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  1. FWIW, as of today, it's still a Chapter 11.
  2. In terms of taxes, my guess is that any loss experienced would be considered a bad loan (vs a number of things). Using Owens v. Commissioner (TC Memo 2017-157) as a case study, it would seem that the loss would be classified as a "business loss" (vs personal) as there were contracts and whatnot. Therefore, they would be ordinary losses and without limitations (vs short term loss). Furthermore it seems it would be written off in 2020 (vs 2021), whether the bankruptcy case reaches conclusion this calendar year or next. Being the end of 2020, this issue is time-sensitive to any other gains
  3. Looks like they're converting it from a Chapter 11 (reorganization) to Chapter 7 (liquidation) ... Feel free to correct me if I understand this wrong ...
  4. I couldn't even remotely guess what happens behind the curtain. I just wanted to make sure that puzzle piece was included as we try to make sense of what's going on.
  5. Cred Adds BitGo As Custody Partner: "Custodial assets held completely by either BitGo, Inc. or BitGo Trust Company are insured through insurance group Lloyd’s. The assets will be covered for third-party hacks, physical loss or damage of private keys, insider theft by employees and other hazards."
  6. FWIW, this is Anchor's response to why they need bank log in details, etc. Hi Robert, Thanks for your message. We work with multiple infrastructure providers to facilitate a scalable and seamless XRP deposit and withdrawal system. We have heavily vetted all vendors, as well as the security of the system. To your question about bank login, we utilize Plaid (a Visa company) for seamless bank authentication. We never see your bank account credentials. However, if you prefer, you can link your account via microdeposit verification (you should see this option at the bottom of th
  7. @at3n Thank you for your insights. I've had banks request that info about other banks so as to allow an API setup (Seeing one bank account's balance on a different bank's webpage.) ... but not in any of my dozens of crypto accounts. Their wallet being hosted by Coinbase is possible ... but it isn't difficult at all to setup a Ripple address with varied destination tags. Seems overly tech-lazy given the presentation of their app. @StirCrazy I"m certain transactions on the Ripple Network cannot be reversed. As at3n pointed out, the article you cited was about a different n
  8. Simple Honey .... the first, and absolutely dumbest .... partnership and acquisition by Open Coin. (S.H. was owned/run by McCaleb's gf) ...OK...well, in fairness I guess Simple Honey was the second partnership. Open Coin's first would have been Ripple created by Ryan Fugger. Which was good. If they hadn't sold their soul, I'm certain all the XRP they were charged with distributing would be in the wild by now and we'd have a demand-side price for XRP. Lesson from Simple Honey Nepotism = bad...and stupid.
  9. I ran into mention of a DeFi exchange called AnchorUSD that is honoring Flare's Utility Fork. So I went to check them out. They passed first muster, so I started to open an account. But three things happened that make me question there legitimacy. 1. ID verification was instant. Like, not even minutes. Instant. 2. To link to your bank account, they want your bank login information! (Uname, Pword, PIN) 3. The deposit address for 'your' XRP wallet is at Coinbase! (I did not provide info for 2 or 3.) Does anyone know anything about AnchorUSD? Mahalo
  10. Any reason you couldn't use Atomic Wallet or Tokenary? ... and by 'you' I mean "you and I" ... As in: Is it OK to use them, anyone? And if they can be used: Why do the Public AND Private Key for ETH listed in the Security Tab of Atomic Wallet start with at 0x?
  11. You're right! ... Thanks ... I knew something was wrong solely based on the choice of wording. ... It's certainly the sloppiest piece of prose I'd ever seen come out of Ripple. ... But, you're right. It's fake.
  12. Edit: Do not be fooled by this article. It is fake. I'm interested in hearing your comments about this. <removed> Only one account? Who has only 1 one account? ... What criteria determines whether you'll get 5% or 27%? ... That would greatly influence which account of mine that I whitelist. ...and no offense intended, but the editing of this article could use another look over.
  13. Big wheels keep on turnin' ... https://ourbitcoinnews.com/president-of-the-central-bank-of-brazil-had-a-closed-meeting-with-the-ceo-of-ripple/
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