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  1. Here's a rambler for ya' ... Well, I'm coming to understand that I'm going to have to track several things that I didn't before. One is obviously with regards to exposure to IL.( I have zero idea what I put in nor at what prices :-S) The other is delegation rewards. I think for now, I'll be pulling my WSGB out of Flare Finance on Wednesdays, and putting it back in on Friday morning. At least until I can rememeber/learn/find the exact time FTSO delegations are marked on Thursdays ... it is Thursdays, right? This simple chart (using today's numbers) ranks for me the highest rate of SFIN return per unit. Granted with the pairs (LP), it's actually per multiple units, ... and that all units aren't value equivalent .... but the disparity is so great that it seems a no brainer to be able to roughly guesstimate when they are to your advantage and when they're not. In the end, the math is rigged in every way to get you to separate from your SGB or WSGB for a FF token. For example: trading your WSGB for CAND at today's price earns 3 to 4 times higher SFIN return for staking CAND then it would for simply staking WSGB. The two I've focused on is 1.) SFIN to SFIN (obviously) followed by 3.) EXFI/CAND to SFIN .... I traded just enough SGB to get just enough CAND to pair with the EXFI was I given. No intention on buying any EXFI. Putting SFIN in 2.) is seems inefficient so long as 1.) is an option. The rest I keep in WSGB so I can more easily move it about and potentially deploy in other future Songbird projects. So far, I've managed to gain a whopping .0161 SFIN :-S Somebody STOP me! (-Jim Carry, The Mask)
  2. Insightful thots, all @Ripley i know SBI was an earlier round. Two b4 if my memory is good.
  3. Lot of loose pronouns bouncing about ... So, @Ripley, ur saying that Ripple returned Tetragon's initial investment from 2019 at 150% just for good will? That was allegedly $175M funding from Tetragon ... So Ripple just gave T an extra $87M? How sweet of Ripple :-)
  4. In my experience, a company buys its own shares because their analysis shows that to be the most profitable return for their money given all of the other investment opportunities in different company's stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc. Like @NMNR said, extremely bullish. The message between the lines is: Dear SEC, Hold my beer, the rest of the world is calling. Regards, Ripple
  5. This is definitely an usual move by Ripple ... for any company, let alone a company that isn't publicly traded, and something I've never heard of for a 'startup' ... “Even after doing this repurchase, we have over a billion dollars in cash." Garlinhouse said. According to this report, Ripple secured funding at a $10B valuation in 2019, and has bought back at a $15B valuation. The 50% gain and buyback likely soothed any bad blood from Tetragon's (relatively) recent court actions. Very interesting. On a side note, it's good to know they can keep up the good fight with the SEC.
  6. Interesting timing for this: “Biden Preparing Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies” Apparently it will be in Feb. With minimal political banter, what do you think Biden’s order will address?
  7. Solana Network Suffers Yet Another Network Outage: DeFi Users Pay the Price Ouch! I had a bunch of SOL, but dropped them at about $165 during their first outage last fall. Though the outage was a big factor, I didn't care for their system of measuring network performance. On the good side, this experience should only make their network stronger. On the other hand, they should have sorted this out long ago.
  8. On December 24, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. UTC, did you ... A. Hold SOLO coin in your XRPL account? and/or B. Hold XRP in your XRPL account with a trustline extended to SOLO? ... If not A. or B., then you will not receive any.
  9. FWIW I now have all of the XRP that Sologenics stated they would send me.
  10. I have several accounts. Some have been properly credited with SOLO coins, and some have not (yet). Like @RussianStandards said: chill ... it'll happen.
  11. Another one rides the bus -Weird Al https://u.today/moroccos-largest-bank-joins-ripplenet
  12. Can someone please help me load my rocket ship into the back of this rickshaw? Thanks :-) (nope ... haven't played with it. To be honest with you, I'd be more tempted to use bXRP in Kava)
  13. I don’t see how ANY of the docs are protected if ‘it’s always been clear’ that XRP is a security. that’s the exact same double talk from the SEC that Hinman’s speech was his opinion and yet still protected. boooo!
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