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  1. The latest and greatest from CoinMarketCap ... Nice chart LOL
  2. I can only assume it was a bad hyperlink on their web manager's behalf. It appears to be fixed now.
  3. Today I went to Ripple's webpage and noticed that there are no job postings. This is a significant change from the last many years. I can think of reasons good and bad as well as tech hiccups. Does anyone actually know though? https://www.ripple.com/company/careers/ Edit...an hour or so after original post....I can only assume it was a bad hyperlink on their web manager's behalf. It appears to be fixed now and showing open positions.
  4. Let's look at history for a comparable situation ..... How do you feel about the U.S. government holding such a vast quantity of land after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803? It effectively doubled the size of the U.S.., and it left the government with a MAJOR problem: How to distribute 830,000 SQUARE MILES of land. It took a while, but it worked out, didn't it? Ripple should look at some of the same distribution strategies employed, tweaking the ones that didn't work so well ...
  5. Dear Mr Vays, I think your cause can be furthered if you found a way to mention other trigger words like Satan, Spam jelly, Mongolian hordes, or simple chronic halitosis. Regards, Someone Who Clearly Knows WaAaAaAaAaAay More Than You
  6. Yes, 'Ripple's' distributed exchange as viewed on XRPCharts.Ripple.com serves as a BTC sidechain ... ....and an XLM sidechain ...and an ETH sidechain ... now, as to it being the 'biggest' of any of these? ... I don't think so, but it would be great if all the crypto exchanges were gateways ... I get the feeling that functionality is dying out tho. It certainly isn't being encouraged like it used to ...
  7. It matters on several fronts ... First, as you know, there is a bit more friction when moving money from the U.S. to Europe in terms of both time and fees. Second, unless you have an account with a correspondent bank, it can be impossible. For example, I am with USAA (military bank) and after going around and around with Bitstamp for months they (Bitstamp) said they simply couldn't perform the transfer and I would need to open an account with a different bank in the U.S.....(and I'm one of those USAA-members-for-life kind of fanboys, so that ain't happening). So, I ended up buying ethereum with my funds at Bitstamp, sending them to Gemini, and cashing out there ... paying stupid fees all the way (XRP convert USD convert ETH move to Gemini ETH convert USD move to bank.) Third, it can be risky. Why? Well...not that long ago, Bitstamp used the financial services of a Slovenian bank that was on the Treasury Department's bad boy list. Not only was it difficult to wire money there from a U.S. institution, it was illegal. Will Bitstamp change their banking partner again? They (Bitstamp) just went under new ownership in Nov. (Koreans), and rumor has it that they're changing hands again (Disney) ... so who knows ... Fourth, if anything goes awry (hacking, theft, loss of keys, etc.), it's a hell of a lot easier to work with law enforcement in your own country under a known set of rules. Trust me, I had BTC at MTGOX, which was in Japan. @tjohn1983 Keep us posted on what you learn .....
  8. I understand. I have a close friend upstate that is in the exact same position. To my knowledge there are no U.S.-domestic exchanges that sell or trade XRP in NY. With that said ... I'm pretty sure Robinhood has a NY Bitlicense now ... have u tried them? If so, what was your experience?
  9. One aspect of "forex" that I've never heard anyone talk about is trading within a specific fiat. I'm not talking about government issued fiat, either. I'm talking about 'corporate currencies' or 'corporate fiat', if you will ... All those gift cards and such that you see at the market. Though (in the U.S.) they are nominally called 'dollars', the fact of the matter is they only exist on the ledgers of their respective corporate books. Thus, if I have a iTunes gift card, or a Walmart gift card, or an Amazon gift card, then I actually have Red Lobster dollars, Walmart dollars or Amazon dollars. None are interchangeable. Each are on different ledgers. None are legal currency in this country (try to pay ur taxes with 'em). They are corporate issued fiat currencies, not good in any other 'country' than Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Forex is more than between government issued fiat. It will between corporate fiat as well. This will be big.
  10. Well, you were a great help to me, thanks :-) ... I'll happily make a donation. To be honest, though, I dunno how I'd send you XRP....what's your address? Didn't they used to be posted in our profiles ... because they didn't want em posted in threads? .. or was that in the XRPTalk days? ... I don't remember ... In any event, @Hero_Member , point me at an account and I'll give ya' a tip .. and if ur advice works out for me tomorrow (when I have more time to play with this), then you'll certainly find a pleasant surprise in your account ...
  11. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181001005149/en/Ripple-Highlights-Record-Year-xRapid-Commercially
  12. These guys (rPT74sUcTBTQhkHVD54WGncoqXEAMYbmH7) are running 3 times the XRP volume of any other gateway ... but I still don't know who they are or if they are legit. Has any new information come to light about them?
  13. Ripple could not remotely defend a position in a court of law should it try to claim the majority of XRP are traded on the RCL. 95% of XRP have been traded in external exchanges for nearly 18 months. This is indisputable. For Ripple to claim otherwise would be the first time I've seen them claim something demonstrably false since their founding. No judge would rule that Ripple is acting in good faith to do something so silly. Period. Second, you're working on a false premise that the 1.5% limit will be incorporated in a new agreement.
  14. You should read the end of the agreement again. Those numbers are based on majority of XRP being sold on the RCL, and is to be revisited when that has not been the case for 12 months. For the last 1.5 years the overwhelming majority of XRP have been sold in non-RCL gateways. What is the new agreement? "Significantly, this definition excludes XRP traded on third party exchanges, unless in Ripple's reasonable judgment, the XRP market has changed so that the majority of legitimate XRP transactions have occurred off the Ripple consensus ledger during the prior 365 days."
  15. ...then you have multiple accounts...and only use one for public intercourse.
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