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  1. After watching all three videos, I'm 100% certain that I am nowhere near 100% certain what's going on ... but I'm sure I'll get there ..
  2. Perhaps Dfinity (in top 10 on day 1)... and may well eat Flare's lunch ... fun challenge ... (Actual dispersement is quite different, but planned and distributed)
  3. Here's Gensler calling XRP a currency 6 times in under 2 minutes. But .... we've also heard Trump saying he won the election countless times over 6 months. Doesn't mean he believes it ... nor does it make it true. Fortunately we've all agreed to let Torres be the judge of this ...
  4. @tenplaccc Hi :-) I think I understand that you now have your Secret Key ... if so, put it into he XUMM app on your phone as 'Family Seed' and you will have access to the same XRPLedger account that you did with RippEx. If I misunderstood, LMK and we'll go from there. @mohsen62k So, are you good now?
  5. I am most likely mistaken ... but it kinda reminds me of the phone app created by Ripple many years ago, called Ripple Client. If it is, it fell into disuse after the FinCEN matter in '15-ish (?). Here's a screen shot of the iPhone icon (next to the Ripple Price app, also now defunct). If you don't have the secret key to the account, then your avenues for recovery get narrowed down a lot ... and become pretty techy intensive.
  6. @mohsen62k # 2 ... Family Seed ... starts with an 's' ... The first letter of a secret key starts with a small 's'. Does yours?
  7. @mohsen62k Let's just talk about XUMM and your secret key. XUMM is a phone app (iOS/android). Do you have your Ripple secret key? Use it in XUMM.
  8. @JoanDC There are numerous issues going on here. First, this address isn't 'yours' ... it's Bityard's. The destination tag is 'yours'. So, if u sent XRP to that address without your destination tag (think: account), then ur best hope to is contact Bityard and tell them you forgot to add your destination tag. If they have any sense of propriety, they'll get your XRP back to you in a few days after you provide transaction records. BUT ... u said you sent $102 DOLLARS to an XRPLedger address. Unless you sent USD:BItstamp or USD:Gatehub, then whatever you sent should eventua
  9. @mohsen62k If u have ur secret key, then download the app XUMM! ... simply import ur secret key and voila, u have access to your XRPLedger account again. If you need the old RippEx desktop wallet to open a data file, I have copies for Window, Linux, and Mac. Send me your email and I'll share access to them with you via my DropBox.
  10. Now we all have a better origin story for the term 'bird brain' ..
  11. @pucksterpete ... well, I dunno if this counts, but u can under mine Ripple ... (ref: SEC)
  12. @Sheepdawg Odd u can't send a message. I just sent u one to make sure that works for ya'. Just go ahead and send me ur email and I'll share my DropBox with all the versions. Cheers!
  13. Hey .. at least they have a comment section . 5 will get you 10 I don't pass moderation ...
  14. @NightJanitor ... I'll take that bet!! ... I'm certain that won't happen ... ...because, if Tenreiro is true to previous behaviors, the SEC will reference Merriam-Webster and define "discussing" as verbal communication ... and they have no documentation of their (verbal) discussions .. :-P
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