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  1. @Seoulite Yes (I feel bad giving such a curt answer to the question you clearly deliberated over, but that's about all there is to say. CURRENT iterations of NFTs are tulip bulbs.)
  2. Here's a more detailed breakdown Judge Netburn issued a ruling today addressing two motions: First, Ripple/Larsen's move to compel the SEC to supplement its responses to eleven of Ripple’s interrogatories and two of Larsen’s. Second, the SEC moves for a protective order to relieve it of the obligation to respond to 29,947 separate requests for admission. So, here's the breakdown of First Part (What Ripple wanted) Ripple's move to compel the SEC to identify “all terms of the contract that [the SEC] contend[s] created an ‘expectation of profits’” for each contract the SEC listed in response to a previous interrogatory ... GRANTED Ripple's move to compel the SEC to state whether it contends that “Bitcoin and/or Ether are securities within the meaning of Section 2 of the 1933 Securities Exchange Act.” ... GRANTED in so far as to comply with Rule 33(b)(3) Ripple's move to compel the SEC to state whether it contends that “efforts by Ripple were necessary to affect any increase in the price of XRP ... GRANTED Ripple's move to compel the SEC to identify “the enterprises/ventures in which the SEC contends XRP holders acquired a stake in by virtue of their purchase of XRP from Defendants ... GRANTED in so far as to comply with Rule 33(b)(3) Ripple's move to compel the SEC to identify “any evidence . . . that the SEC contends demonstrates that any XRP holder has or had any right, as a result of his or her purchase of XRP in the unregistered distribution of securities alleged in the Complaint, to receive any future payment directly from Ripple . . . .” ... GRANTED in so far as to comply with Rule 33(b)(3) Larsen's move to compel the SEC to say whether “the XRP Ledger was not fully functional before the start of the ongoing securities offering alleged in the Complaint,” and if that is the SEC’s contention, identify “when the SEC contends the XRP Ledger did become fully functional (if ever) and what actions or efforts resulted in making the XRP Ledger fully function.” ... DENIED, but ordered to meet and confer because the court thinks the answers are relevant, but the questions too broad. Ripple's move to compel the SEC to supplement its responses to Ripple Interrogatories Nos. 3, 7, 18, 22, 23, and 24, and to Larsen Interrogatory No. 4 ... GRANTED in so far as to comply with Rule 33(b)(3) And here is the breakdown of Second Part (What SEC wanted) Restraining order for Fourth set of RFAs ... DENIED. The SEC is ordered to authenticate documents after reasonable inquiry. Restraining order for Fifth set of RFAs ... DENIED. but not required until 30 days after ruling on Fair Notice Defense Restraining order for Sixth set of RFAs ... GRANTED ... with Judge Netburn stating about the 28,000+ RFAs: "is hard to view this stunt as anything more than theater" All in all, a Ripple win :-D edit=spelling error
  3. @Skippy I apologize Skippy ... I don't think that's the case. Perhaps it was with these guys though ... https://www.theworldexchange.net Or maybe it was https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ There's been so many ways to this end I've honestly lost track. ... With XUMM.community (which I've used several times), the signing stays in the XUMM app on your phone. ... (too much wine tonight has me more focused on the 3-Letter currency code problem than ur offline concern ... once again, I shouldn't post when drinking ... )
  4. @BillyOckham ... yeah, you're right, there is definitely a distinction there. But to get more granular, you're actually talking about limiting the grounds for an appeal ... The success or failure of an appeal will still rest on the same facts of the case. Not about the length of discovery. Even if the grounds for appeal are reduced to nothing (reasonable), it will still be appealed. The losing side will simply identify some niche procedural issue and go at it again ... In the interim, Netburn/Torres should end this ASAP and pass the buck to an appellate court .. for all of our sakes.
  5. @Alluvial and @Julian_Williams I share the same perspectives ... But I think the "limiting-a-chance-at-an-appeal" is a weak talking point. Why? Because it will get appealed regardless of who loses. Ripple doesn't have much of a choice to appeal if it loses. And if you think that a reasonable SEC wouldn't appeal, you'd really have to ask would a reasonable SEC have even filed to begin with? ... let alone wouldn't a reasonable SEC have backed off a few obvious lost causes like claiming ALL XRP to date are securities, or BG & CL were knowingly reckless, etc. So, Torres/Netburn need to work to end this ASAP ... and let the SEC/Ripple gear up for the appeals court fight. In the interim, it will give us some modicum of clarity, and XRP holders would be happy, Ripple would be happy, and a (reasonable) SEC should be happy knowing their incompetence is no longer front and center stage. >.< Now we've got to drudge through several more months of cr@p ... to get a 'more just and equitable ruling' ... that will in turn get appealed by either Ripple or an obviously bat-sh@t-crazy SEC.
  6. His closing bordered somewhere between humble and obsequious, but better to error on the side of caution. I don't know if the letter was proper or not, but I'm really glad he wrote it. Fact is, be it proper or not, the letter validates to the judge that XRPHolder's are bona fide participants whose best interests have not/are not being represented by the SEC like they should be.
  7. There are few times in life when you can be absolutely certain ... with ample verifiable and supporting evidence ... and with no self-aware sense of hubris ... that you are miles above and beyond the masses. This is one of those times for me. Thank you @HAL1000 and NYSE for highlighting how utterly stupid sheeople can be. I am just beside myself that anyone who has used Bitcoin in the last 10 years thinks that it has any growth prospect at all, especially when compared to any one of the 12,882 coins currently listed on CoinMarketCap.
  8. Ominous clouds on the horizon. You can find the article here. I am no longer a NY resident (TG)...still have friends who are ... but like many here, I certainly have holdings at Nexo and Celsius.
  9. Could be true ... Never forget, the US will always do the right thing ... after they've tried everything else. (As I recall, Israel is/was testing Ethereum for their CBDC needs ... I was definitely embarrassed for them to announce something so dumb. Pretty sad that nearly everyone on XRPChat is wiser than a lot of government experts ... or perhaps a point of pride, IDK.)
  10. Some interesting points made per RFA sets 4-6. Fourth Set: The quote highlighted by @HAL1000 above Fifth Set: 9 questions apiece for each of the 34 exchanges to determine which (if any) of the thousands of XRP transactions happened in the U.S. and were therefore under SEC purview. Sixth Set: Multiple questions about each of the 1,700 contracts that Ripple had with other entities requesting the SEC agree that the none of the contracts included any promises by Ripple to increase the price of XRP, to develop the XRP ecosystem, to improve the XRP Ledger, or to share in any of Ripple’s profits. And Ripple says the judge should make the SEC answer all these questions because: "(The SEC's) Admissions to these requests will narrow the issues so that the parties can avoid introducing 1,700 separate contracts at trial; so that they can exclude from trial the hundreds or thousands of transactions that occurred outside the United States; and so that they can save the Court’s and jury’s time by omitting other undisputed points relating primarily to the fair notice defense." Fun stuff :-)
  11. I like the Bifrost wallet. It is streamlined and efficiently designed. Kudos. Unless I'm missing something, however, Bifrost will only handle one account at a time ... and if you have multiple, it's annoying to delete one account just so you can install another for a one off task of checking ur balance, wraping/delegating, etc. . (If I am mistaken and Bifrost will handle multiple accounts, please let me know what I'm missing!) So ... if you have multiple accounts, perhaps Meta Mask plugin for your browser would be best. Very easy to swap between FLR/SGB accounts.
  12. @NightJanitor Even though there is no expectation of profit with USDC, because it is stabilized (even partly) by securities like bonds, then USDC is a security itself ... according to our boy GG, that is. Why did Coinbase get a warning but MoneyGram did not?
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