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  1. Finally i know this is an XRP forum but it seems that ebay / paypal have an issue with hackers as the other day i got a sale for a fishing accessory and then i was notified that it was not authorized by the buyer.
  2. Goodmorning! I understand what you are saying and i know about their terms but in my opinion their terms is **** as they cannot offer a gateway of selling anything and not covering when accounts are hacked! Hacked accounts is not my or anyone's problem except for the account provider = ebay, paypal. If the account owner is hacked because he/she has their password somewhere online, then it is their problem. In any case i do not consider it logical to be a problem of the seller, if he is legitimate to send what is ordered.
  3. This is no crying as i won both cases (or any other case ever with any company, when i was right)! It is information that people can use to win their cases, because they work as in my perspective they are nicely put. I did not make extra pennies in the end paypal insurance paid me back and i sold 500 coins not for 600 USD but for 1800 USD.
  4. I got this from bittrex! Dear new users: We have received an enormous number of new account registrations over the past few weeks. We are excited to have so many new users who want to join the Bittrex community. Unfortunately, we have to make a few upgrades to our support and backend systems to handle the increased traffic and load. As such, we have halted new user registrations for the time being. If you already have an account on Bittrex, you will not be affected by this change. Please continue to the log in as you normally do. To our new users, we will keep you posted on
  5. I know they say this but at the same time they offer the category virtual currency, mining contracts so in this case they should know about a category and how it works. Hacked accounts is ebay and paypal problem so they cannot play smart with me or anyone when something goes wrong to act irresponsibly! It's worth a bit of risk, fight with them as the coins can be sold higher than the market. In my opinion this creates a bigger fuss around coins. If you see now on ebay.com and search ripple you will see a lot of listings!
  6. Read my email and how i wrote it! I had cases through the last years with a variety of things and if you fight them and you are right, you will get your money back.
  7. I screwed them with my emails and i WON both cases! They are not safe and it seems that they can be hacked but they are the only ones getting hurt, if someone fights for his money.
  8. You are right! That wallet seems to be a hacker. In this case shouldn't ripple as a company offers investigation in case a lot of parties / websites / people file a claim for that wallet? There should be some sort of control?!
  9. I won both cases btw. There are sketchy people but in my case i also bought coins from ebay and i was not sketchy!
  10. The reason is that it is easier for people to purchase coins to either activate their wallet or either because is a long waiting procedure to be approved in some market places or because in some countries websites like coinspot.com is offered only for Australians!
  11. Hi there, I would like to share my story so that people have in mind the dangers from selling on ebay and in case you do, how to respond if you have an open case from the buyer (a lot of them open a case of a hacked account or not receiving the coins etc. after they get the coins). I had sold 302 XRP coins on the 13th of January at a premium price i would say but this is normal when selling on ebay due to fees. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Buy-302-Ripple-XRP-Cryptocurrency-Coins-Wallet-INSTANT-DELIVERY-/183010941179 After i received the money in my paypal account, withdrawn t
  12. Hi to all! I posted another similar but not the same post about Cryptsy. I found this website: https://www.walletexplorer.com/wallet/Cryptsy.com and it seems that there are transactions coming out from Cryptsy? Is this case done? Some people lost thousands of dollars and simply stopped pursuing? I lost 4.4 million Infinite Coins and i am on the impossible mission and contacting people that worked for Cryptsy, attorneys, lawyers! It's not the money but this deadline that we had to communicate in a certain amount of time, i find stupid. Money does not have an expiry
  13. Bravo! It this forum a few people were able to retrieve some wallets as cryptsy settlement found it costly to work around with some coins that have a low value?
  14. I lost 40 Ripples (XRP) and 4.4 million Infinite Coins (IFC). My self as a lot of other people missed the deadline as their email went into junk. This deadline is stupid as people lost money because of a deadline? Money is money and there shouldn't be a deadline...it is not food with an expiry date. After managing to retrieve my Ripple coins that i had on RippleTrade now i am on the most impossible mission to retrieve my infinite coins (sounds crazy i know). I found a forum where the admin was able to retrieve some wallets from cryptsy through a negotiation. What are i
  15. Hi there! It looks like it will rise. There is a chance it can reach 300 USD one day. No one really knows but just invest an amount of money that you are cool if you lose one day but also extra cool if one day ripple reaches 300 or more USD The fastest way to get some coins is from ebay but they are sold more than the market value. Read in this forum how and from where you can buy easily but from what i noticed is that websites that you can buy Ripples from...will keep you waiting for days until they approve your account. Hopefully someone knows a website that will make pu
  16. Yes but the coins that have a high value are also limited in numbers compared to Ripple that one day will be 100 Billion!?
  17. You are right! Years ago i was surfing with a friend that he worked in etoro and was involved somehow with Bitcoin. He told me man buy 20 coins for 1000 euros. I was a bit tight with money and hectic. There is no time machine My concern is that since Ripple coins are so many 40+ Billions will the price be able to rise? Bitcoins are only 16 million! Or i see it in a wrong way?
  18. Sounds great! Will read over that post...i hope one day all this become TRUE
  19. Hi there to all, I found this article that talks and explains why Ripple might one day reach 346 USD! It is a long article but it seems to have a logic behind it, if off course Ripple cooperates with VISA and MASTERCARD. https://keepingstock.net/opinion-ripples-price-with-visa-or-mastercard-integration-6e723f7936d5 What is your opinion on this?
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