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  1. Gary Gensler has no academic qualifications in this space at all. He has never written 1 article, never performed 1 study, never earned ANY relevant degree (to crypto). He got his position at MIT as part of the revolving door between government, big business, and academia. As former head of the CFTC, it was a prestige appointment only at MIT ... not an academic one. He's a bureaucrat. He has no clear understanding of what is, how it got that way, nor vision for what will be. He feels he is contributing to the world by enforcing rules, but lacks the mental acuity to question the suitability and applicability of those rules. (i.e. he is 'dim' @Julian_Williams) Think: simple patrolman elevated to Chief of Police. Worst yet, I suspect his hubris has made him incapable of the type of circumspection needed of U.S. government regulators at this time.
  2. I've never heard of nor seen ANY of the organizations/projects/whatever on that list. Not one. Not even the impersonators. I never imagined the SEC to be so useless.
  3. Here is the HUGE news about this ... Palau is a recognized country. It uses the U.S. dollar as its national currency. So, a government-back USD stable coin could come to the XRPL during 2022. That's kinda significant.
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/featured/republic-of-palau-partners-with-ripple-to-develop-digital-currency-strategy/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Come one, come all ... big or small ...
  5. @RandyMarsh The most interesting part of this 24 minute video came around minute 28 ... It was around that point that I stopped cussing about a willfully obtuse GG and became fully re-directed by Jeremy Hogan's latest video ... Hope that helps! :-)
  6. Done ... I can't speak for the Windows versions. The Mac version that works every time is the .zip file. Let me know if you have any questions. ..
  7. I'd give it about a 80% chance ... ...on a flat earth, or where Covid is a hoax, or all of the moon landings were faked, or Elvis is still alive, or a major political party is led by satan-worshiping baby-eaters, or 5G towers cause C19, or lizard people rule the planet, or Bill Gates is implanting chips in everyone, or a shadowy 'deep state' exists, or the vaccine contains Luciferase so the devil can track you,... or there are ghosts, or demons, or angels, or leprechauns, or gods, or magic, or fairies, or Santa Clause, or ... ad nauseam. However, in the world I live in, where empirical evidence reigns supreme? 0%
  8. This would be the best first step .. https://www.sec.gov/oig "The Office of Investigations investigates allegations of misconduct involving the programs and operations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)."
  9. If ur in the U.S., you'll need to flip on the VPN just to read this update from XXNetwork about their community sale .. Then you'll likely need to travel through both space and time to participate. Good luck :-) https://xx.network/mainnet-community-sale
  10. Good lord! That's a LOT. If XRP doesn't POP as a result of concluding with the SEC ... or from increased usage by financial institutions ... or from ability to smarten up with Flare, hooks, etc. ... then it will from all these projects! :-D
  11. @brianwalden Yeah, I understand what is (not) behind this one Hhhhhh But a registry for projects to notify everyone of some basics, even if it is just a link to their project, would be a good thing for all. I think it would be in each project's best interest, cuz if they don't post up, then they'll get lower participation.
  12. Is there a central repository where people/groups/orgs can indicate the basics of their XRPL projects and intended airdrops? Perhaps it's time for a tab for that, or a dedicated entry in the Resources tab? This is yet another one that I am only learning of after the fact....and I really believed I had a handle on all of them. Dispiriting But, sure, I'll throw in with ya' at Bitrue ...
  13. I haven't heard anything ... I will reach out to them again today. Let us know if u learn anything ...
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