I had a bag of bath salts with me. True story. Probably a winner, but again, I'm not eligible.
  6. LMAO, too fcking funny! This also reminds me of a time years ago at like like 3 A.M. I was driving back from Atlantic City. I was on the 695 Beltway near Baltimore, MD. I was drunk as hell and was driving like 75 MPH. Some car speeds by me, clearly going at least 90 MPH. He proceeds to swerve off the road and run his car head-on into one of those huge light post they have on highways so you can see at night. He hit it so hard, the light post got knocked down. Being concerned, I naturally pulled over to see what was up. Dude's airbags had been deployed - car was destroyed, but he was 100% okay. He's like, "Hey man, I don't want to get in trouble, can you please give me a ride home?" So I did. But I was amazed that he wasn't dead, or at least injured. Days later, don't know how they knew, cops visited my house to discuss the incident, saying I never should have just driven him to his house instead of just reporting the incident. I ultimately did not get into any trouble for this. They did mention that the only reason the man survived was that he was incredibly drunk. They explained to me that a sober person would have had their hands so tightly gripped on the steering wheel, that first off all both arms would have immediately been broken, and then everything else would go to hell and you'd die. But in a drunken state, being so relaxed - numb - that you're more likely to survive these sort of events. So yay to alcohol. Bravo to you my friend.
  7. Q Totally into tinfoil stuff. I can see this.
  8. LOL. This reminds me of my time doing AIT in Ft. Gordon, GA. There was a Shoney's - I know it's mostly recognized as a restaurant, but where I was stationed Shoney's had a hotel/motel complex, set up in like a square position. Picture four rows of buildings, assembled in a square, with a central parking area in between the four buildings. Every weekend all of us would book up the entire hotel and have crazy parties. Everyone would leave their room doors open for the entire weekend, and everyone had the bathtubs in their rooms filled with ice and full with beer. Everyone was always free to go into anyone's room at any time and grab a beer, or chat, or have sex. Probably the most fun I've had in a 4-month period of my life.
  9. You won't win for this post, though it had me going at first and I was laughing, but then it turned like really serious, and the humor was lost. None-the-less, interesting story - thank you. Plus unlimited entries, so nothing is over yet.
  10. Thank you. And again, A MILLION thanks to you for the "Buy the dip" clip. Priceless. I've watched it like 10 times and have re-posted it (giving you credit of course). My submission - which doesn't count - just sharing, and which I've once posted in the Fan Submissions section, is below. "@WillIAMRich, I will vote for you in the poll. First of all, good story, even if it's all fiction. Secondly, it's hard to believe it's all fiction, as I've only tripped on LSD once in my life but so many of the things you said resonated with my experience. First I took 1 tab. 30 minutes pass by and I feel nothing, so I take a 2nd tab. My friends warn me against this. We're at an after-hours club in Hawaii where they play house music. 15 minutes after taking the 2nd tab I go to the bathroom. I feel intense heat behind me. I turn around and the bathroom is on fire. I run out into the club, ***** hanging out, shouting "the bathroom is on fire!" I sit down at a 3-inch thick marble table with my friend. We both can see each other's hands and whatnot through the table. I'd be like "how many fingers am I holding up?," and he'd give the correct answer. I become dehydrated. I bought like 30 bottles of water but every time a tiny black devil with horns would steal my bottle. There were dozens of them just running around the wall carrying my water bottles. A song by Josh Wink - A Higher State of Consciousness repeats over and over and over and over. I lay my head down on the table, not feeling so well. I descend into a whirlpool of fire, which I was in for 30 years. We leave the club. It's daylight. As soon as I see the daylight I feel better. Then we get into my friends car to drive back to the Army barracks. We pass the same road sign hundreds of times in a row. I can see the mountains in the distance, but we never get any closer. It took us 3 years to make that 15-minute drive to the barracks. All my friends faces were transforming into terrible beasts, scaring the crap out of me. Once home, I just sat there, eating Juicy Fruit gum and drinking orange juice and staring at my friends face, watching him transform into different monsters. That Josh Wink song - I couldn't get it out of my head - it literally was on repeat for the next 3 months of my life. I had flashbacks for the next 3 years. I also said, "totally never again," which I've held true to. So anyhow, you have my vote!"
  11. As I usually do on weekends - another giveaway. As mentioned before, I love to laugh. I found the last giveaway thread to be absolutely hilarious and at times I was honestly in tears. @Hellen proposed 2 ideas. Unclear as to which one to go with, so both options are available. 1.) Craziest work story. 2.) Weirdest “this one time I was intoxicated” story. Please be honest and do not make stuff up. I'm interested in user's real life experiences, just like I'm interested in real world use cases for XRP. The post that makes me laugh the most wins. Deadline for entry ends Monday, 9/3/18 at 11:59 PM, US Eastern time. Payment will be made the following morning. Users participating must be registered on this forum prior to 8/31/18. Unlimited entries.
  12. Posted August 13 On 8/13/2018 at 6:28 AM, @Zerptime said: "You don't know that, just speculating. Xrp could be above 1 or below 1 in 12 months,no such thing as a sure bet Investment" My response: AAPL
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