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  1. I’m very new to this forum and new-ish to investing but I’m here for the long run. I don’t post often but I sure do read everything! No room for stress! I believe in ripple/xrp 1000% and am here for the long run!
  2. That’s what I asked a few moments ago regarding binance but I don’t think anyone saw my post. I keep seeing ridiculous buys & sells (1, 7, 3 xrp’s) on and on.
  3. That’s true, definitely safer to fly & pick it up. I believe Ledger does have a retailer in Mexico, but at this point I guess it’s just better to wait for yours coming directly from them.
  4. Do you guys think the price is being manipulated? The buys and sells on binance are weird... who’s buying only 1 xrp coin? Isn’t there a minimum amount allowed?
  5. Ahh PV! ? I was born & raised in Mexico and miss it very much ♥️ Anyway, why do you have to fly to the US to get your nano? Don’t they deliver internationally?
  6. Ohh got it, no problem At the end of the day I’m thankful that I was able to open an account even if it means I have to deal with some delays. It’s crazy how many people are waiting to get verified, though! When I signed up for gatehub my friend said it only took him two days and now we’re talking a month+
  7. Thanks for the info! I’m def going to look into it. I am in the US; right now I’m using CB and transferig to binance but it takes ages... today alone I waited 10 hours for the deposit to go through. Thankfully xrp didn’t go up too much and I was able to buy some more before it jumps again
  8. I too have been waiting three weeks to get approved on bitstamp... and a month for gatehub ?
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