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  1. haha yes...Cyprus is there! So this is the safest place to store my coins!
  2. Perfect i will wait for that as i am in Cyprus and usually they kick our *** on sending stuff here!
  3. So where would you recommend that i buy any kind of hardware to store my coins?
  4. Hi there to all! Recently i had a case that i had "lost" my XRP coins and with the help of people from this forum i retrieved them. After searching on ebay about crypto coins / stuff for sale i saw this ledger nano s. Is this the solution to store and keep your coins safe? Are there any other solutions? Currently i have them on Gatehub but in the past i had 4.4 million infinite coins on cryptsy.com and then one day...ZERO!
  5. Yeap i know you are right! I fought with them as that email went into junk! Indeed 40 XRP is nothing but thought to ask. I read a article somewhere on the net that if Ripple manages to collaborate with Visa, Mastercard by selling them Ripple technology plus the coinbase opening by end of this month the price might rise to 360 USD one day! A lot of fingers crossed...hands and toes
  6. Thank you all so much! I would never be able to find the coins by my self. Final question: Back then i send out 40 XRP to cryptsy.com which they later informed me that they did not accept Ripple coins. Is there a way to retrieve these coins? Meaning to get them back?
  8. Hi there, I managed to find the secret key! Hi there, I managed to find the secret key. Now how can i get the coins on gatehub?
  9. The problem i cannot sign in the first part that says id.ripple as i remember my username (not 100% as it says user does not exist) and surely i do not the password. How can i contact rippletrade? I believe Ripple will rise in the near future as to the vision and differentiation it offers. Anyone else that could help with this...i would appreciate it a bunch.
  10. It seems that i made a mistake with the migrating. I am trying now to follow all the steps but i am asked to sign on ripple trade...the password i do not remember? How on earth would i remember that after 4 years, i am not a super elephant. The name i chose for Gatehub is different than what i had on Ripple Trade. I need to change the title i guess.
  11. Hi, Sorry for my title but it's been 1 month trying to get a reply from Ripple, Gatehub and nothing. So you know that ****** me off a bit. I am not here to fraud or to lie. I support Ripple and i believed that it would rise one day but back then i did not buy more...where is the time machine when you need it?!
  12. It seems that i made a mistake with Gatehub and did not add the same username that i had on Ripplerade.com Is there a way to change this?
  13. Wow thank you so much! It shows this: PerfectMoney: 94.00 USD (Activation with 20XRP) Bitcoin: 0.00813 BTC (Activation with 20XRP) Status: It's already activated! Balance: 1 323 XRP So now how can i access my coins?
  14. Transaction information? How can i find this? I bought the coins, 1000 and 241 coins from ebay users and they had been send them in my Ripple Wallet. They were there. 40 were send in 2015 on cryptsy.com which they were lost as i was informed by cryptsy that they did not accept Ripple as well 4.4 million Infinite Coins disappeared as cryptsy.com closed down. Thank you for asking.
  15. Thank you! I did this 1 month ago but still there is nothing on Gatehub. The account is simply on pending mode and the wallet is empty!
  16. Check top right corner! This website shows how any website looked like in the past and in 2014 this is how Ripple.com looked like: https://web.archive.org/web/20140625062926/https://ripple.com/ They indeed recommended a wallet which was either hosted on their website or rippletrade.com or ripplewise.com, i do not remember but since it was a link through Ripple.com, i considered it to be 100% safe.
  17. As mentioned before Ripple recommended on their website to open a Wallet and store your coins, that means they are responsible. Check top right corner that it had a Wallet button. https://web.archive.org/web/20140625062926/https://ripple.com/
  18. Ripple did recommend a Wallet, check this link to see how their website looked like in 2014: https://web.archive.org/web/20140625062926/https://ripple.com/ My title is what i chose it to be because i would like to know if other people had this issue and because i did send 5 emails to Ripple and 5 emails to Gatehub with no one answering except last night that Ripple replied (anonymously which i find not humanistic not using your name in an email) which basically said nothing and that they never had a wallet. There was a Wallet button on their website and that is where i created a
  19. Hi i did this as mentioned but still after 1 month my account on Gatehub is pending with no Ripple coins in there.
  20. Hi, No my friend i ain't lost at all and there is not way i would mislead or spend my time for 1201 Coins...if i would mislead i would be talking about a lot more coins! In 2014 when i made my wallet in Ripple, my wallet had this address: r4r9NWZoRi2qw9CSZSFgGB32yXMdPrGPdo
  21. Can you explain what is misleading? I ask if any else lost their coins and that it seems that Ripple is not trust worthy for losing my coins and for not answering to this issue.
  22. Hi there to all, Years ago i felt that Ripple would rise and back then i bought 1201 coins. They were all left in my Ripple wallet, which was offered by Ripple in 2014 when i got the coins, the following link shows how the website looked like back then and on the top right corner there is a wallet button https://web.archive.org/web/20140625062926/https://ripple.com/ The answer from Ripple support, which i find a bit disturbing. They answered to my problem, after sending 5 emails and they said: "Ripple does not operate any wallets" 1 month ago i went to access th
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