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  1. I am beside myself about why the SEC hasn't withdrawn their complaints against BG and CL ... I mean, they can continue to litigate against Ripple for a while if they wish, but the the SEC is clearly just wasting tax payers' dollars on the BG and CL cases at this point.
  2. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. -Marcellus to Horatio in Hamlet Namely, anyone or anything related to this story - Robert Harpool to anyone in reality
  3. The Fair Notice defense is, first and foremost, designed to protect CL and BG ... not Ripple. Their cases will be tossed very soon. Zero way to prove scienter now. Then, it's a whittle-down game for Ripple Labs Inc. ... Which XRP sold at what place and at what time does the SEC consider to be an investment contract? A. Current XRP? ... Surely not! See Commissioner's letter, see validators, see use cases, see Craigslist, etc. Current XRP on the market obviously can't be security. B. Old XRP? ... as in 2012-2016. You mean when Ethereum held their ICO, yet was spared by Hinman's speech? (And this is the entry point to shows XRP's utility technically as SPAM prevention and as a bridge currency and/or FINCEN. Utility and Security don't go together ... nor does Currency and Security.) C. XRP sold in the US or overseas? .. Remember, SEC has no jurisdiction outside of the U.S. ... and also remember Ripple just got judicial approval to request info from a dozen plus exchanges outside of the U.S. ... which I suspect will demonstrate that Ripple's sales happened outside SEC jurisdiction. (Anecdotally, I can assure you there were relatively no XRP sales in the U.S. from '12 to '14.) Point is, the worst you'll end up with at this point is a declaration that XRP secondary markets are not securities ... and only those XRP own and SOLD BY RIPPLE IN THE U.S. could be considered as such ... and thus Ripple needs to report accordingly....and no fines due to the lack of fair notice. A big W.
  4. Don't understand .. yet .. ... but for some instinctive reason I don't like it. Insights and commentary welcome https://finance.yahoo.com/news/deflationary-coin-huge-rewards-launched-173300300.html
  5. @Alluvial Most all of these are unanimous. I guess Ripple isn't listed because "Votes that precede the final resolution of a matter will generally be posted when the matter is final."
  6. @Alluvial It is my understanding that the decision is "often unanimous", but that a simple majority is all that is required. The Chair is simply first among his peers. It would be interesting to know the SEC's success rate in court relative to the % of commissioners voting for enforcement measures. To me, the fact that there were (likely two) dissidents in the vote to file this complaint against Ripple fits the hypothesis that Clayton had a personal agenda ... an agenda with such an imperative that it forced him to override both common sense and common practice.
  7. "What a gift for Ripple and it was handed to them for free by two ... SEC people calling it how they see it." This is why the SEC, prior to the Ripple case, sought unanimous consent of their Commissioners before pursuing enforcement.
  8. @teavan David's quote does not apply in all frameworks. As the predominant context right now for discussing the relationship between Ripple and XRP is legal, then I strongly prefer to use definitions de jure. (de jure = legally recognized, regardless of whether the practice exists in reality) I mean, we could deliberate religiously about whether ‘god’ created everything including XRP, but that too would have no more standing in court than David’s de facto quote (de facto = situations that exist in reality, even if not legally recognized).
  9. You can. You can also sell them on the XRPL's DEX ... USD:Bitstamp has the most liquidity.
  10. Ripple cannot make more XRP. To be clear ... Ripple has never made any XRP ... let alone 'more'. The Ledger and its 100B XRP were created before Ripple/Open Coin existed.
  11. I've thought so myself a few times. It turns out that they were just stupid slow with my withdraws ... like a few days if I remember. You can get an immediate reaction/response by openly complaining to them on Twitter. I tried every other way, and it was the only one that worked. THEY closed my account once my funds were fully withdrawn ... Guess my complaints got under their skin too much ... Good luck ... and be (super) patient and persistent. You'll get there.
  12. Sorry if this release from June 16 has already been covered on the forum ... The Faster Payments Council has published a white paper on the benefits of faster cross border payments on their resource page. “In addition to looking at various use cases, our paper outlines three different interoperability models and three settlement models because there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” said Craig DeWitt, Senior Director at Ripple and Vice Chair of the Cross-Border Work Group.
  13. I have the Window, Mac & Linux versions in my Drop Box. Send me your email and I'll share the folder with you. I know the Mac version works fine, but I can't speak for the Windows version.
  14. Shhhhh .... (whisper) I have it on good authority that Flare will (appropriately) launch on Independence Day!! ... .... I should add, however, that I have no idea WHOSE independence day tho July 1 - Rwanda, Burundi, Somolia July 3 - Belarus July 4 - US July 5 - Venezuela, Algeria July 6 - Malawi, Comoros July 7 - Solomon Islands July 9 - Argentina, South Sudan July 10 - Bahamas July 12 - ... Click here for complete list of National Independence Days FWIW - Martha Jane Coston's passed on July 9, 1904 ... So, that would be the day I'd guess....July 9.
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