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  1. Let’s hope coincheck hasn’t been hacked again haha ?
  2. Well this is exciting, anyone care to explain its origin and destination?
  3. I think it would be relevant to note that big time investors or people with spare billions wouldn’t be buying on an exchange with weekly limits of $2000 or so, these would be done on Other platforms suited to that goal
  4. Whilst I totally agree with the possibility, it once again goes back to my original post which references stereotyping a nation vs reported volume from UAE . The same argument can be used with with bitcoin and ethereum, which is already trading on BitOasis for some time, yet there appears to be no source to support any of this theory. Once again, I hope that it supports sustainable growth for XRP In the long run, but I am trying to look at it with an open mind given the lack of any volume (someone please prove me wrong).
  5. Good evening ladies and gentleman. Today seemed to be a very positive news day with the release that BitOasis would add XRP tomorrow with free trade. My question to everyone is in relation to the actual impact on XRP based on the size of the exchange. Lots of people are jumping to immediate conclusion based on the hypothesis of Rich lambo arabs with expendable income that can funnel into XRP. Forgive me if I have failed in my research, but I have been unsuccessful in finding any data on the actual volume that this exchange brings to the overall market, therefore the overal
  6. Appreciate the feedback, just frustrating to see the exact same trade for 6 hours now. like you said though, hasn’t moved much, only a few cents
  7. Thanks for the link, makes a lot more sense now!!
  8. Neither can I, it’s been like this for a solid 2 hours though a constant flow. What would a desired effect be for these buy orders ?
  9. So these micro transactions have been with XRP on BTC Markets for the last 2 hours, forgive my lack of knowledge of the market but I would love to hear your thoughts on why this is happening
  10. Sadly, last I checked, Microsoft has resumed acceptance of bitcoin transactions
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