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  1. I'll be honest in saying THAT was NOT the timer I was expecting to be put up.... Messing with us, or are you cleverly trying to share some info? @MegaNerd thoughts?
  2. To be honest, I don't follow Galgitron - I just don't like him. It has nothing to do with his viewpoints, I just don't like his tone and writing style... That being said, I appreciate the Snoopy reference and will respond, but please don't base anything on what I say - I'm simply a poor nobody with no connections that knows nothing and just has my own opinions. As open as Ripple / XRP are there's stuff that we don't have answers to yet... What happened to JPY on https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/ Nobody really has a good answer, at least not that I've seen. Being fair, Ripple does NO
  3. They were separated at birth and havent found each other yet. Its a tragic tale.
  4. So you talked to my third cousin's, sister's, brother's, cleaning lady's, best friend's, uncle! Bob's an amazing guy, I didn't even know that YOU knew HIM! That makes US practically family! Edit: Does this mean I should call you cousin now?
  5. Choose LIFE.... and remember those of us in your will who wanted you around for a long, long time... unlike @Pablo
  6. I tend to be wrong, so don't quote me here.... but would it be a technical true nostro account - probably not. Think about xrp as a literal piece / chunk of digital GOLD... REAL actual GOLD is valuable and transferable to ANY currency.... it's just hard to transfer and transport. XRP is fast. So that one XRP digital GOLD is able to be transferred from US dollars to Mexican Pesos or to Japanese Yen - and yeah it's not a traditional nostro account, but there's no need to keep two - Nostros just the one in that example.... hope that helps or makes sense.
  7. I've talked about this before, but its funny - every year we get a season pass with a meal plan from my parents for Christmas. Even with as much as we do (trips down to Virginia, and Georgia, our trip to Assateague, all of our day trips we use the meal plan A LOT. Go to the park in the morning, jump in the water, cool off, get lunch (subway, mexican food, Chickie's and Pete's, salads, brisket, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken, hand breaded shrimp....) go home, do stuff, repeat for dinner... and the funny thing is that you think Amusement park stuff, but it's actually pretty good.... We will
  8. This recipe is my wife's Uncle Dusty's recipe... I don't know why he was called Dusty. His real name was Richard, and he didn't like being called D*ck, so sometime when he was in the Airforce he got the nickname Dusty... He wasn't always appreciated by many in the extended family, but everyone LOVED his food. He loved our family very much though and before he passed (years ago) hand wrote our favorite recipes for us. It is with great pride that I am able to recreate them because you always think of that person when enjoying that meal, and I am happy to share it with all of you! The wife a
  9. @XRPto50dollars So I gotta ask, what are your thoughts on all of this tether stuff...
  10. Whoa, that's an option? That would be great, if that could happen, and yeah, I would feel really satisfied....... Although I'm sensing a bit of sarcasm in your questions...
  11. I'll admit it hasn't been 1966 HODL'ing XRP.... but it SEEMS like it's been FOREVER...
  12. Two thoughts.... Shouldn't selfie girl as the CEO of XRP have done that? and looking at your list I was curious when these were started: Ripplenet - Filed June 7, 2017 Runs on Ripple with the triskelion - Filed June 14, 2018 No idea, what either means timing wise, but I was curious and looked it up and though I'd share.
  13. @brjXRP17 Dude, you're awesome, thanks for the update!
  14. As an almost Gold member I will say that an honest question asked politely deserves an honest answer and not just to be made fun of.... @bm32533476 that's a good life lesson to learn. It was an escrow release. So yeah, it was some Joe or Jane off of the street. At the end of the month any XRP not sold from escrow gets put back into escrow for another 5 years. While I am unsure as to HOW, there are how to's on the forum that would allow ANYONE to do the escrow release - which means that anyone can put in whatever message they want. They can be funny, but not related to Ripple
  15. Sometimes I use my smartphone......... and I am still poor because they haven't made me rich YET.... So just cheap whiskey for now
  16. Great job educating him! You almost got the disclaimer right... you forgot the DYOR, blah, blah, blah
  17. Hmmmmm..... Even without the rest of it.... Isn't that the normal narrative between you and the nurse with her response always being the same?
  18. So, you're either toying with us... or is this one of those weird , and . decimal point things? Although at $900 I would personally eat a chocolate chip cookie every day for the rest of my life in your honor.... I might even do that at $450, but then I wouldn't enjoy it at all and would probably grumble and say @XRPto50dollars told me it would get to $900 by November 2018...
  19. Someplace that involves lots of parties and dancing?
  20. Well he is on record of saying $250... and has a countdown clock less than 10 years... at least I'm pretty sure it IS less than 10 years? I mean it just SEEMS like forever....
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