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  1. I'll be honest in saying THAT was NOT the timer I was expecting to be put up.... Messing with us, or are you cleverly trying to share some info? @MegaNerd thoughts?
  2. To be honest, I don't follow Galgitron - I just don't like him. It has nothing to do with his viewpoints, I just don't like his tone and writing style... That being said, I appreciate the Snoopy reference and will respond, but please don't base anything on what I say - I'm simply a poor nobody with no connections that knows nothing and just has my own opinions. As open as Ripple / XRP are there's stuff that we don't have answers to yet... What happened to JPY on https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/ Nobody really has a good answer, at least not that I've seen. Being fair, Ripple does NOT owe us ANY answers - but in the absence of info we are free to research and try to come up with our own reasonable conclusions. The 589 crowd are the ones that research connections, and there are a lot of connections of Ripple with pretty much every major company out there. People will say it's banking and business, one person tangentially knows or has contact with another person at some other company simply because that's the nature of the industry. That being said, when those companies end up saying OH WOW, WE WILL BE ABLE TO DO SETTLEMENTS IN SECONDS.... I only know of one company with one digital asset / crypto asset / magic pixie powder (WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL XRP) that can do that. To ME that makes the connection stronger. The naysayers will say, THAT COMPANY DENIES USING XRP! Correct, but their software is built by another company that DOES work with Ripple AND uses XRP. I don't know the answers. Nobody knows yet. Time will tell, and the easiest thing to do is to just HODL - that's an important statement and deserves repeating... not yet though... I think what it comes down to is how much money you have, AND / OR when did you buy in. I'm poor, and I bought in at prices of $0.33 to $1.99 back down to $0.41. The TOTAL amount of money I put in is probably what some of you will spend on Starbucks and work lunches over the course of a year. It's really NOT much. To MY family it's a lot though. XRP to $5.00 - yeah, it's a great return, but it's NOT what's keeping me hopeful and hanging on in this long bear market. Someone who bought in at $0.05 or $0.005 and put in the same amount as me... yeah they would have had to been strong longer, but $5.00 could possibly be their moon. I believe the tension comes down to the people from one cult to tell the people of another cult that we are wrong... We are adults here... we have all done our research. Its OUR money that we have invested. So who cares what we believe? To some one group will be looked at as the new bunch of Greg's. To others one group will look like the crazy aunt that nobody wants to admit they are related to at the family reunion. SMART people on one side will tell you one thing. SMART people on the other will say something else. NOBODY KNOWS YET. TIME WILL TELL, AND THE EASIEST THING TO DO IS TO JUST HODL... I've heard that before... EVERYONE knows the saying put your money where your mouth is. With regards to XRP everyone will say, huh? We've already done that and made our purchases... TRUE.... But when reading about MOST of the non 589'ers people's cash out plans they will say something like - I'm cashing out at $5.00 and MAYBE, HOPEFULLY, at $10.00... That will probably give them a LOT of money - again, it depends on how much you put in AND / OR when you purchased... But the next word out of their mouth in their plan are "I PLAN TO LEAVE A CERTAIN PERCENT OF MY XRP SITTING THERE IN CASE XRP DOES HIT $XXX.XX PRICES..."... Why? They just got done bashing the 589'ers... Let's split the difference $294.5 - are those the three digit prices they are talking about? Would the 589'ers be failures then? They didn't hit 589, but we hit some crazy prices... If you don't believe in the crazy people why not just cash out at your hopefully $10.00 price... Probably because in some regards we are ALL dreamers, and we after an almost year long bear market we are ALMOST ALL cranky and are becoming bashers and bullies. Someone will be right, someone will be wrong.... or maybe we will need to compromise and meet in the middle... Because we are all on the same team here... and, yup, wait for it... NOBODY KNOWS YET. TIME WILL TELL, AND THE EASIEST THING TO DO IS TO JUST HODL... I told you it was worth repeating... If only someone.... anyone.... had made a countdown timer or something to remind us we need to just hang on for some specific amount of time in the future that seems like its forever away and is longer than we WANT, but is closer than we think.... know anyone who's made that @XRPto50dollars? So yeah, some of us are Linus dreamers, and some of us are Lucy bashers.... but in a sense we are all Charlie Brown chasing that red head girl - but at the end of the Peanuts movie Charlie Brown learned that he had already won her over thru the whole year... but only one of us can be Snoopy
  3. They were separated at birth and havent found each other yet. Its a tragic tale.
  4. So you talked to my third cousin's, sister's, brother's, cleaning lady's, best friend's, uncle! Bob's an amazing guy, I didn't even know that YOU knew HIM! That makes US practically family! Edit: Does this mean I should call you cousin now?
  5. Choose LIFE.... and remember those of us in your will who wanted you around for a long, long time... unlike @Pablo
  6. I tend to be wrong, so don't quote me here.... but would it be a technical true nostro account - probably not. Think about xrp as a literal piece / chunk of digital GOLD... REAL actual GOLD is valuable and transferable to ANY currency.... it's just hard to transfer and transport. XRP is fast. So that one XRP digital GOLD is able to be transferred from US dollars to Mexican Pesos or to Japanese Yen - and yeah it's not a traditional nostro account, but there's no need to keep two - Nostros just the one in that example.... hope that helps or makes sense.
  7. I've talked about this before, but its funny - every year we get a season pass with a meal plan from my parents for Christmas. Even with as much as we do (trips down to Virginia, and Georgia, our trip to Assateague, all of our day trips we use the meal plan A LOT. Go to the park in the morning, jump in the water, cool off, get lunch (subway, mexican food, Chickie's and Pete's, salads, brisket, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken, hand breaded shrimp....) go home, do stuff, repeat for dinner... and the funny thing is that you think Amusement park stuff, but it's actually pretty good.... We will even grab subway for the next day and take it home so when we leave early in the morning we already have lunch made and packed... My wife jokes, it's the best Christmas gift we could get from them because it's not junky stuff, and we don't have to cook at all with dishes and such during the summer... even week-ends thru Sept. and Oct. So what's that have to do with the recipe? Well, my Mexican menu that I do tends to just be taco Tuesday, when I remember.... Over the summer, the boys fell in love with the Mexican place that does burritos, and this recipe looks both really good AND really easy, so thanks!
  8. This recipe is my wife's Uncle Dusty's recipe... I don't know why he was called Dusty. His real name was Richard, and he didn't like being called D*ck, so sometime when he was in the Airforce he got the nickname Dusty... He wasn't always appreciated by many in the extended family, but everyone LOVED his food. He loved our family very much though and before he passed (years ago) hand wrote our favorite recipes for us. It is with great pride that I am able to recreate them because you always think of that person when enjoying that meal, and I am happy to share it with all of you! The wife and kids actually requested I make this for today so I thought I would post it here as well. It is SUPER EASY - the worst part is the chopping the onions.... but only when I forget to put them in the fridge overnight and then burn a candle near where you are cutting them! Note - this is the ACTUAL recipe, but I usually end up doubling it so I can share it with others. This also freezes well! ALSO, you are making it the night before so it can sit in the fridge overnight! 8 medium to large vidalia sweet onions 4 cans (14.5 ounces per can) of beef broth (again this is the ORIGINAL recipe - I usually buy a close equivalent of the larger "boxes" - Swanson, I think?, but it doesn't really matter too much.... I think I end up with maybe an extra few ounces being dumped in, but not a big deal) 1/4 POUND butter (8 tablespoons.... one stick) flour 4 beef cubes Croutons Shredded mozzarella cheese So, here's what ya do... You'll need a BIG pot. Cut the onions - traditional recipes for onion soup will tell you to cut them into "rings" - but when eating I always hated having the "dangling" large rings from my spoon so I will cut those "rings" in half. No loss of taste and it makes it easier to eat! Anyways, thin slices, either halved or quartered. Start melting the butter - on a burner numbered 1 thru 10 I usually put it on a 6 or 7 Once the butter is melted about halfway dump all of the onions in there and leave it on the heat until the onions are CLEAR stirring occasionally - so you're not going to stand there stirring constantly... wait a few minutes and just stir the onions making sure to bring the ones from the bottom to the top. The whole process should take 15+ minutes just remember to stir gently so you aren't mangling the onions. Ok, remember when I said you'll need flour? How much? Depends. All of the liquid in the onions was just brought out and you're essentially just making a roux with that liquid and the onion mixture. When I double the recipe I do it by handfuls and usually end up with maybe a cup's worth.... just remember, you can always add more, but can't really take it away! Anyways, add the flour and stir gently so you aren't mangling the onions. When there really isn't any more liquid in there and the flour isn't "lumpy" you're good. Add the beef broth - just dump it in and stir you'll get clumpy onion and flour parts. It's ok, they'll break up. Take the FOUR beef cubes and dissolve them into TWO cups of HOT water (technically you can do it in any temperature, but they dissolve easier in hot water....) Dump that into the pot. Stir Bring to a boil Stir You want it to go at a low boil for a bit, and have the level of soup drop down. I can't really tell you how much. It will just LOOK and start to taste right - I say start because once it cools you're going to refrigerate it overnight.... It just tastes better then. Also, HOT BOILING SOUP IS HOT....don't hurt yourself! I left it go at the low boil for about 20 minutes and it dropped down maybe half an inch. You're still stirring it every few minutes Let it cool (I just move it to another burner and let it cool for an hour...) then move to you're refrigerator - just put the whole pot in and let it sit overnight. When you're ready to serve it pull it out maybe an hour before, let it warm up for maybe 10 minutes, then put it on the burner and bring it back up to temp, stirring occasionally. Usually I will serve this with a loaf of homemade bread for dinner, makes for a perfect cool fall or winter meal! The way we will serve is is to put out a bowl of croutons and a bowl of shredded mozzarella cheese and let people put in what they want in their own bowl of soup, by the time you are done buttering the bread your cheese should be melty and your croutons should be absorbing the soup! Easy enough that even @Loki and @Hellen can make it
  9. @XRPto50dollars So I gotta ask, what are your thoughts on all of this tether stuff...
  10. Whoa, that's an option? That would be great, if that could happen, and yeah, I would feel really satisfied....... Although I'm sensing a bit of sarcasm in your questions...
  11. I'll admit it hasn't been 1966 HODL'ing XRP.... but it SEEMS like it's been FOREVER...
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