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  1. The long bear market has taken its toll on everyone. At least you didn't lose money. Farewell and good luck.
  2. The hypers make XRP, Ripple and the community look immature and stupid. It's frustrating when I see all the bs hype on twitter
  3. The bunch of $589 diehards make us look insane. There are a few of them that abuse you if you question their beliefs. It's pretty embarrassing as a xrp holder.
  4. I wonder what excuses the 589ers will come up with when it doesn't hit 589 eoy
  5. Coinbase are irrelevant. No more coinbase talk please
  6. Not smart telling the world you're a 0.5% xrp holder
  7. Too fast Scam Market cap Banker's coin Banks will never use it Will make Larson and Garlinghouse too rich, so impossible to go so high.
  8. Then don't introduce it to others? Not your job to be their financial adviser.
  9. You need more patience. Look at the charts for the last few years. These mega crashes happen and it always recovers. Not saying it's a guarantee but combined with the progress that Ripple are making, I find xrp to be a safer bet than a lot of the other cryptos. I also bought on the way up to ath, at ath and on the way down. I'm also in the red but after doing extensive research, I'm confident in my investment. You need to tough it out, stop all your negative thoughts because it will only stress you out more. Remember this is only the beginning for crypto.
  10. Why are you invested if you still believe it's over for xrp? You just sound scared and weak. Highly volatile investments like these aren't for you if you have that mindset.
  11. I'd rather they don't rush it. Perfection takes time, and the people at Ripple seem to be perfectionists.
  12. Bloody hell this coinbase thing is still going on? Forget about them. There's already Uphold and Robinhood in the west and SBI in the east.
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