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  1. 18 hours ago, will4star said:

    But there's an important difference between letting people sell something, and covering them for any losses/fraud. Even if yuou can sell something under a proper heading, that doesn't mean you are legally protected as a seller, or entitled to compensation. That's why Terms and Conditions exist, and it's important to read them rather than just assuming something.

    But by all means, take it up with PayPal and fight the good fight.

    P.S. I know this because I sold ~250 xrp a while ago on eBay -- But I checked all the destination addresses provided (many of which had really dodgy activity, or were even duplicates!), and the T's and C's to see if I was covered (which I wasn't). I had about 12 purchases that were later recalled due to being from stolen accounts, but fortunately didn't send any XRP till I was sure. Only 1 purchase was legit. It seems like a place identity thieves and hackers go to skim up free crypto from unsuspecting sellers - Even if it is a quick and 'easy' way to sell XRP for your native fiat, my advice is to stay away. It's not worth the fuss, or the risk of getting caught out.



    @marousi - did you accept payment by PayPal? And what was the public address they sent you for the XRP? (Did you check it first?)


    I understand what you are saying and i know about their terms but in my opinion their terms is **** as they cannot offer a gateway of selling anything and not covering when accounts are hacked!  Hacked accounts is not my or anyone's problem except for the account provider = ebay, paypal.

    If the account owner is hacked because he/she has their password somewhere online, then it is their problem.

    In any case i do not consider it logical to be a problem of the seller, if he is legitimate to send what is ordered.

  2. 17 hours ago, Benchmark said:

    You can take the risk, but don't come crying here when you lost either XRP or fiat.

    In my opinion it's a completely unnecessary risk to make a few extra pennies.

    This is no crying as i won both cases (or any other case ever with any company, when i was right)!

    It is information that people can use to win their cases, because they work as in my perspective they are nicely put.

    I did not make extra pennies in the end paypal insurance paid me back and i sold 500 coins not for 600 USD but for 1800 USD.

  3. 7 minutes ago, marousi said:

    I bought all my xrp from bittrex.

    I got this from bittrex!

    Dear new users:

    We have received an enormous number of new account registrations over the past few weeks.  We are excited to have so many new users who want to join the Bittrex community.  Unfortunately, we have to make a few upgrades to our support and backend systems to handle the increased traffic and load.  As such, we have halted new user registrations for the time being.  If you already have an account on Bittrex, you will not be affected by this change.  Please continue to the log in as you normally do.

    To our new users, we will keep you posted on when we open up registration.  We apologize for the inconvenience!

    The Bittrex Team


    PS. I saw this message on another 2 websites. Someone create a website so that people can buy coins!!!!!!!

  4. On 1/25/2018 at 11:43 AM, will4star said:

    DO NOT sell any crypto currency on eBay via PayPal!!!

    If you read PayPal's terms and conditions it clearly states that seller protection applies to many things, but NOT to intangible forms of currency , digital money, or anything that represents money such as vouchers. It doesn't say crypto currency specifically, but it would most definitely fit this description. 

    So, if you choose to sell on eBay for payment via PayPal, be aware that 1. You are not protected as a seller,so not entitled to a refund, and 2. There are hundreds of hackers, criminals, and cheats out there who have many stolen accounts (phishing), looking to fleece people like just you. 


    So be aware, or better still, stay away.

    I know they say this but at the same time they offer the category virtual currency, mining contracts so in this case they should know about a category and how it works.

    Hacked accounts is ebay and paypal problem so they cannot play smart with me or anyone when something goes wrong to act irresponsibly! 

    It's worth a bit of risk, fight with them as the coins can be sold higher than the market.

    In my opinion this creates a bigger fuss around coins.

    If you see now on ebay.com and search ripple you will see a lot of listings!  

  5. On 1/25/2018 at 11:23 AM, tulo said:

    Paypal is the worst service in the history. They should burn in hell.

    If they get accounts hacked, it's either the user's fault or Paypal's fault, so I don't see why the seller has to pay. I did the same a few years ago, my account went negative of -500€ and I never paid them. They hired a guy who was blackmailing me to get the money but I didn't care. They never sent official documentation asking for money, so they can't for the law ask them back. After a while the guy stopped blackmailing me, and I opened another account. Fu*k paypal.

    Read my email and how i wrote it!  I had cases through the last years with a variety of things and if you fight them and you are right, you will get your money back.

  6. On 1/25/2018 at 11:01 AM, smoothy said:

    So what? People used to help eachother around here. I am just pointing out that if you want to sell through ebay (which i do not recommend at all), always check the address where you should send the funds to. 

    If it is activated by https://bithomp.com/explorer/r9LFPRCT4jRHqeHcgiRGjGMHWkA76nE4Fb, do not sent!

    But anyways, thanks for your great reply and help in building this community. Now i get why a lot of the oldtimers do not come here anymore.

    You are right!  That wallet seems to be a hacker.  In this case shouldn't ripple as a company offers investigation in case a lot of parties / websites / people file a claim for that wallet? There should be some sort of control?!

  7. On 1/25/2018 at 10:02 AM, Kiir said:

    I'll admit I haven't read the post cause I'm actually curious why would one buy/sell coins on ebay or anywhere else other than on exchanges :JC_thinking:

    The reason is that it is easier for people to purchase coins to either activate their wallet or either because is a long waiting procedure to be approved in some market places or because in some countries websites like coinspot.com is offered only for Australians!

  8. Hi there,

    I would like to share my story so that people have in mind the dangers from selling on ebay and in case you do, how to respond if you have an open case from the buyer (a lot of them open a case of a hacked account or not receiving the coins etc. after they get the coins).

    I had sold 302 XRP coins on the 13th of January at a premium price i would say but this is normal when selling on ebay due to fees.


    After i received the money in my paypal account, withdrawn to my bank account, send the coins, checked on bithomp.com that the money were in the buyers wallet, the buyer opened a case that his/her account was hacked and requested to get the money back.


    Paypal made my account negative and i rolled up my sleeves and send them this email:

    1) Ebay and paypal allows sellers to sell coins (there is a category "virtual currency, mining contracts" so ebay must know how virtual/digital currencies work)!

    If there is no case opened, you are happy with the 10% (ebay) and 2-4% (paypal) commission of the sale.

    2) It is not my fault or anyones fault if ebay / paypal is not safe and people's account's can be hacked.

    In my perspective is your responsibility and your company must compensate your mistakes, not people.

    3) I got the money, i had them in my bank account which means i received it.

    4) In 2014 and even lately i bought coins on your platform and it was accepted to buy them so i can sell them on your platform.


    After paypal opened a case that they are investigating and that my balance is negative and that i have to pay them.

    What did i do:

    1) I explained to paypal the case and that it is their responsibility and ebay off course.

    2) I provided a link from bithomp.com that shows the coins transferred to the wallet that was provided to me.

    3) I stopped any automatic payment methods i had with paypal meaning if Airbnb or anyone else pays me, paypal gets nothing as they will "hoover" anything.


    Paypal and ebay should offer:

    1) Security to their customers from hackers and take responsibility for that.

    2) Protection to sellers of digital currencies or simply ban this category that they created.

    It means they are happy with legitimate purchases and get their commission but when a person's account is hacked, they punish the seller.

    This story with hacked account is all over in a lot of forums and it is kind of fishy that they are so easily hacked and still carry on offering the category of: coins - virtual currency - mining contracts.  

    3) Understand that by screwing sellers is not right and they should offer a responsible solution and pay the buyer on their own since it is their responsibility that the accounts they offers can be hacked.


    This is what i did send to them and after 1 week i WON the case.


    Yesterday i added 502 Ripple coins for the amount of 1,800 USD. Indeed a bit higher than the market price but as i pre-mentioned ebay prices for cryptocurrencies is higher than the market x2 or x3 times.

    I sold them, got the money, withdrawn them, send the coins, checked that they are in the buyers account and after that i got a message from the buyer that i am a liar, thief and opened a case.

    At this time paypal stopped the withdrawal process and took my money back.


    This is what i send them now and i will not allow them to do this.


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This is the second time that this is happening.

    Buyers buy and pay for cryptocurrency.

    As soon as they receive them, they open a case.

    I had another case a 2 weeks before.

    The same exact story.

    It seems that ebay and paypal does not offer any support or protection to it's sellers whilst you protect lying buyers.

    I expect to receive my money which i withdrawn to my bank successfully.

    Here you can see clearly that i have send the coins:


    To the wallet that was provided by the buyer: rLxMmKGAwseMz5bBTXyLFPsc9P81NZKhyP

    It is clear that the buyer then send these coins to another wallet.

    The buyer is a scammer and i demand to receive my money now.

    This will not end here and i will not lose this case or any other case when i know that i am 100% RIGHT.

    Since ebay offers virtual currency category, they should know how these things work.

    When lately i bought 100 XRP from ebay, i did not open a case to the seller because i am an honest, long term client of ebay and paypal.

    The coins that i am selling on ebay now, i have bought from ebay using paypal.

    If you do not know how cryptocurrency works close down the category or you can ask me or someone who knows, how to create a system so that there are smoother transactions and everyone is happy.

    The buyer is lying and he has send me a message that i am a thief!

    I ain't no thief and never stole from anyone.

    I sold my coins, i got the payment, i withdrawn to my bank account, send the coins and that's it. End of story. The rest are cheeky behaviors in order that the buyer gets his/her money back plus my coins.

    I find this unacceptable, non professional and waste of time when i should already had my money which they will be send from paypal anyway at the end because i never ever lost any case that i was RIGHT and i do not intend to lose one now.


    This is my experience with ebay and i would like to know who else here had any issues with them and any thoughts on this case.

    Have a wonderful day,



  9. Hi to all!

    I posted another similar but not the same post about Cryptsy.

    I found this website: https://www.walletexplorer.com/wallet/Cryptsy.com and it seems that there are transactions coming out from Cryptsy?

    Is this case done? Some people lost thousands of dollars and simply stopped pursuing?

    I lost 4.4 million Infinite Coins and i am on the impossible mission and contacting people that worked for Cryptsy, attorneys, lawyers!

    It's not the money but this deadline that we had to communicate in a certain amount of time, i find stupid.

    Money does not have an expiry date.

    50 wallets have been opened for withdrawals in the past...so what is happening with the rest?



  10. I lost 40 Ripples (XRP) and 4.4 million Infinite Coins (IFC).

    My self as a lot of other people missed the deadline as their email went into junk.

    This deadline is stupid as people lost money because of a deadline? Money is money and there shouldn't be a deadline...it is not food with an expiry date.

    After managing to retrieve my Ripple coins that i had on RippleTrade now i am on the most impossible mission to retrieve my infinite coins (sounds crazy i know).

    I found a forum where the admin was able to retrieve some wallets from cryptsy through a negotiation.

    What are is your opinion on this matter?

    According to a website (https://www.goldcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3789.0) i found online, it says:
    "During our negotiations to recover the GLD held in the Cryptsy receivership, I was presented with a very unique opportunity.  

    On one particular conference call, I was informed by the attorneys that in addition to the Goldcoin, their forensic team had uncovered hard drives containing more than 175 other various cryptocurrencies. And further, that they had determined that the analysis and inventory of these wallets would be cost prohibitive. To prevent these coins from just wasting away, we decided to buy them.

    (see pg. 21 and exhibit B) http://cryptsyreceivership.com/v1/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CCF_000148.pdf

    We tried to get all of the cryptsy coins but lost our bid to secure UNO and the coins listed in exhibit A. My first thought was to sell some of these coins, but we decided today that the right thing to do is to give them back w/ no strings attached. So in this thread, I will be doing precisely just that..

    If you are a developer and/or long-standing community member interested in one of these coins, please reply below. The coins redacted from the list are not eligible or are no longer available. All coins will be delivered via a dropbox link to an uninspected unsynced wallet.dat file."


  11. 6 minutes ago, Lee85 said:

    I'm new to investing in crypto, reading about ripple was what made me take an interest in the crypto market.

    The price has near doubled since i first started researching it last week, and i read its grown 40000%+ in 2017.

    I'm currently sitting on some newly invest bitcoin, aelf and iota (just playing about on binance, learning how it all works) but ripple is the one that truly interests me for the long term.

    As someone looking to invest long term (5 year+) , do you think i've missed the boat on this?

    Hi there!

    It looks like it will rise. 

    There is a chance it can reach 300 USD one day. No one really knows but just invest an amount of money that you are cool if you lose one day but also extra cool if one day ripple reaches 300 or more USD :)

    The fastest way to get some coins is from ebay but they are sold more than the market value.

    Read in this forum how and from where you can buy easily but from what i noticed is that websites that you can buy Ripples from...will keep you waiting for days until they approve your account. Hopefully someone knows a website that will make purchasing easier!

  12. Just now, bayarea510 said:

    Just look at the other coins in the market and their price. Ripple has value and is solving a real world problem. Sky is the limit. The higher the price the better things will be. Anything is possible!

    Yes but the coins that have a high value are also limited in numbers compared to Ripple that one day will be 100 Billion!?

  13. 1 minute ago, DrWhoAmI said:

    The really important question is if Bitcoin will reach $10. Oh wait...that's from a few years ago. 

    Yes it can happen. That price and much higher. But it's not guaranteed. 

    You are right!  Years ago i was surfing with a friend that he worked in etoro and was involved somehow with Bitcoin. He told me man buy 20 coins for 1000 euros.

    I was a bit tight with money and hectic.

    There is no time machine :(

    My concern is that since Ripple coins are so many 40+ Billions will the price be able to rise? Bitcoins are only 16 million! Or i see it in a wrong way?

  14. 1 minute ago, xrpsailor1 said:

    I have not read the article. But yes, $346 is possible. This is a thread I started a while back that we used to discuss valuation. In my mind there are two options, it will either go (huge), or it will not, I have a hard time seeing a middle ground. If it is effective, the free market will demand it, competitors are lagging 6 years at this point based on how long ripple has been working on this. Intrinsic value could get up above $500 and speculation could add another 100-300%:


    Sounds great!  Will read over that post...i hope one day all this become TRUE :)

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