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  1. Can you think of a time when a government outlawing something that people wanted didn't increase its value? Believe it or not, Bitcoin was being bought and sold long before it was accepted by governments and financial institutions. It will continue to be traded after too.
  2. Of course ... sorry I didn't. This is scheduled to be taught in less than 2 weeks as near as I can tell. https://ktby.net/10782/ (I would guess that the easiest way for you to find it would be to download the entire document, do a search for 'Ripple' as it is one of the few latin character words, and voila.)
  3. Here is a new publication from the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It is part of the current High School curriculum for the entire country: Digital Technology 101. The first paragraph talks about the evolution of payment systems. Of particular note, the last sentence says “We need to be able to accept these improvements in payment processing soon.” The second paragraph gives Ripple as the example of how payment improvement is unfolding. It cites that Ripple uses the blockchain to settle payments in seconds. The third paragraph goes into cloud storage and is not terribly relevant. As a reminder, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), or central bank, started testing the XRPL in 2020. By December they announced that it didn’t pass muster primarily because it was a public ledger. That same month, Ripple announced a private ledger project for CBDCs. SAMA promptly re-visited the XRPL in January. Now it is included in the high school curriculum. Anyone want to wager that SAMA will be in the initial wave of central banks using Ripple for CBDCs? Bear in mind: I lived in the KSA for 7 years. There is intentionality behind EVERYTHING that is printed, and they literally censor words they don’t like with Sharpies. (Photo of a bottle of Grenadine that I took while shopping. The mutawa, or religious police, censor words like brandy, alcohol, etc on every product that is imported … guess they didn’t know what Triple Sec was ;-)
  4. This article on Bifrost's webpage was a pretty good explanation of it all. It started off: "This article is intended for new users that are unfamiliar with these concepts and explains why you want to wrap and delegate your Songbird to support the network and its participants." and stayed an easy/good read throughout. The wheel you invented works well too, @brianwalden :-)
  5. BG was personally named in the SEC's complaint. His money and fate hangs in the balance. He's likely lost numerous nights of sleep over this. Therefore, he really should know exactly how many troops are lined up on the battle field, and what their objectives are. I sure as heck would (and do).
  6. @NightJanitor ... I'll take a stab at a couple of 'em. I don't think they'd be too difficult to figure out: Question 1: Are you now or have you ever been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder? Question 2: What does 'consistency' mean to you? Question 3: What is your reaction to this statement?: People are promoted to their level of incompetence. Question 4: ...
  7. @KarmaCoverageYou are correct-ish. That wasn't fiat though. That was backed by silver/gold. As @WarChest alludes to, the term fiat only applies to non-backed, government issued currency .... a global experiment that began with Nixon taking the USD off the gold standard.
  8. @peanut56 I agree. The dominant currencies will range from hesitant to resistant. The smaller ones will get on board. Much the same as with the banks. Cutting out the middle men (read: middle currencies or correspondent banks) only helps the smaller players, not the big ones.
  9. The problem with the era of wildcat banking in the 1800s was it was private. GG fails to recognize that the fiat experiment we began in the 1970's is as destined to fail as every other similar attempt in history. Distributed ledger technology provides for a public, government-agnostic currency whose inflation/deflation can't be altered by political whim. GG's inability to appropriately synthesize the history of money is only matched by his inability to envision DLTs future.
  10. I understand though disagree with Judge Netburn's decision. If for no other reason than a decent portion of the requested information is available through the much longer FOIA request process. As she points out, the "absence of policies" says as much as anything else though. Always disappointing to swing a good punch and miss.
  11. LOL ... Shhhhh..... don't tell anyone, but this is a trick... I know the SEC won't respond with a defined answer. I am really just starting a new paper trail to help other cryptos use the Fair Notice Defense as of Sept 2021.
  12. @VanHasen Thanks for sharing that video ... hadn't seen it yet. Talk about multiple personality disorder ... whewww!
  13. I recently wrote the SEC again. (I previously wrote in 2017 and 2019 specifically about XRP and got the same stupid response everyone else got). Anyhow .. This time I asked them about this topic as well. I encourage EVERYONE to contact the SEC (Help@sec.gov) and do the same. Feel free to copy and paste ...
  14. Well now, isn't this a fun article that we can all relate to out of Seeking Alpha. You won't have to read far before you run into a gem like this: "If previous SEC Chairman Jay Clayton was the “most conflicted chairman in history”, then Biden’s pick – Gary Gensler – is the most clueless." And it maintains this tone all the way through. The author, Jared Whitley, is not mincing any words at all. Enjoy!!
  15. Do you have anything else? ... any data file of any type? Do you remember how you accessed the account, or moved XRP to/from it? That far back, you may well have been using Ripple's online portal ... or, perhaps as Brian alludes to, the RippleDesktopClient. Any more memories regardless of how fuzzy?
  16. Where have you ever heard or read of XRP being referred to as 'shares'? ... Please let me know, because your source needs to be corrected. XRPs are not shares. Never have been. Never will be. The word 'share' indicates ownership of part of a company. By obtaining XRP, you do not have any shares of anything. XRP is a coin, a token, a cryptocurrency, .... not a 'share'. ...
  17. ...true of every market correction, recession, depression, bull run, etc.
  18. A well-done timeline with video evidence of each known stage of WTF moments regarding the SEC and ETH created by CryptoLaw.
  19. This is an article in JDSupra, a professional legal journal. The article is an overview from 40,000 ft about how the SEC v Cryptosphere (and Ripple in particular) got started. There is no new information to me, nor any profound insights ... I just thought that perhaps some newer people would want a brief overview from a quality source. Cheers!
  20. In addition to Uphold, Bitrue and Kucoin, I also use Coinloan. The cleanest and easiest to user interface of them all.
  21. Just a few thoughts ... no particular order ... and certainly not complete .. 1. Filter out the good projects based on fundamentals like the background of its team, who is invested/backing the project, and protocol specs (transactions per second, settlement time, etc.) 2. Just pick one or two of these projects. 3. If you're a trader, decide what you want to do in the immediate term: build the dollar value of your portfolio or the number of coins in your selected project. Do not try to do both simultaneously. If ur project has promise, it's much more rewarding to build ur number of coins. 4. Never sell at a loss. Just wait. No matter how long you have to wait. If you filtered (#1) correctly, the price will come back up. 5. Set an exit strategy. If a trader ... 10% or so. If a hodler ... 100-200% (or more/less depending on the project). An exit strategy is (prolly) the most imperative decision of all. 6. Set up Google Alerts for all news articles related to your chosen project. 7. Understand you will vary rarely buy at the lowest or sell at the highest. 8. As you've learned with ETH, don't shoot where the rabbit was. 9. If a trader, sell when technical indicators demonstrate the run up is slowing down. Conversely, buy when technical indicators demonstrate the blood letting is coming to an end. i.e. Sell when people buy, buy when people sell. If you don't know how to spot these changes in market sentiment, do some research ... plenty of info on it out there. (Don't let TA alone run ur strategy tho). ...
  22. No. The SEC admitted that they did not tell anyone who asked them whether XRP was or was not a security. ... Words get pesky sometimes
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