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  1. The Masons all stick together. You are only prosecuted if you're not in the gang.
  2. Ripple Riggidy Riggidy Wrecked

    If you look closely his glasses are a knockoff of the Ripple Logo. Dude is subconsciously a promo for Ripple.
  3. MaxEntropy says hello to Miguel Vias ?

    Max has been spotted down at the Anarchapulco conference and appears to be having the time of his life. Good for him.
  4. Miguel Vias Head of XRP Markets on the roll

    What about that 90 dollar hair cut?
  5. The Forbes Fintech 50 For 2018

    Now you know why Ripple opened up an office in NYC. Thirteen of the top 50 are based there while twelve are based in SF. Their NYC office is just 10 or so blocks from the nice Google campus. https://www.bisnow.com/new-york/news/office/inside-googles-impact-on-nycs-chelsea-and-meatpacking-district-58526
  6. Lightning and Microsoft

    I don't know if this is true or not but I heard that you cannot keep your bitcoins in your wallet you must keep them with the lightning "hub" aka bank. A lot of people wont be happy with that.
  7. DATA443 (OTCPK:LDSR) Contributes to Ripple

    I saw some posts pushing the stock on Ihub saying they only had 888 mil. No big deal the ceo has the anual report up on his twitter page with the correct info. I should delete the post.
  8. DATA443 (OTCPK:LDSR) Contributes to Ripple

    DATA443 has 3.9 Billion shares outstanding not the 888 million reported. https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/LDSR/profile
  9. Maybe Jed is the one that robbed them.
  10. Stellar and Ripple: Set to Clash?

    Ripple and Stellar benifit each other according to this IBM guy. https://twitter.com/michaeldowling/with_replies?lang=en
  11. Thoughts from an Ex-Banker-VP of Tech

    Thanks for the great post. I ran across some tweets by a Michael Dowling at IBM that also had some very nice things to say about Ripple and like you say's there is plenty of room for both and Stellar and Ripple both benifit each other. https://twitter.com/michaeldowling/with_replies?lang=en
  12. I heard that the LN will not allow bitcoin holders to keep their coins in their wallet. They have to keep them on a "hub" aka bank. The bitcoin guys wont be hep to that at all if this is true. They wont do it.
  13. cryptocurrency-company-ripple-signs-for-chelsea-office

    That and the fact that this area is a hot bed for computer talent. There are a bunch of projects and big company campuses in that area. A good place to grow.