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  1. I added my name to their waitlist this morning. The first effort I remember like this was in late '14. Shift offered a MC branded debit card. I demo'd it for them for about a year. It worked great. I put some XRP in one of my ledger accounts, and then used it seamlessly throughout the UK, Saudi, and swaths of Central/South America. Of course, in order to do so, I had to surrender the private keys to that ledger account ... so I never put more into it than I cared to give away. (That account has since been listed in my "compromised accounts" list cuz I have no idea where those keys are no
  2. "I say ... I say ... Listen to me when I'm talkin' to ya' boy.... This has gone too far!!! Reminds me of Paul Revere's ride ... a little light in the belfry." -Foghorn Leghorn
  3. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I'm not a Twitter person. I made an effort to DM the SEC's email to him ... but I was unsuccessful. I have zero interest in learning what black cats I need to wave around in Twitter to accomplish this. If Deaton contacts me we'll find some other medium to get it to him. I think it is safe to say this aspect of the case is well in hand though.
  4. "This agreement will enable MoneyGram to utilize Ripple’s xRapid product (XRP) in foreign exchange settlement as part of the MoneyGram’s cross-border payment process." Clearly the SEC implicitly recognizes XRP as a currency necessary to settle cross border payments within xRapid. One more sliver of info that makes me wanna say: Bye bye SEC ... or ... buy buy XRP. Both work equally well.
  5. I agree. I'm not a fan of Uphold either. Specifically because of their intercourse with Cred (now in Chapter 11) So, to @Oysterman's point ... if u use Uphold to buy XRP, then you should consider moving them elsewhere immediately afterwards. If you do, Celsius, Nexo, AnchorUSD, Bitrue and Coinloan all pay interest on XRP.
  6. The fiat experiment that began in the 70's is not fairing well. Every time a civilization tried it in the past, it failed miserably. I'm sure it will this time as well. But, I'm glad crypto is here. I think crypto will keep things on an even keel. Specifically, I think crypto will be a deflationary anchor to keep inflationary fiats from getting too far out of whack. But there needs to be transition into this new age. And the ECB is just trying to responsibly manage that transition, not stop it.
  7. I think this addresses one issue and one issue only: In its complaint, the SEC alleges that Ripple intentionally failed to follow legal advise in 2012 to consult with the SEC regarding the status of XRP. The correspondence with the exchange in question demonstrates that the SEC itself still hadn't made up its mind nearly a decade later. Therefore, the allegation made by the SEC that Ripple should have called them for advice in 2012 is disingenuous at best. The correspondence from the SEC completely undermines their own complaint on this point. It completely undermines the posi
  8. OK ... this "US" .. and "THEY" ... and "THEM" stuff is hyperbolic paranoia. We're all participants in the same human project that is trying to make sense of the universe around us. There's no grand conspiracy. To believe so is delusional. As soon as individual nation states issue their own CBDC's, then stable coins are dead by definition. The monetary agency of the EU is just trying to keep the horse before the cart. There's nothing insidious about this. To your broader point, however, the governmental powers that be are definitely becoming aware that the way things wer
  9. Assuming you are American, live in the United States, and wanting to use a U.S. based credit card, I believe your only direct option would be Uphold. Indirectly you could use your credit card to purchase USDC/USDT at Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, etc. and then send that stable coin to Bitrue, Nexo, or Coinloan and then trade it for XRP. There are several other exchanges that I'm sure others will chime in about. Another fun round-about way .... You could deposit USD at Bitstamp(US), withdraw USD:Bitstamp into your Xumm account, and trade it for XRP ...
  10. The SEC complaint was just as biased and uninformed as (nearly) every other expression from that dumpster fire. Two days b4 the chair quit ... One day before proposing exchanges get 5 years to adapt ... Public dissidence between commissioners ... Nope, nothing but incompetence or malice. So, yeah ... not blindsided at all in context of the administration as a whole. ... Then you think the SEC was lying to me when they specifically told me in writing in 2019 that there was no such determination? I think the majority of the blame goes to Bitcoin Maxis. For de
  11. @Babelly My money is on Coinbase. If my memory serves correctly, they started working with XRP at this precise time. But remember....BitstampUS is a different entity than Bitstamp that tailors to Americans, and it was also formed around this time.
  12. On March 24, 2019 I emailed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy through their contact system and pointedly asked "Is XRP a security?" They said there had not been any such determination. Unfortunately I had a email hiccup over a year ago and I lost a lot of emails. I only have the SECs acknowledgement of receipt of my question. But ... After the SEC filed a complaint against Ripple, I complained to the SEC..... Why are you claiming that XRP was a security 8 years ago, but you didn't tell me so last year. This was their response:
  13. Here is an article from the National Law Review. In summary: 1. When does a digital asset transition from a security to a currency (or something else)? Because if ICOs are securities, but ETH is not, then where is the line? 2. How will President Biden’s administration approach digital assets? 3. How should disgorgement be calculated for a violation of Section 5 (and only Section 5) after the Supreme Court’s decision last year in Liu? The last one is particularly interesting because "the Supreme Court explained that courts should deduct “legitimate expenses” when
  14. After banking, my second take was a CYA ... But, as you saw from taking a deeper dive into the article, there are many things going on ...
  15. Did you know that Wyoming has passed numerous laws defining crypto? I think we all knew about the banking license thingy, but there's a lot going on there. THIS is a fascinating read in Forbes entitled "What Do Wyoming's 13 New Blockchain Laws Mean?". It will give you all kinds of insights into what Ripple is up to with this move .... faAaAaAaAarrr broader than a state banking license. Very cool :-)
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