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  1. Any traders use this as a way to sell high and buy low? Seems like if you just pay attention to a twitter feed, you could easily see this CB announcement would cause the price to go down. Just saying....maybe you could have sold on the tweet, then reload?? Why not?
  2. Moonraker, my suggestion is not to make any moves at the moment. You will make your money on the "meat" of the price movements, not trying to perfectly time the bottom. Currently the trend is down. Wait until this changes then buy in. If you get in at .75 instead of .68 this is not a big deal. Its a much safer play allowing the trend to move upward awhile (might take weeks to determine), then jump on the train. This is only my recommendation from trial and error.
  3. Whats the reasoning behind these predictions? I hope they are true, I just wonder what news/changes from the current dynamic will bring XRP to just a dramatic rise? Im over here hoping we can get back to $3. Baby steps
  4. Yes, timely announcements would be preferred. This is something that doesnt have to be relied on, but might be better to bring this out once all the crypto dust has settled.
  5. This is the reason I am invested. The staff behind the product is fantastic!
  6. After watching Moneygram stock, these announcements might prove to be a quick short term boost to the companies stocks. Double down?
  7. Anyone have solid information on what partnerships are in the future for Ripple? 3 companies were to be named, Moneygram was first....whats next?
  8. Thanks for sharing this! I believe in these patterns. I do not have a Bitstamp account, but would like to gain access to the resource you are using. Wonder if I need an account to review this?
  9. As XRP begins a correction, as is necessary, Im wondering when is the best time to reload? I would have to think there is a great buy opportunity about to present itself. I would have to think the $2 mark will show strong support from investors. What do you think?
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